1977Hard Rock Town
1977Love Can Make Ya
1977Love Comes and Goes
1977Poor Boys
1977Straight Outa Midnight
1977Sweet Song of Asia
1977The Man Who Sings the Blues
1977Well Well Well
1977When the Taxman Comes
As Lonely As You
Cross Country
Crying To Me
Do You Dream Of Being Somebody
Down By The Henry Moore
Golden Trumpet
Gypsy Boy
Harder to Get Along
Highway One
Honey, Let's Get Up and Dance
Hurricane of Change
I Met You At The Bottom
La Guerra C'est Fini Pour Moi
Lady Luck
Linda (Wont'cha Take Me In)
Little Dreamer
Maybe Tonight
Midnight Break
Nassau Town
On the Boulevard
One Who's in the Past
Playin' Your Emotions
Please Don't Call It Runnin' Away
Ragged Hobo Bums
Rye Whiskey
Shoeshine Workin' Song
Six For Five
Slingback Shoes
So Far From You
Sombody That You Used to Love
Sombody's Long Lonely Night
Sweeping The Spotlight Away
Takin' My Leave
The Fool Who'd Watch You Go
The Next in Line
Train Song
Two Bit Nobody
What Would Bogey Do?
When You're Young (And You Don't Know Nothing)
Whispering Rain
You Can't Win
You Need A New Lover Now
You've Got No Time