Too Fast for Love (Masters 2000 series)Mötley CrüeCD14ESM 301846070030123
Next 2 YouBuckcherryCD-R1INK 001 PROMO
It's AliveThe New CarsCD18846070005121
Get SteadyJonny Lives!CD14026846070002625
Welcome to the Drama ClubEverclearCD12076846070007620
15 (BMG club edition)BuckcherryCD11[none]
A Modern Way of Living With the TruthThe ExiesCD13
Full CircleDrowning PoolCD13140846070014529
Set Me FreeMarion RavenCD11
Necessary Evil (Pre-release CD-R)Deborah HarryCD-R18[none][none]
The Heroin Diaries SoundtrackSixx:A.M.CD13ESE005846070017124
The Heroin Diaries SoundtrackSixx:A.M.CD13171846070017124
Two Times BlueDeborah HarryCD2[none][none]
Two Times Blue (Stonebridge Mixes)Debbie HarryCD3159
Two Times Blue (October 2007 Mixes)Deborah HarryCD-R5[none]
EnemyDrowning PoolCD1
Life is BeautifulSixx:A.M.CD1
A Modern Way of Living With the Truth (2008 reissue)The ExiesDigital Media18
Who's Going Home With You Tonight?Trapt(unknown)2
X-Mas In HellSixx:A.M.Digital Media3
Saints of Los AngelesMötley CrüeCD154988005517845
Saints of Los Angeles (deluxe edition)Mötley CrüeSHM-CD + DVD-Video15 + 34988005517852
Saints of Los AngelesMötley CrüeCD13ESM/MR 240846070024023
Only Through the PainTraptCD12ESM230846070023026
Fit Right InDeborah HarryDigital Media2
Black Butterfly (limited fan club edition)BuckcherryEnhanced CD142-513709075678982408
37 StitchesDrowning PoolDigital Media2
Shout at the Devil (Crücial Crüe edition)Mötley CrüeCD16ESM / MR 310846070031021
Theatre of Pain (Crücial Crüe edition)Mötley CrüeCD16ESM / MR 320846070032028
Live is BeautifulSixx:A.M.CD8ESM176846070017629
Mötley CrüeMötley CrüeCD15ESM / MR 350846070035029
Generation SwineMötley CrüeCD18ESM / MR 360846070036026
Accidents Can HappenSixx:A.M.CD1
Stay AliveTraptDigital Media1
Loudest Common DenominatorDrowning PoolCD130846070060021
Whatever Gets You OffThe Last VegasCD11
Black ButterflyBuckcherryCD12846070041129846070041129
ShameDrowning PoolDigital Media1
Dr. Feelgood (Japan deluxe edition)Mötley Crüe2×SHM-CD11 + 9UICY-94254/54988005575968
Live & Loud 2009BuckcherryCD15ESM730846070073021
Live and Loud 2009BuckcherryDigital Media15
Greate$t Hit$Mötley CrüeCD19ESM 380846070038020
15/Black ButterflyBuckcherry3×CD11 + 12 + 5ESE002846070041228
Let's Rock-N-RollCharm City DevilsCD11ESM 260846070026027
Dr. Feelgood (20th anniversary expanded edition)Mötley CrüeCD16ESM/MR 345846070034527
ContagiousTraptDigital Media1
Talk To MeBuckcherryCD1
Feel Like I DoDrowning PoolDigital Media1
Drowning PoolDrowning PoolCD11
Kick in the TeethPapa RoachDigital Media1884977645804
Our World (Gulf Spill Awareness version)BuckcherryDigital Media1
Tattoos & TequilaVince NeilCD12
Tattoos & TequilaVince NeilCD11ESM 760846070076022
Sound OffTraptDigital Media1
All Night LongBuckcherryCD11ESM 770846070077029
All Night Long (Best Buy exclusive)Buckcherry2×CD11 + 6ESM 771846070077128
All Night LongBuckcherryCD18ESM 778846070077821
All Night Long (Limited Edition)Buckcherry2×SHM-CD12 + 6UICE-9084/54988005625670
Turn You So ColdDrowning PoolDigital Media1
Time for Annihilation: On the Record & On the RoadPapa RoachCD + DVD-Video17 + 6ESM 7860846070078620
Time for Annihilation: On the Record & On the RoadPapa RoachCD14ESM 7800846070078026
Time for Annihilation: On the Record & On the RoadPapa RoachDigital Media14884977739039
No Apologies (Deluxe Edition)TraptCD + DVD-Video11 + 14ESM 791846070079122
No ApologiesTraptCD11846070079023
No Apologies (Including bonus track)TraptCD12846070079023
BurnPapa RoachDigital Media1
All Night LongBuckcherry2×CD11 + 7ESM 778846070077821
All Night LongBuckcherryCD1
Lies of the Beautiful PeopleSixx:A.M.Digital Media1
Lies of the Beautiful PeopleSixx:A.M.Digital Media1
Must Be the OneShe Wants RevengeDigital Media2
This Is Gonna HurtSixx:A.M.CD11846070086021
Wicked WorldColdDigital Media1
This Is Gonna HurtSixx:A.M.CD11ESM 864846070086427
MotherBlondieDigital Media1
Panic of GirlsBlondieDigital Media11
We All BleedCrossfadeCD10
Superfiction (Digital)ColdDigital Media13ESM 840[none]
SuperfictionColdCD12ESM 840846070084027
Time for Annihilation: On the Record & On the Road (deluxe version)Papa RoachDigital Media16886443151772
CodependenceSixx:A.M.Digital Media1
Are You With Me NowSixx:A.M.Digital Media1
Call Me Big DeuceDeuceDigital Media14
Killing Me InsideCrossfadeDigital Media2[none]
No Matter WhatPapa RoachCD2
Thick as ThievesCavoCD11
Circles (Acoustic)CavoDigital Media1
Band Of BrothersHellyeahDigital Media1
Still Swingin’Papa RoachDigital Media1886443572065
Band Of BrothersHellyeahCD12UICN-1013
The Connection (deluxe edition)Papa RoachCD + DVD15 + 6ESM 667846070066726
The Connection (iTunes deluxe edition)Papa RoachDigital Media20[none]886443626881
The ConnectionPapa RoachDigital Media13886443625976
The ConnectionPapa RoachCD13