Founded by Horst Weber and Matthias Winckelmann (who is still its president in the 1990s).
In 1986, the original Enja Records was split into two separate labels: Enja Records Matthias Winckelmann and Enja Records Horst Weber.
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"enja" (which stands for European New Jazz Association) is correctly capitalized.

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TrinityMasahiko Sato, Peter Warren, Pierre Favre12" Vinyl2
enja 2008 ST
Vibrations日野皓正, Heinz Sauer, Peter Warren, Pierre Favre12" Vinyl5
enja 2010
SpontaneousAlbert Mangelsdorff, Sato Masahiko, Peter Warren and Allen BlairmanCD5
  • -1971
PayanAlexander von Schlippenbach12" Vinyl10
enja 2012
Hard TalkMal Waldron12" Vinyl3