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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
The Red Shift Wordsound CD 12 WSCD001 [none]
Scarab Scarab CD 12 WSCD002
Crooklyn Dub Consortium Presents Certified Dope, Volume 1 Various Artists CD 11 WSCD003
The Seshambeh Project The Seshambeh Project CD 8 WSCD005
The Illness Spectre CD 13 WSCD006 0718750120625
The Illness Spectre CD 13 WSCD006
2000: A Bass Odyssey Dubadelic CD 12 WSCD007 718750120724
7 Tales of Israel Dr. Israel CD 7 WSCD009 603223777522
Psychoanalysis: What Is It? Prince Paul CD 15 WSCD010
2000: A Bass Odyssey Dubadelic CD 11 WSCD007
Dread Western Roots Control CD 11 WSCD008 718750120823
Grounded to the Inner Current O.H.M. CD 13 WSCD011
Crooklyn Dub Consortium Presents Certified Dope, Volume 2 Various Artists CD 12 WSCD012 [none]
Psychotropical Heatwave Prince Charming CD 11 WSCD013
Equations of Eternity Equations of Eternity CD 9 WSCD015 718750121523
Ebn E Sync Ebn E Sync CD 7 WSCD016
Secrets of the Past and Future Scarab CD 10 WSCD019
Interpretive Belief Systems HiM CD 6 WSCD020
Subterranean Hitz, Volume 1 Various Artists CD 15 WSCD014
7 Slotek CD 7 WSCD017
Tapping the Conversation The Bug CD 13 WSCD018
Dub Meltdown Bill Laswell & Style Scott CD 8 WSCD021
Loaded With Power Sensational CD 19 WSCD022 718750122223
Shake the Nations Various Artists 2×CD 11 + 12 WSCD023
The Ill Saint Presents... Subterranean Hitz, Volume 2 Various Artists CD 15 WSCD025 0718750122520
What Do You Know About It The Weakener CD 7 WSCD026
Vevè Equations of Eternity CD 9 WSCD028
The M-Virus Metabolics CD 17 WSCD030
Ruff Kutz Spectre Cassette 2 [none]
Crooklyn Dub Outernational Presents Certified Dope, Volume 3 Various Artists CD 13 WSCD033
The Return of Kill Dog E Scotty Hard CD 11 WSCD034
The End Spectre CD 16 WSCD035
The Ill Saint Presents Subterranean Hitz, Volume 3 - The Ill School Various Artists CD 13 WSCD036
Heavyweighter Sensational CD 15 WSCD037
Breakbeat Mechanic Leon Lamont 12" Vinyl 10 WSLP038
2 Hype 2 Wype Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs MC's Wid Ghatz CD 19 WSCD040
Crooked - The Soundtrack Various Artists CD 21 WSCD041
Mentallica... And It's Inhabitants Mentol Nomad CD 17 WSCD043
Natural Shine Sensational CD 14 WSCD044 718756144427
Magnetic Learning Center Teledubgnosis CD 10 WSCD046
Hypnerotomachia Philosophy Major CD 9 WSCD047
Crooklyn Dub Outernational Presents: Certified Dope, Volume 4: Babylon's Burning Various Artists CD 13 WSCD048
Made in Brazil Various Artists CD 15 WSCD052
Sensational Meets Kouhei Sensational Meets Kouhei CD 14 WSCD053 603223775320
In Dub Sensational Digital Media 16 WSDD008
Acid & Bass Sensational & Spectre CD 16 WSCD055
e? Koyxen (unknown) 16 WSDD011
Death Before Dying (Limited Edition) Spectre CD 13 WSCD056 613285881426
The True & Living Spectre 12" Vinyl 14 WSLP057
Crooked: The Original Score Various Artists CD 23 WSCD042
The Last Shall Be First Spectre CD 13 WSCD065
Landform Fujako Digital Media 8 WSDD012