African Cream Music is an independent record label based in Johannesburg, South Africa.We showcase the most talented artists and producers on the African continent. Our catalogue contains the cream of South African and African music and some of the most successful compilations in the country. We compile and distribute collections of music from top artists across the continent. We also specialise in conceptualising, recording and publishing original music from a diversity of talented African singers, musicians and producers.Visit for more

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The Great South African TripVarious Artists2×CD14 + 14ACM-CD0116009660002939
Cream of the Crop, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD14ACM-CD0126009660002908
Pure LoveRas SheehamaCD13ACM-CD0306009660007026
Lullabies From Mother AfricaAndre Abrahamse & GuestsCD12ACM-CD00166009660005589
Reign and ShineMahotella QueensCD12ACM-CD0326009660007422
The LionsAmaryoniCD11DC-A-00036009649850056
The Winds of ChangeVarious Artists2×CD20 + 176009660006531
A Hand-Full of NamibiansVarious ArtistsCD16ACM-CD0246009660006609
The African Lounge ExperienceAfronautCD14ACM-CD0256009660006616
Waga WagaChoppaCD15ACMCD0266007689710231
Marimbas From Mother AfricaMarimbas From Mother AfricaCD12ACM-CD0286009660007040
African Drum MastersVarious ArtistsCD12ACM-CD0276009660007033
Under African SkiesAfrican Cream KidsCD13ACM-CD0376009660007972
Gospel From Mother AfricaGospel From Mother AfricaCD13ACMCD0386009660008108
Voices From Mother AfricaVarious ArtistsCD14ACM-CD0396009660008207
The Great South African Trip, Volume 2Various Artists2×CD14 + 13
Ambient AfriqueMpemba EffectCD12ACM-CD00416009660009051
The Great East African TripVarious Artists2×CD11 + 15ACM-CD00426009660009068
Healing Sounds of Mother AfricaPops MohammedCD14ACM-CD00436009660009075
The African Groove ExperienceSpha BembeCD11ACM-CD00446009660009082
Lullabies From Mother AfricaVarious ArtistsCD12CD00166009660005589
The Great South African Trip, Volume 3Various Artists2×CD13 + 13CD00636009698990123
Singalonng KidzWendy OldfieldCD156009660009860
Traditional Stories & Songs From Mother AfricaWendy OldfieldCD136009660007972
The LegendMiriam MakebaCD14ACM-CD00596009697680100
Freedom SongsAfrican Cream Freedom ChoirCD22ACM - CD00566009698990031
UnmappedAfrica Lounge CollectiveDigital Media11
A Nation in Song: The Best of African A Capella MusicVarious ArtistsCD15ACM-CD00546009660005718
Archive AfricaVarious ArtistsCD13ACM-CD013/16009660002892