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This is a Special Purpose Label.

White labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases (like bootlegs) should all be stored under this entry in the database.

Do not use it as a dumping ground for releases that you are too lazy to look up.

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Clarinet a La King (single sided)Benny Goodman Orch.10" Shellac1
  • US1941-08-20
CC O 3980-1A
Nou zitte de boere vandaag op 'n sleekeStichting VastenavendPhonograph record1
  • -1946
Blòòte erreme en bééneStichting VastenavendPhonograph record1
  • -1947
Gif 's gauwkesStichting VastenavendPhonograph record1
  • -1948
September in the Rain / It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That SwingRex Stewart With Jack Brokensha’s Big Band / Rex Stewart With Jack Brokensha Quartet10" Shellac2
Onze n'ouwe gasfebriekStichting VastenavendPhonograph record1
  • -1949
Kende gij me nieStichting VastenavendPhonograph record1
  • -1950
Aberdeen (July 15, 1951)Various ArtistsDigital Media41
  • -1951-07-15
Me zakte deur de vloerStichting VastenavendPhonograph record1
  • -1951
Plectra and Percussion DancesHarry Partch12" Vinyl3
Zij d'al beslogeStichting VastenavendPhonograph record1
  • -1954
Das Wirtshaus an der Lahn (brown Label)Will Höhne7" Vinyl2
American Bird Songs - Volume OneProfessor Arthur A. Allen And Professor Peter Paul Kellogg12" Vinyl12
Kosher ComedyBenny Bell12" Vinyl12
Clarinetitis - Benny Goodman 1928-1929Benny Goodman7" Vinyl4
94 109
Heinz Polzer zingt uit het zangboekje voor bijzienden (Door een kindervriend)Heinz PolzerVinyl7
99 725 DE[none]
Christmas Music for Your Holiday Pleasure (single sided)The Lennon Sisters With Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music MakersVinyl1
Zonder jou / Kijk ik door m'n vensterJohnny Hoes7" Vinyl2
6802 201
A Night With Clay at Canlis'Clay Wheeler12" Vinyl9
The 25‐Year Retrospective Concert of the Music of John Cage (mono)John Cage3×12" Vinyl6 + 10 + 3
HappyAuburn Knights12" Vinyl10
McCormick: Van Vader Op ZoonRudi Carrell en het Kwartet Ruud Bos7" Flexi-disc1
New Orleans LegendsRainy City Stompers7" Vinyl4
T 72 661
Wat zou het zijn dokter?Hugo de Groot7" Vinyl2
DE 99.294[none]
The ElectrasThe Electras12" Vinyl13
ELT 201
Johnny Wonderland / Red Roses and Little White LiesSiw Malmkvist7" Vinyl2
  • -1961
A Plane Full of Dancing Pleasure From Iceland to IranThe Ambassadors USAFE Dance Band12" Vinyl13
Hey Girl / The Wings Of An AngelDennis BradfordVinyl2
Gayway TwistThe FranticsOther1
The Singing Sisters Present Joy!The Singing Sisters12" Vinyl15
Winkelgässli-Lied / LumpazivagabundusVarious Artists7" Vinyl2
The Blues SpiritsThe Blues Spirits12" Vinyl12
The Golden LettersThe Golden LettersVinyl14
  • GB1964-01-01
I Want You (To Be By My Side)The Golden LettersVinyl2
  • XW1964-01-03
Run to YouThe Golden LettersVinyl2
  • XW1964-02-10
Second AlbumThe Golden LettersVinyl12
  • XW1964-05-08
The Patient Never WinThe Golden LettersVinyl10
  • XW1964-10-25
The Gale Belle Quartet Plays Euphoria in JazzThe Gale Belle Quartet12" Vinyl7
Robbie the Werewolf: At the WalebackRobbie RobisonVinyl13
Rain and SnowThe Golden LettersVinyl12
  • XW1965-04-18
Left-Hand SideThe Golden LettersVinyl12
  • XW1965-08-15
Living the Live LifeThe Golden LettersVinyl18
  • XW1965-12-12
Don't Cut the Baby in HalfJohn Ylvisaker12" Vinyl14
Ballade, Lumpeliedli, Chansons auf BernerartVarious Artists7" Vinyl8
EP 33-514[none]
Only Startin'The Half Tribe12" Vinyl12
The Great RevolutionDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.12" Vinyl2
Another Day, Another TimeThe Golden LettersVinyl10
  • XW1966-02-14
Do You Like Billy WymanThe Rolling StonesCD11
  • AU1966-02-24
Falling AgainThe Golden LettersVinyl11
  • XW1966-06-22
江州音頭桜川寿賀若10" Vinyl2
IntroducingThe Tidal Waves7" Vinyl4
Down and Out / So There4PK7" Vinyl2
110 799 F
John Denver SingsJohn Denver12" Vinyl13
HJD 66[none]
[untitled]The Velvet UndergroundVinyl9
Broadside EP No. 1Harvey AndrewsVinyl5
Cleaning UpThe Golden LettersVinyl9
  • XW1967-03-23
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (mono - test pressing)Pink Floyd12" Vinyl11
  • GB1967-07-07
Scfp 40253 B-3-1-1 7[none]
WinkThe Shaggs12" Vinyl12
Moquettez-vousFreres Ennemis7" Vinyl4
Pax-kabaree - "Ei rumputusta, pamputusta, simputusta"Various Artists7" Vinyl6
Big Daddy's DiscothequeIn People featuring Little Sammy, Janice Slater7" Vinyl4
A Merry ChristmasThe Rolling Stones7" Vinyl3
Blood of the VirginsVíctor BuchinoDigital Media38
Dance the Slurp / The Strange Things7-Eleven7" Vinyl2
Mindbender (1965–1966)The Warlocks12" Vinyl12
  • -1967
The Right and the WrongThe Golden LettersVinyl9
  • XW1968-01-15
Blues & GospelJo Ann KellyVinyl4
GW EP-1[none]
WDGY 1130 Radio Yesterhits from Yesterday Volume TwoVarious Artists12" Vinyl12
  • -1968
The Constant SoundThe Constant Sound12" Vinyl12
CR-9108, CR-9109[none]
24 HoursAnt Trip Ceremony12" Vinyl12
CRC 2129[none]
The Traveling SoundsWilly Wall Trio12" Vinyl12
MythologyMythologyDigital Media9
Captain Cudjoe / You Keep Me on the MoveBarrington Saddler7" Vinyl2
Let Me Take Your Hands / I Feel So DownThe Dustbins7" Vinyl2
The Airmen of Note & FriendsAirmen of Note12" Vinyl11
Heavenly Club / Dream MachineLes Sauterelles7" Vinyl2
Phases and FacesThe Fredric12" Vinyl12
  • -1968
Stained Glass SunFinders KeepersVinyl12
Back in the GrooveThe Golden LettersVinyl10
  • XW1969-01-23
33⅓ Revolutions per MonkeeThe MonkeesDigital Media15
  • US1969-04-14
Newport Jazz FestivalJames Brown(unknown)15
  • -1969-07-06
Left AloneAlex Sheldon & The Guilty HeartsVinyl11
  • XW1969-11-12
Maria IsabelThe Bachelors7" Vinyl4
113 592 E
Kum BackThe Beatles12" Vinyl12
La RévolutionÉvariste7" Vinyl2
CRAC 001[none]
Ode to QuetzalcoatlDave Bixby12" Vinyl12
KlangbilderGünter Maas12" Vinyl4
F 60 228
Cold Cold MorningFree Will(unknown)13
  • -1969
Fohhoh BohobPatron Saints12" Vinyl9
Hurry On Sundown / Kiss of the Velvet WhipHawkwind7" Vinyl2
The Santa Song / A Special Christmas TreeJud Strunk7" Vinyl2
Σ = a = b = a + bÉliane Radigue2×7" Vinyl2 + 2
flower girl: a collection of cion tomita’s musical works高柳昌行クインテット12" Vinyl10
Je ne veux pas mourir idiotÉvaristeVinyl1
Unsurpassed Masters (Studio Reels)Jimi Hendrix5×Vinyl32 + 30 + 21 + 24 + 32
  • -1969
What’s ComingLucas Jones & The Pirates7" Vinyl1
  • -1970-02-06
In Concert SoundAirmen of Note12" Vinyl8
  • US1970-02-26
Ricordo Di Un Grande ComunistaPalmiro Togliatti7" Vinyl2
  • IT1970-05-30
201, NM-201
Lucas Jones & The PiratesLucas Jones & The PiratesVinyl11
  • XW1970-08-17
If You Don't Like the News Go Out and Make Some of Your Own"Scoop" Nisker12" Vinyl6