ECM Records (Edition of Contemporary Music)

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Please use this as the main label for ECM releases, and ECM Records GmbH for secondary company credits (ie. Published By, Distributed By, (p), (c)) unless explicitly credited differently.

ECM (Editions of Contemporary Music) is a jazz and Western classical label that features acoustic and electronic artists producing eclectic versions of contemporary music.

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Free at LastMal Waldron Trio12" Vinyl6
ECM 1001
Just MusicJust Music12" Vinyl2
ECM 1002
OutputWolfgang Dauner12" Vinyl6
  • DE1970-12-01
ECM 1006[none]
Afternoon of a Georgia FaunMarion Brown12" Vinyl2
ECM 1004
The Music Improvisation CompanyThe Music Improvisation Company12" Vinyl7