Hi Records

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The Strangers / Miller's CaveTommy Tucker7" Vinyl2
White Silver SandsBill Black's Combo7" Vinyl2
Saxy JazzBill Black’s Combo12" Vinyl12
SHL 32002
Tuff-SaxAce Cannon12" Vinyl12
SHL 32007[none]
The Untouchable Sound of The Bill Black ComboBill Black Combo12" Vinyl12
SHL 32009
Greatest HitsBill Black’s Combo12" Vinyl12
SHL 32012
Bill Black Goes WestBill Black's Combo12" Vinyl12
SHL 32013
Haunted HouseJumpin’ Gene Simmons7" Vinyl2
The Moanin' Sax of Ace CannonAce Cannon12" Vinyl12
HL 12014
It's Dance TimeWillie Mitchell12" Vinyl12
SHL 32026
That Driving Beat / Everything Is Gonna Be AlrightWillie Mitchell7" Vinyl2
Hold It!!! Here's Willie MitchellWillie Mitchell12" Vinyl12
More Solid & RaunchyBill Black’s Combo12" Vinyl12
SHL 32023
Without a Reason / Hurtin' Over You, BoyJanet & The Jays7" Vinyl2
Nobody’s Lonesome for Me / My Heart Would KnowCharlie Rich7" Vinyl2
Plays All-TimersBill Black’s Combo12" Vinyl12
HL 12032
Willie Mitchell's Driving BeatWillie Mitchell12" Vinyl12
SHL 32029
It's What's Happenin'Willie Mitchell12" Vinyl12
SHL 32031
Plays All-TimersBill Black’s Combo12" Vinyl12
SHL 32032
King of the RoadBill Black’s Combo12" Vinyl12
SHL 32036
Charlie Rich Sings Country & Western (stereo)Charlie Rich12" Vinyl12
  • US1967-05-01
SHL 32037[none]
Mercy / Sticks and StonesWillie Mitchell7" Vinyl2
Only Me / Hurry Up Freight TrainCharlie Rich7" Vinyl2
Turn On Your Love LightBill Black’s ComboVinyl11
The Hit Sound of Willie MitchellWillie Mitchell12" Vinyl12
SHL 32034
Solid SoulWillie Mitchell12" Vinyl12
SHL 32045[none]
Ooh Baby, You Turn Me OnWillie MitchellVinyl12
Bill Black's Beat Goes OnBill Black’s Combo12" Vinyl12
SHL 32041
Willie Mitchell LiveWillie Mitchell12" Vinyl12
SHL 32042
On TopWillie Mitchell12" Vinyl12
SHL 32048
Green Is BluesAl Green12" Vinyl11
  • US1969-04-15
SHL 32055
I Want to Hold Your Hand / What Am I Going to Do With MyselfAl Green7" Vinyl2
Soul BagWillie Mitchell12" Vinyl12
SHL 32050
My Babe / Teenie's DreamWillie Mitchell7" Vinyl2
Precious SoulDon BryantVinyl11
This Is Ann PeeblesAnn PeeblesVinyl12
Precious SoulDon Bryant12" Vinyl12
Robin's NestWillie Mitchell12" Vinyl12
SHL 32058
Part Time LoveAnn PeeblesVinyl10
Al Green Gets Next to YouAl Green12" Vinyl10
  • US1971-08-14
SHL 32062
Tired of Being Alone / Get Back BabyAl Green7" Vinyl2
HI 2194
The Many Moods Of Willie MitchellWillie Mitchell12" Vinyl10
SHL 32056
Let's Stay TogetherAl Green12" Vinyl9
  • US1972-01-31
SHL 32070
I’m Still in Love With YouAl Green12" Vinyl9
  • US1972-10-23
XSHL 32074
Aretha, Sing One for Me / I'm Gonna WaitGeorge Jackson7" Vinyl2
I Wanna Share Everything / Sleepy PeopleTeacher's Edition7" Vinyl2
Green Is BluesAl Green8-Track Cartridge12
HII M 92055
Straight From the HeartAnn PeeblesVinyl10
Trying to Live My Life Without YouOtis Clay12" Vinyl10
XSHL 32075[none]
Call MeAl Green12" Vinyl9
  • US1973-07-18
XSHL 32077
Livin' for YouAl GreenVinyl9
  • US1973-12-06
SHL 32082
I Can’t Make It AloneOtis Clay7" Vinyl2
It Helps to Make You Strong / I Wanna Be LovedTeacher's Edition7" Vinyl2
I Just Can’t Love You Enough / Where’s Your Love BeenDonna Rhodes7" Vinyl2
HI 2254[none]
Back for a Taste of Your LoveSyl JohnsonVinyl10
Explores Your MindAl Green12" Vinyl9
  • US1974-10-02
SHL 32087
Soul Serenade / Memphis Pickin'Bill Black’s Combo7" Vinyl2
I Can’t Stand the RainAnn Peebles12" Vinyl10
Diamond in the RoughSyl Johnson12" Vinyl10
SHL 32085[none]
Have You Been Making Out O.K. / Do You Love MeQuiet Elegance7" Vinyl2
Take Me to the River / Could I Be Falling in LoveSyl Johnson7" Vinyl2
Oh Me Oh My (Dreams in My Arms) / Strong as Death (Sweet as Love)Al Green7" Vinyl2
HI 2871[none]
Greatest HitsAl Green12" Vinyl10
SHL 32089[none]
Al Green Is LoveAl Green12" Vinyl10
SHL 32092
Total ExplosionSyl Johnson12" Vinyl9
SHL 32096
Here I Go AgainJean Plum7" Vinyl2
Rhymes / Without YouO.V. Wright7" Vinyl2
Tellin' ItAnn PeeblesVinyl10
Full of FireAl Green12" Vinyl9
SHL 32097
This TimeNarvel Felts12" Vinyl10
SHL 32098
On the LooseHi Rhythm12" Vinyl9
SHL 32099
The Belle AlbumAl Green12" Vinyl8
  • US1977-12-06
HLP 6004
Into Something (Can’t Shake Loose)O.V. Wright12" Vinyl7
HLP 6001
I Can't Take ItOtis Clay12" Vinyl9
The Handwriting Is on the WallAnn PeeblesVinyl10
If This Is HeavenAnn Peebles12" Vinyl10
The Bottom LineO.V. Wright12" Vinyl10
HLP 6008
Truth N' TimeAl Green12" Vinyl8
HLP 6009[none]
We're Still TogetherO.V. Wright12" Vinyl9
HLP 6011
The Lord Will Make A WayAl GreenVinyl9
Higher PlaneAl Green12" Vinyl8
HI UK LP 431[none]
I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse DownAnn Peebles12" Vinyl15
HI UK LP 422
99 LbsAnn PeeblesVinyl16
HI UK LP 4025014757234026
Let’s Stay TogetherAl Green12" Vinyl3
HI 001T, HI 001 T5014757280016
Greatest Hits & Bill Black's Combo Play Tunes by Chuck BerryBill Black’s ComboCD24
HI UK CD 1155014757271151
I’ll Shed No Tears - The Best of the Hi RecordingsCharlie Rich12" Vinyl14
HI UK LP 4185014757234187
The Early Years Vol. 2Various ArtistsCD28
The Hi Records StoryVarious ArtistsCD24
You Say It! Raw! Rare! And Unreleased!Al GreenCD13
  • GB1990-09-28
HI UK CD 4445014757274442
Greatest HitsAnn PeeblesCD26
HI UK CD 1005014757271007
Cover Me GreenAl GreenCD15
HI UK CD 1075014757271076
That's How It IsOtis ClayCD21
HI UK CD 1105014757271106
Music to My EarsSyl JohnsonCD25
HI UK CD 117
Tuff Sax / Moaning SaxAce CannonCD24
Let's Twist-Her & The Untouchable Sound of Bill Blacks ComboBill Black’s ComboCD24
Straight From the Heart & I Can't Stand the RainAnn PeeblesCD20
What's the Question? Volume 1Various ArtistsCD15
This Is Ann Peebles & The Handwriting Is on the WallAnn PeeblesCD26
The Dance Sounds of HiVarious ArtistsCD19
Call MeAl GreenCD9