Inherited Suffering Records (Moscow, Russian Federation)

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Echo of Lost Words Eternal Suffering CD 11 ISR 005
Inhuman Devoured Content From Cranial Cavity Carnal Disfigurement CD 8 ISR007
Irreversible Disintegration Abnormity CD 8 ISR 008 [none]
Disgusting Cruelty of Homicide Abnormal Inhumane CD 11 ISR009 [none]
Orgasmic Selfmutilation Begging for Incest CD 8 ISR 010
Skewered Skewered Digital Media 13 ISR 011 [none]
The Depth of Cessation Rotted Rebirth Digital Media 7 ISR 012 [none]
The Coming of the Ineffable Birth of Depravity Digital Media 10 ISR 013 [none]
Everyone Will Suffer Lethality Digital Media 5 ISR 014 [none]
Gluttonous Chunks Coprocephalic Digital Media 10 ISR 015 [none]
Gluttonous Chunks (limited edition) Coprocephalic CD 10 ISR015
Murder Death Kill Cadaver Mutilator CD 9 ISR 016 [none]
Sculptor of Flesh Sadistic Butchering Digital Media 8 ISR 017 [none]
Demo 2013 Delusional Parasitosis CD 1 [none] [none]
Perpetuating the Viral Infestation Maggot Colony Digital Media 9 ISR 018 [none]
Guttural Species Splattered Digital Media 10 ISR 019 [none]
Monument of Depravity Iconic Vivisect Digital Media 12 ISR 020 [none]
Unstoppable Parasites Rendered Helpless Digital Media 9 ISR 022 [none]
The Partisan Turbine The Partisan Turbine CD 20 ISR023-16
Doppelganger Manifesting Obscenity CD 8 29