Rare Earth

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Love At First Sight / Love You TooSounds Nice7" Vinyl2
Get Ready / Magic KeyRare Earth7" Vinyl2
R 5012
Blues HelpingLove Sculpture12" Vinyl11
RS 505[none]
Get ReadyRare Earth12" Vinyl6
RS 507[none]
GenerationRare Earth12" Vinyl8
GenerationRare Earth12" Vinyl7
Love at First SightSounds Nice12" Vinyl12
(I Know) I'm Losing You/When Joanie SmilesRare Earth7" Vinyl2
R 5017[none]
Indiana Wants Me/I Think Therefore I AmR. Dean Taylor7" Vinyl2
  • -1970-08
Get Ready / (I Know) I'm Losing YouRare Earth7" Vinyl2
4C 006-94557[none]
Indiana Wants MeR. Dean Taylor7" Vinyl2
R 5013[none]
Indiana Wants MeR. Dean Taylor7" Vinyl2
R 5013
ParachuteThe Pretty Things12" Vinyl10
R 515, RS 515
The Gospel According to ZeusPower of Zeus12" Vinyl10
R 516, RS516[none]
Paradise LostLost Nation12" Vinyl8
R 518[none]
Get ReadyRare Earth12" Vinyl6
RS 507[none]
Come On PeopleRustixVinyl10
RS 513
EcologyRare Earth12" Vinyl7
RS 514
Ain’t Nothin’ in Our Pocket but LovePoor Boys12" Vinyl12
45 LivesThe Cats12" Vinyl12
RS 521[none]
I Think, Therefore I AmR. Dean Taylor12" Vinyl10
The Gospel According to ZeusPower of ZeusVinyl10
What You See Is What You Get / Lady Be MineStoney & Meatloaf7" Vinyl2
  • US1971-04-14
R 5027
One WorldRare Earth12" Vinyl8
RS 520, RS520[none]
One WorldRare Earth12" Vinyl8
RS 520
Down at the Brass WorksThe Impact of Brass12" Vinyl12
R 529L[none]
MagicMagic12" Vinyl11
1C 062-93 023[none]
Candy Apple RedR. Dean Taylor7" Vinyl2
R 5030F
That's The Way A Woman Is / In The JungleThe Messengers7" Vinyl2
R 5032F
It Takes All Kinds of People / The Way You Do the Things You DoStoney & Meatloaf7" Vinyl2
R 5033F
Hey big brotherRare Earth7" Vinyl2
R 5038F
MagicMagic12" Vinyl11
R 527 L, R527L[none]
Stoney & MeatloafStoney & Meatloaf12" Vinyl10
R 528L[none]
Dennis StonerDennis Stoner12" Vinyl10
Rare Earth in ConcertRare Earth2×12" Vinyl4 + 4
R 534D-1, R 534D-2[none]
Brass MonkeyBrass Monkey12" Vinyl10
RS-523, RS523[none]
UFO 1UFO12" Vinyl10
RS 524
Sunday FunniesSunday Funnies12" Vinyl8
One WorldRare Earth12" Vinyl8
SREA 4001, SREA. 4001[none]
WolfeWolfe12" Vinyl12
Willie RemembersRare Earth12" Vinyl8
R 543L
The NightThe Four Seasons7" Vinyl2
1C 006-93 966
Plight of the RedmanXIT12" Vinyl8
5C 054-93622[none]
Taos New MexicoR. Dean Taylor7" Vinyl2
R 5041F
Plight of the RedmanXITVinyl8
Howl the GoodHowl the Good12" Vinyl10
R 537L, R537L[none]
BenedictionSunday Funnies12" Vinyl10
R 538L[none]
The Crystal MansionThe Crystal Mansion12" Vinyl10
R 540L[none]
MatrixMatrix12" Vinyl11
R 542L[none]
Willie Remembers (DJ Copy)Rare Earth12" Vinyl8
R 543L DJ[none]
Dan the Banjo ManDan the Banjo Man7" Vinyl2
1C 006-94 777
Silent WarriorXITVinyl8
MaRare Earth12" Vinyl5
R 546L[none]
Ma (DJ Copy)Rare Earth12" Vinyl5
R546L, R 546L-DJ[none]
MaRare Earth12" Vinyl5
SRE 3010, SRE. 3010[none]
Black MagicDan The Banjo Man7" Vinyl2
1 C 006-95 333[none]
Get Ready (Quadraphonic Vinyl LPs)Rare Earth12" Vinyl6
Back to EarthRare Earth12" Vinyl8
R6-548 S1, R6-548S1[none]
Back to EarthRare Earth12" Vinyl8
Midnight LadyRare Earth12" Vinyl7
A Brand New WorldRare EarthCD12
S.F. SorrowThe Pretty Things12" Vinyl10
RS 506[none]