Recorded by Martin MeinschäferHenrik FreischladerCassette13CCR 0311-33[none]
Recorded by Martin MeinschäferHenrik FreischladerCD13CCR 0311-334042564118766
Recorded by Martin MeinschäferHenrik Freischlader2×12" Vinyl7 + 6CCR 0311-334042564118773
Tour 2010 LiveHenrik Freischlader2×CD7 + 7CCR 0311-344042564127126
Still Frame ReplayHenrik FreischladerCD11CCR 0311-354042564126044
Still Frame ReplayHenrik Freischlader2×12" Vinyl7 + 7CCR 0311-354042564126051
Sleep Little GirlLayla ZoeCD10CCR 0311-364042564134353
Sleep Little GirlLayla ZoeDigital Media10[none]
Smiling For A ReasonTommy SchnellerCD100311-37
House in the WoodsHenrik Freischlader BandCD10CCR 0311-394042564138412
Show № 47Henrik Freischlader Band2×DVD-Video8 + 8CCR 0311-384042564138405
House in the WoodsHenrik Freischlader Band12" Vinyl10CCR 0311-39-LP4042564138429
Live in ConcertsHenrik Freischlader Band4×CD9 + 9 + 11 + 6CCR 0311-404042564144055
The LilyLayla ZoeCD11CCR 0311-414042564144666
Night Train to BudapestHenrik FreischladerCD11CCR 0311-424042564147124
Night Train to BudapestHenrik Freischlader2×12" Vinyl6 + 5CCR 0311-42-LP4042564147131
Wild SkiesLinda SuttiCD11CCR 0311-444042564154863
Live 2014: Night Train to Budapest Farewell TourHenrik FreischladerCD10CCR 0311-454042564157451
Live at Spirit of 66 Layla ZoeLayla ZoeCD13
OpennessHenrik Freischlader TrioCD12CCR 0311-474042564165838
OpennessHenrik Freischlader Trio2×12" Vinyl6 + 6CCR 0311-47-LP4042564165845
Blues for GaryHenrik FreischladerCD10CCR 0311-494042564175004
Blues for GaryHenrik Freischlader2×12" Vinyl4 + 6CCR 0311-49-LP4042564175011
Hands on the PuzzleHenrik Freischlader BandCD12CCR 0311-514042564187373
Hands on the PuzzleHenrik Freischlader Band2×12" Vinyl6 + 6CCR 0311-51-LP4042564187380
Hands on the PuzzleHenrik Freischlader BandDigital Media12