Japanese Rolling Stones specialist bootleg label and precursor to Dog n Cat Records.

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Could You Walk on the Water?The Rolling StonesCD16VGP-027[none]
Heartbreakers in Buffalo 1975The Rolling StonesCD13VGP-028[none]
M.S.G. 75 With Eric ClaptonThe Rolling StonesCD12VGP-029[none]
Gathering MadnessThe Rolling StonesCD13VGP-031[none]
Newcastle 1973The Rolling StonesCD14VGP-035[none]
Welcome Back to New YorkThe Rolling StonesCD11VGP-039[none]
Diverse HarmonicsThe Rolling StonesCD13VGP-012[none]
Crushed PearlThe Rolling StonesCD13VGP-041[none]
Street Fighting Men in TorontoThe Rolling StonesCD16VGP-042[none]
Reflections of a Stone AloneThe Rolling StonesCD13VGP-043[none]
Greatest DaneThe Rolling StonesCD15VGP-045[none]
Vive la France !The Rolling StonesCD12VGP-046[none]
Twilight ZoneThe Rolling StonesCD15VGP-048[none]
Cologne 1970The Rolling StonesCD16VGP-049[none]
“Big Egg” First Night Stand 1995The Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 13VGP-050[none]
Fuckin’ TiredThe Rolling Stones3×CD13 + 12 + 15VGP-051[none]
Houston Can You Sing!The Rolling Stones2×CD14 + 13VGP-053[none]
Bring It Back AliveThe Rolling StonesCD16VGP-054[none]
All Meat MusicThe Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 15VGP-055[none]
Europe ’76The Rolling Stones2×CD12 + 11VGP-056[none]
Lonely at the Top / Nasty HabitsThe Rolling StonesCD16VGP-057[none]
94/95 Voodoo Lounge Tour SouvenirThe Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 13VGP-058[none]
French MadeThe Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 10VGP-059[none]
The Sky PilotsThe Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 14VGP-060[none]
Prodigal Sons Tour Mother Europe 1970The Rolling Stones2×CD15 + 16VGP-061[none]
Happy Bithday WillieThe Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 14VGP-063[none]
Hot August Night With Lenny 94The Rolling Stones2×CD12 + 11VGP-064[none]
Never TiredThe Rolling Stones2×CD12 + 12VGP-065[none]
They’re on Their WayThe Rolling Stones2×CD12 + 11VGP-066[none]
Cocaine on a Dentist ChairThe Rolling Stones2×CD16 + 14VGP-068[none]
Bite the Big AppleThe Rolling Stones2×CD12 + 13VGP-069[none]
Blues With A FeelingMick JaggerCD22VGP-070[none]
Oakland Sixty‐Nine (gold CD limited edition)The Rolling StonesCD17VGP-003[none]
The Lost Marquee TapesThe Rolling Stones2×CD14 + 10VGP-030[none]
It’s Only Rock’n RollThe Rolling Stones2×CD12 + 11VGP-036/7[none]
Some Like It Hot! (second edition)The Rolling StonesCD13VGP-044[none]
Voodoo Minstrels (second edition)The Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 11VGP-067[none]
But NakedThe Rolling Stones2×CD15 + 15VGP-071[none]
You’re Not Sugar, I’m Not SugarThe Rolling Stones2×CD12 + 9VGP-072[none]
Still I’m Gonna Miss YouThe Rolling StonesCD19VGP-073[none]
Groovin’ AroundThe Rolling StonesCD17VGP-074[none]
Made in EuropeThe Rolling Stones2×CD12 + 11VGP-075[none]
Comeback to ParisThe Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 10VGP-076[none]
The Storm at LongchampsThe Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 11VGP-077[none]
Shake Your HipsThe Rolling Stones2×CD15 + 11VGP-078[none]
Brian Jones – All Those Years AgoThe Rolling StonesCD24VGP-079[none]
Steel Wheels Tokyo 1990The Rolling Stones2×CD14 + 11VGP-080[none]
Far Away WashingtonThe Rolling Stones2×CD9 + 7VGP-081[none]
L.A. Friday ’75The Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 12VGP-082[none]
An American AffairThe Rolling StonesCD16VGP-083[none]
The Foottappers and Wheel Shunters Club GigThe Rolling Stones2×CD14 + 12VGP-084[none]
L.A. ConnectionThe Rolling Stones2×CD14 + 11VGP-085[none]
Beast of BourbonThe Rolling Stones2×CD14 + 12VGP-086[none]
Get Back to Los Angeles 1989The Rolling Stones2×CD14 + 13VGP-087[none]
Southern Quotations From Chile 1995The Rolling Stones2×CD12 + 11VGP-089[none]
Steel Wheels Alive and Rollin’ 1990The Rolling Stones2×CD14 + 14VGP-090[none]
Tour of Europe ’76 • Live in NiceThe Rolling StonesCD14VGP-091[none]
Mick Taylor We Miss YouThe Rolling Stones2×CD8 + 9VGP-092[none]
Wheeler DealersThe Rolling Stones2×CD16 + 12VGP-093[none]
Welcome to the Brixton AcademyThe Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 10VGP-094[none]
Farewell Tour 1971The Rolling StonesCD13VGP-095[none]
It’s No Hanging Matter (gold edition)The Rolling Stones2×CD15 + 14VGP-096[none]
Tokyo Last StandThe Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 12VGP-097[none]
Seid Ihr Wach?The Rolling Stones2×CD10 + 10VGP-098[none]
Willkommen in MünchenThe Rolling Stones2×CD15 + 14VGP-099[none]
1995-05-27: Paradiso, Amsterdam, NetherlandsThe Rolling Stones2×CD14 + 12[none]
Dragon Slayers (1st edition)The Rolling StonesCD16VGP-001[none]
Nasty Remixes (1st edtion)The Rolling StonesCD15VGP-002[none]
Stoneaged • San Diego Sixty‐NineThe Rolling StonesCD15VGP-008[none]
Goodnight Vienna (original tracklist)The Rolling Stones2×CD10 + 9VGP-009[none]
Europe ’73The Rolling StonesCD14VGP-011[none]
Waiting on 50 Million FriendsThe Rolling Stones2×CD15 + 12VGP-047[none]
Who Went to Church This Sunday (retitled reissue of L.A. Friday ’75)The Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 12VGP-082[none]
From the VaultThe Rolling StonesCD14VGP-100[none]
A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss (gold edition)The Rolling Stones2×CD18 + 21VGP-101[none]
Frankfurt ShuffleThe Rolling Stones2×CD15 + 12VGP-102[none]
Mannheim 1995The Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 12VGP-103[none]
London LoungeThe Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 11VGP-104[none]
Made in SwedenThe Rolling Stones3×CD16 + 9 + 14VGP-105[none]
Demain Le SoleilThe Rolling Stones2×CD14 + 12VGP-106[none]
The Singer and the FlyThe Rolling Stones2×CD14 + 13VGP-107[none]
Get a Line on YouThe Rolling StonesCD14VGP-109[none]
Welcome to AustraliaThe Rolling StonesCD17VGP-110[none]
Jack Daniel’s on TourThe Rolling StonesCD16VGP-111[none]
Masons Yard to Primrose HillThe Rolling StonesCD19VGP-112[none]
The Killer Festival: Altamont 1969The Rolling Stones2×CD9 + 8VGP-113[none]
Hope You Guess My NameThe Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 11VGP-114[none]
For Invitation OnlyMick Jagger2×CD16 + 14VGP-115[none]
European Tour 1973: Swiss MadeThe Rolling Stones2×CD14 + 14VGP-116[none]
Miami Pop Festival 1969The Rolling StonesCD14VGP-117[none]
Happy Birthday Ronnie (live in Dortmund 1976)The Rolling Stones2×CD10 + 10VGP-118[none]
August Children: Charlie’s Good Tonight, Ain’t’e?The Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 12VGP-119[none]
Bloody Night in L.A.Mick JaggerCD8VGP-120[none]
Mundialito 1982The Rolling Stones2×CD12 + 12VGP-121[none]
L.A. 1981: Never Too Old to Rock & RollThe Rolling Stones2×CD13 + 14VGP-122[none]
Sure the One You Need (Kansas City 1975)The Rolling Stones2×CD12 + 11VGP-123[none]
Berlin 1976 – Low Tide and Fair HitsThe Rolling Stones2×CD9 + 9VGP-124[none]
Rotter’ Beast of BurdenThe Rolling Stones2×CD15 + 13VGP-125[none]
American CompendiumThe Rolling StonesCD9VGP-126[none]
Paris AffairThe Rolling StonesCD14VGP-127[none]