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FM Radio station broadcasting at 91.1 (Jersey City) 90.1 (Hudson Valley) and online at

In addition to live original production at their studios in Jersey City, WFMU DJs release compilations CDs of music that they play on their shows as premiums for listeners who pledge money to support the station. These are currently listed as promotional compilations (although they are arguably bootlegs).

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
WFMU Presents: The Happy Listener's Guide to Mind Control Various Artists Cassette 32
They Came, They Played, They Blocked the Driveway: Live Music From the Studios of WFMU Various Artists 2×CD 15 + 19
Upsalapalooza: More Live Music From WFMU Various Artists 2×CD 19 + 21
Live Music From a Dead Campus Various Artists 2×CD 20 + 19
More Music, Less Parking: WFMU Live From Jersey City Various Artists 2×CD 18 + 13
Black Cherries: Slamming Songs You Can't Play on the Radio (WFMU 2001 Marathon Premium) Various Artists CD 18
Diamonds in the Rough! (WFMU 2001 Marathon Premium) Various Artists CD 16
Great Green Gobs & Other Delights (WFMU 2001 Marathon Premium) Various Artists CD 17
Shut Up and Play: Forgettable Moments on Stage (WFMU Marathon Premium) Various Artists CD 28
Don't Shoot the Toy Piano Player: Live From WFMU Various Artists 2×CD 16 + 17
Jazz Burns Ken (WFMU 2002 Marathon Premium) Various Artists CD 18
Rare Wild & Pious: Vintage Gospel and Southern Gospel Radio Various Artists (unknown) 25
365 Days Project: 2003-05 Various Artists Digital Media 31 [none]
Cherry Blossom Clinic Sessions, Volume 1: WFMU 2003 Marathon Premium Various Artists CD 27
Mr. Fine Wine's Detroit Soul (2003 WFMU Marathon premium) Various Artists CD 29
Pop Eating Itself: Ken's WFMU 2003 Marathon CD Various Artists CD 25
The Best of the Best of the Best Show on WFMU (2003 Marathon Premium) Tom Scharpling CD 10
Ventriloquism for Dummies: The Best of Uncle Randy's Story Minute Randy Fairbanks CD 11
A Happy Mess: DO or DIY Premium 2004 Various Artists arranged by People Like Us Digital Media 10
Tunes on Toxic Terrain: WFMU Live From New Jersey Various Artists 2×CD 15 + 15 [none]
Culture Shock: Doug Shulkind's 2004 WFMU Marathon Premium Various Artists CD 19
Unintelligible at Any Speed: A Collection of Umlautcore (Ken's WFMU 2004 Marathon disc) Various Artists CD 24
WFMU Radio Archival Oddities, Volume 2 Various Artists 2×CD 24 + 28
$mall ¢hange’s ‘The Power of the LP’ ¡WFMU Marathon ’05 beeyotch! Various Artists CD 70
Merigail Moreland Merigail Moreland Reel-to-reel 15 365 Days #234
How Do I Learn? [unknown] Digital Media 6 [none]
WFMU Presents: The Free Music Archive Sampler, Volume I Various Artists CD 21
Live at WFMU on Talk's Cheap August 2008 Kurt Vile Digital Media 7
Live at WFMU on Rob Weisberg's Show on 9/27/2008 Electric Kulintang Digital Media 2 [none]
Where's The Beat? Live In The WFMU Studios Various Artists 2×CD 12 + 13 [none]
WFMU's Free Music Archive Sampler, Volume 2 Various Artists Digital Media 19
Live at Primavera Sound, Barcelona 5/29/09 Throwing Muses Digital Media 13
KIX DIX Computer Jesus Refrigerator Digital Media 3
Live at WFMU on Irwin's Show 10/28/2009 Alasdair MacLean Digital Media 5
Grouper Live at ATP-NY 2009 on WFMU Grouper Digital Media 4
Live @ WFMU on Nat Roe's Show, Nov. 3rd 2010 Robedoor Digital Media 3 [none]
Rated G.G. Various Artists Digital Media 10 SHRP-001 [none]
Moving in Mono Various Artists CD 21
Cross Cultural Confusion Various Artists (unknown) 24
Ethnic Eccentricities Various Artists CD 20
It's a Sunshine Day: A Soft Pop Collection Various Artists CD 28
Italia Forza: Italo Sounds From the '80s Various Artists CD 22
Locomotion: Songs & Sounds of the Railways Various Artists CD 16
Musical Tour of Africa Various Artists 2×CD 14 + 13
Rhythmic Rites Various Artists (unknown) 17
Stop the World and Let Me Off Various Artists (unknown) 20
Live on WFMU's Strength Through Failure with Fabio, 8/13/2015 Kyle Eyre Clyd Digital Media 2 [none]
2018-11-25: Samantha's show, "Surface Tension" Samantha Digital Media 1 [none]
Burn It Down! with Nate K Presents: Sucrose, Sucrose Ad Nauseam Various Artists (unknown) 20 [none]
Cowpunk Deluxe Various Artists CD-R 22 [none]