Sony (CBS "walking eye" logo over the name "SONY" in a box, used in Latin-American releases)

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as much as i've tried to avoid adding yet another SONY label to confuse editors, this one is basically unavoidable. here is an example of its logo on a back cover, which is identical to the one used by the JP-based Sony Records between 1991–98. it is also very similar to the CBS/SONY imprint that was used for a time in several markets (Japan/Philippines/Hong Kong/Spain), except for the exclusion of the "CBS" name from its logo. the imprint is prevalent among latino genre releases and seems to be associated with Miami-based Sony Discos, Inc. it is also mentioned—with reference to non-JP releases—at here and here

please use this label with discretion.

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Cosas de barrioOmar AlfannoDigital Media8
  • US1986-12-31
Screw It!Danger DangerCD17
  • JP1991-09-12
SRCS 5555
En torno al amorOmar AlfannoCD8
Yo quiero cantarTito NievesCD8
The ClassicTito NievesCD8