Whirl-WheelsVarious ArtistsCD23LIFE001
Nothing on T.V.Majestic 127" Vinyl3LIFE 002[none]
Gas MoneyThe AutocollantsCassette4LIFE 003
Heaven AirlinesThe CroonerCD7LIFE 004
Summer Days Are ForeverSkyparkCD6LIFE 006
Advantage Acid House KingsAcid House KingsCD10LIFE 5
Make Love to YouThe Castaway StonesCD10LIFE 011
World of BooksSweet WilliamCD8LIFE 012
Live It Up!MajesticCD10LIFE 007
Why Can't Things Just Stay the Same?The AutocollantsCD13LIFE 009
Your Simple BeautyThe ArrogantsCD8LIFE 013
Brittle StarsBrittle StarsCD10LIFE 018
The MaybellinesThe MaybellinesCD8LIFE 024
What's Your Favourite Color?Laura Watling7" Vinyl4LIFE 014
You Make Me SmileVarious ArtistsCD21LIFE 010
In TechnicolorThe ShermansCD11LIFE 025
The Quiet Space Between HousesSushiCD11LIFE 028
Early Morning WalkLaura WatlingCD16LIFE 033
Garage Sale EP + RemixesBrittle StarsCD15LIFE 037
One: Jill Bliss and Shelflife RecordsVarious ArtistsCD17LIFE040
Pretending to See the Future: A Tribute to OMDVarious ArtistsCD18LIFE030
Wake Up, Come Out and Play!MajesticCD12LIFE 027789397712726
Picnic Basket (A Shelflife International Pop Compilation)Various ArtistsCD19LIFE 020
Le CoupeLe CoupeCD10LIFE 026
Joie De VivreMoving PicturesCD8LIFE 029
CasualThe ShermansCD18LIFE 031
Patty DarlingChurchbuilderCD9life 032789397713228
Falling Out of Love EPThe ShermansCD5LIFE 034
Happiness Is Toy ShapedThe ShermansCD14LIFE 035
The Windward SoundPhoebe QuestCD6LIFE 036
Weather Sensitive EPPostal BlueCD5LIFE 038789397713822
Our TownPololeoCD-R5CD-r Series # 001
Spring E.P.Citra SuperCD6CD-r Series # 002
Corduroy Boy EPGreg MurrayCD5CD-r Series # 003
Her Kindercrush EPCarnival ParkCD6CD-r Series # 004
Nobody's CoolThe ArrogantsCD9LIFE 046659057330426
One Good Summer EPCalifornia Snow StoryCD5LIFE045
RiverRiverCD20LIFE 023789397710623
MicrodancerChurchbuilderCD4LIFE 042
In and Out LoveBridesheadCD14LIFE 043
Ever Been to Mexico?Free Loan InvestmentsCD6LIFE 044656613953822
A Hiding Place in the ArborArtisokkaCD9LIFE 048
The KingdomFlorianCD4CD-r Series # 006
Veraniega EPZolaCD5CD-r Series # 007
'Neath the Staring Skies EPPunky's DilemmaCD6CD-r Series # 011
Lesser MattersThe Radio Dept.CD13LIFE 049789397714928
HailBunny NightlightCD4CD-r Series # 008
The Various Laneways of Colonel Light GardensPar AvionCD5CD-r Series # 010
It's a Sweet Thing! EPSpring BoutiqueCD4CD-r Series # 009
You're Still Young at Heart (A Tribute to Shelflife)Various ArtistsCD19LIFE 050829757103327
LandscapeEvening LightsCD5LIFE 052659057981529
International BreezePostal BlueCD11LIFE 047825346247625
Songs About YouLanguage of FlowersCD12LIFE 051
If It Shines, We Have ItKawaiiCD13LIFE 054664449299922
Work From HomeThe ConsultantsCD10LIFE 056
The Boy I Wish I Never MetA Smile and a RibbonCD10LIFE1002
The Boy I Wish I Never Met (bonus single)A Smile and a RibbonVinyl4
DownhillDaysCD + 7" Vinyl5 + 2LIFE1003
Tour de ForceThe Ruling ClassVinyl6LIFE 1005
Still HereKuryakinCD + 7" Vinyl5 + 2LIFE1004
Aboa SleepingBurning HeartsCD9LIFE 057753182054537
Play MusicThieves Like UsCD11LIFE 058
Really Like to See You AgainThieves Like Us12" Vinyl4LIFE061
The Imperial SchoolHorse ShoesCD + 7" Vinyl6 + 2LIFE1008
Basic Pleasure UnitKatsen(unknown)5LIFE067
Again and AgainThieves Like UsCD10LIFE068654367213865
ComebackBrideshead10" Vinyl4LIFE071
Le Futur PompisteLe Futur PompisteCD10LIFE072721762259108
Into the WildernessBurning HeartsCD4LIFE075
Come and Say HelloWhite Wishes7" Vinyl2LIFE 077
Two RingsThe Ice Choir7" Vinyl2LIFE079
All the BooksThe Proctors7" Vinyl2LIFE 078721762259160
ExtinctionsBurning HeartsCD9LIFE082722301237359
Kid GamesAirielDigital Media4
We’ve Only Just Begun / Say a Little PrayerPicnic7" Vinyl2LIFE0844739852942409
The DisappointmentEvening LightsDigital Media16
Your Doubting HeartThe Hobbes Fanclub7" Vinyl2LIFE087
It's Not the Words That You SayBart & FriendsCD6LIFE089722301237397
The GarlandsThe GarlandsCD12LIFE091722301237403
Over the BluffsThe Holiday CrowdCD7LIFE 081
Kid Games (limited edition: 100 copies)Airiel12" Vinyl4LIFE 083
Silmi Island (Compilation 1998-2008)Pia Fraus12" Vinyl + CD13 + 15LIFE096
Silmi Island (Compilation 1998-2008)Pia FrausDigital Media15
A Farewell to YouthWhen Nalda Became PunkDigital Media11[none]
The Fireworks EPThe FireworksDigital Media4[none]
The Weather's FinePicnicDigital Media11
Runaround EPThe FireworksDigital Media3[none]
UltramarineThe Ocean Blue12" Vinyl12LIFE102766897399954
The GarlandsThe GarlandsDigital Media12
Songs From DreamsLaura WatlingDigital Media14
Go GuitarsShe Sir12" Vinyl10LIFE105766150396034
Flyying ColoursFlyying Colours12" Vinyl5
Distant DriveThe Luxembourg Signal7" Vinyl2LIFE108
Not TodayFlyying Colours(unknown)1LIFE114766150396119
The Luxembourg SignalThe Luxembourg SignalDigital Media10LIFE113[none]
On and OnThe FireworksDigital Media1[none]
Up at LagrangeThe Hobbes FanclubCD11LIFE1100766150396997
Kunstwerk In SpacetimeClose Lobsters7" Vinyl4LIFE112766150396072
Everything Else Matters (Limited Edition)PinkshinyultrablastCD8LIFE118603375120276
TightropeThe FireworksDigital Media1[none]