СД-Максимум (CD-Maximum)

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"СД-Максимум" (also known as CD Maximum or ООО "СД-Максимум") is an independent Russian label that publishes both licensed copies of foreign artists and many Russian bands.

Generally, their catalog numbers can appear in 2 versions:

  • CDM xxxx (brief version)
  • CDM mmyy-xxxx (full version)

They're both legal and interchangeable. xxxx is just a release sequence number (starting from 1), mm and yy is a month and last 2 digits of year of manufacturing (may be a month or two earlier than official release). Catalog on the official site lists only brief numbers. Please use full numbers, if they're available somewhere else (from booklet or covers, for example), otherwise brief catalog numbers will suffice too.

Both these 2 versions can be followed by additions:

  • /уп or /u means "упрощенная полиграфия", a cheaper version of release with simplified polygraphy,
  • /d means "digipack" release, with some bonus digital content.
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Handmade EssenceMechanical PoetCD6
CDM 2146/2148/d
CDM 2147
Большая прогулкаАлик ГрановскийCD10
CDM 2688
Жизнь в сумеркахЭпидемияCD11