founders:Matthias Winckelmann
producers:Werner Aldinger (music producer and trombonist) (from 1990 to present)
parent label:19_enja
subsidiaries:Tutu Records (Tutu Records is a division of Enja)
distributors:Enja Records Horst Weber (aka Enja Records HW) (from 1986 to present)
Enja Records Matthias Winckelmann (aka Enja Records MW) (from 1986 to present)
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1993Soul ConnectionDusko Goykovich
phonographic copyright
1993AdriaticaDusko Goykovich7:32
1993Ballad For MilesDusko Goykovich7:11
1993Blues TimeDusko Goykovich9:57
1993Blues ValseDusko Goykovich4:24
1993I'll Close My EyesDusko Goykovich7:53
1993IngaDusko Goykovich8:53
1993NYCDusko Goykovich6:08
1993Soul ConnectionDusko Goykovich9:55
1993Teamwork SongDusko Goykovich9:07
2003Aya (1984)Dhafer Youssef7:38
'Ilowed - HeadChick Corea9:45
A Ghost of a ChanceThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi9:48
AlbaAlvin Queen4:52
All the Things You Aren'tThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi11:37
Backyard BluesAlvin Queen5:19
Blues on QAlvin Queen7:47
BroadwayEddie "Lockjaw" Davis7:38
But BeautifulEddie "Lockjaw" Davis4:53
Canto MaiKarin Krog + Steve Kuhn Trio5:32
Cape Verdean BluesAlvin Queen6:27
ComeblownuBox, DJ Illvibe, hr Bigband, Ed Partyka6:21
ContinuityHal Galper & John Scofield6:32
Cram It Damn ItNew York Jazz Quartet5:20
Don't Come, Don't CallNew York Jazz Quartet5:21
Fables of FaubusCharles Mingus22:40
Fables of Faubus (cont.)Charles Mingus14:51
FoxtrotChick Corea8:14
Funk HouseNew York Jazz Quartet4:20
GeeweeEric Dolphy2:36
Giant StepsMcCoy Tyner2:24
Gloomy SundayKarin Krog + Steve Kuhn Trio4:06
God Bless the ChildEric Dolphy3:26
Good Morning HeartacheMcCoy Tyner5:45
GribingonuBox, DJ Illvibe, hr Bigband, Ed Partyka5:22
Hi-FlyEric Dolphy14:38
Hot HouseEric Dolphy19:04
I Got a WomanAlvin Queen7:43
I Love YouLee Konitz10:14
I'll Remember AprilEddie "Lockjaw" Davis6:49
I'll Remember AprilEric Dolphy13:00
In Walked BudMcCoy Tyner6:50
In Your Own Sweet WayLee Konitz9:43
IndiaMcCoy Tyner6:58
It Could Be HipKarin Krog + Steve Kuhn Trio5:20
It's Just a Social GatheringNew York Jazz Quartet4:21
It's MagicThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi7:03
Ivory ForestHal Galper & John Scofield7:36
Jackie-IngThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi12:01
Jaw's BluesEddie "Lockjaw" Davis7:41
Just FriendsLee Konitz9:06
Kaleidoscopic VisionKarin Krog + Steve Kuhn Trio4:31
LauraThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi11:00
Lazy AfternoonKarin Krog + Steve Kuhn Trio4:28
Let Us Go Into the HouseAlvin Queen7:15
Like Someone in LoveMcCoy Tyner7:39
LimbusnuBox, DJ Illvibe, hr Bigband, Ed Partyka7:08
Mighty Long WayAlvin Queen5:24
Missing CaladaKarin Krog + Steve Kuhn Trio4:03
Monk's MoodHal Galper & John Scofield5:58
My Dog SpotHal Galper & John Scofield6:31
My One And Only LoveChick Corea4:33
Mystic BridgeChick Corea9:35
OasisNew York Jazz Quartet4:14
One and FourMcCoy Tyner5:11
PriviledgenuBox, DJ Illvibe, hr Bigband, Ed Partyka4:55
PursuanceMcCoy Tyner5:48
Rapunzel's LuncheonetteHal Galper & John Scofield9:36
RemembrancenuBox, DJ Illvibe, hr Bigband, Ed Partyka6:58
SaharanKarin Krog + Steve Kuhn Trio7:34
Sky LarkLee Konitz6:35
SnaixperiencenuBox, DJ Illvibe, hr Bigband, Ed Partyka5:53
Speak of LoveKarin Krog + Steve Kuhn Trio4:26
StartingCharles Mingus7:23
Stella by StarlightLee Konitz9:41
SushiAlvin Queen7:49
SwallovernuBox, DJ Illvibe, hr Bigband, Ed Partyka6:47
Take the ColtraneThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi6:14
The Bob Crosby BluesChick Corea6:40
The Drum ThingAlvin Queen8:48
The Meaning of LoveKarin Krog + Steve Kuhn Trio5:41
The MeetingEric Dolphy5:36
The Patient PrinceNew York Jazz Quartet13:15
The Song Is YouLee Konitz9:33
The Wise OneMcCoy Tyner9:32
Up 'Gainst the WallMcCoy Tyner7:26
What Is This Thing Called LoveEddie "Lockjaw" Davis7:07
When Lights Are LowEric Dolphy13:02
Where You At?Karin Krog + Steve Kuhn Trio3:51
Yellow DaysHal Galper & John Scofield3:48
You Say You CareKarin Krog + Steve Kuhn Trio3:31
Young Man With a HornEddie "Lockjaw" Davis4:29
Zimperk's HuntnuBox, DJ Illvibe, hr Bigband, Ed Partyka7:30