Naar bed naar bed zei DuimelotHan GreveltVinyl2bp 1056
Can the RhythmGirl Talk7" Vinyl2PK1
Happy FamiliesMaddy Prior and Rick Kemp12" Vinyl12PRKA 4
Happy FamiliesMaddy Prior and Rick KempCD13PRKCD 4769934000424
The Guitar OrchestraThe Guitar OrchestraCD6PRK CD65019456200105
Carols & CapersMaddy Prior and The Carnival BandCD18PRK CD9769934000929
YearMaddy PriorCD12PRK CD20769934002022
The Collection: Steeleye Span in ConcertSteeleye SpanCD13PRK CD27769934002725
Open Toed and FlappingWild Willy BarrettCD13PRK CD29769934002923
Hang Up Sorrow & CareMaddy Prior and The Carnival BandCD17PRKCD 31769934003128
Flesh & BloodMaddy PriorCD14PRK CD38
Singer Sowing MachineGilbert O’SullivanCD14PRKCD14
TasterVarious ArtistsCD15PRKCD370769934003722
The GatheringKathryn TickellCD11PRKCD39769934003920
Sails of SilverSteeleye SpanCD13PRKCD40769934004026
Carols at ChristmasMaddy Prior and The Carnival BandCD17PRKCD 45769934004521
Here Comes the NeighbourhoodLindisfarneCD11PRKCD47769934004729
The JourneySteeleye Span2×CD16 + 10PRKCD 52
Horkstow GrangeSteeleye SpanCD12PRKCD44
RavenchildMaddy PriorCD13PRK CD49
Hoi PolloiThe Carnival BandCD11PRKCD 51769934005122
At the Little TheatreJacqui McShee’s PentangleCD12
Ballads and CandlesMaddy PriorCD18PRK CD54
Bedlam BornSteeleye SpanCD14PRKCD 55
Kathryn Tickell & Ensemble MysticalKathryn Tickell & Ensemble MysticalCD11PRKCD57769934005726
Gold Frankincense & MyrrhMaddy Prior and The Carnival BandCD14PRKCD59769934005924
Arthur the KingMaddy PriorCD15PRKCD58769934005825
Women in FolkVarious ArtistsCD18PRKCD627699340062286
Present: The Very Best of Steeleye SpanSteeleye Span2×CD9 + 9PRKCD647699340064266
Present: The Very Best of Steeleye SpanSteeleye Span2×CD9 + 10
GlanceRose KempCD12PRKCD63769934006327
LionheartsMaddy PriorCD11PRK CD66
Midnight RainRock Salt & NailsCD11PRKCD65769934006525
They Called Her BabylonSteeleye Span(unknown)11PRKCD70769934007027
BestNew CelesteCD16PRKCD71769934007126
Air DancingThe Kathryn Tickell BandCD12PRKCD72769934007225
WinterSteeleye SpanCD14PRKCD74769934007423
Here Comes the Neighbourhood & Untapped and AcousticLindisfarne2×CD13 + 17PRKCD081769934008123
Live & HazardousRock Salt & NailsCD16PRKCD79769934007928
The Sky Didn't FallKathryn Tickell + Corrina HewatCD11PRKCD88769934008826
Bloody MenSteeleye Span2×CD10 + 5PRKCD91
Strange But TrueKathryn TickellCD14PRKCD90769934009021
BBC 1981Sweet SavageCD-R4TH1717
InstrumentalThe Kathryn Tickell BandDigital Media11[none]
The QuestMaddy PriorCD22PRK CD97
Ringing the ChangesMaddy Prior and The Carnival BandCD14PRKCD 98
Paradise FoundMaddy Prior and The Carnival BandCD15PRKCD 94769934009427
Live at a DistanceSteeleye Span2×CD + DVD9 + 11 + 14PRKCD104769934010423
Cogs, Wheels And LoversSteeleye SpanCD11PRKCD106769934010621
The Best of Kathryn TickellKathryn Tickell2×CD14 + 17PRKCD107769934010720
My Very Favourite Nursery Rhyme RecordTim Hart and Friends2×CD19 + 13PRKCD108769934010829
Copper, Russet and GoldAshley Hutchings & Ken NicolCD12PRKCD109
Now We Are Six AgainSteeleye Span2×CD10 + 11PRKCD113769934011321
Pride Among EqualsMoonsheeDigital Media1PRKDG118769934011826
3 For JoyMaddy Prior with Hannah James & Giles LewinCD14PRKCD123
Park Life: 1989-2012 Park RecordsVarious ArtistsCD16PRKCD116769934011628
Northumbrian VoicesKathryn Tickell2×CD12 + 19769934012120
WintersmithSteeleye SpanCD16PRKCD132769934013226
Wintersmith (deluxe edition)Steeleye Span2×CD16 + 14PRKCD138, PRKDL138769934013820
The Essential Steeleye Span: Catch UpSteeleye Span2×CD12 + 13769934014223
Such a Lovely DayNew CelesteDigital Media1PRKDL146
A Perfect SkyNew CelesteDigital Media10PRKCD143769934014322
Dodgy BastardsSteeleye SpanDigital Media12
Dodgy BastardsSteeleye SpanCD12PRKCD148769934014827
Est'd 1969Steeleye SpanCD9PRKCD154769934015428
Collections - The Best of 1995 to 2005Maddy Prior2×CD12 + 11PRKCD80769934008024