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AlphawaveSystem 712" Vinyl3AAWT 7015060016702010
Seventh WaveSystem 7CD8AAW CD 0075060016708074
Mysterious TravellerSystem 7 / Derrick MayCD10AAWCD0085060016706087
777System 7CD8AAWCD 001
Live Transmissions: Tokiodrome, Liquid RoomSystem 7CD10AAWCDP010[none]
EncantadoSystem 7CD9AAWCD0095060016708098
Planet 7System 7Digital Media8AAWIT 701
Mirror SystemMirror SystemCD11AAW CD 0115060016708111
Space BirdSystem 7CD3AAWT 704
PhoenixSystem 7Enhanced CD9AAWCD0125060016708128
Gong Unconvention, Amsterdam 2006Steve Hillage BandCD10GWVP101CD604388718825
The 69 Steps Vol.04: ReflectorMirror SystemCD15AAWKCD0015060016708135
ClassicsSystem 7Digital Media12AAWCD013
UpSystem 7CD9AAWCD0145060016708180
PositiveNoiseSystem 7CD3AAWT 706
OutSystem 72×CD7 + 9AAWCD0165060016708241
N + XSystem 7 / Mirror SystemDigital Media6AAWIT 7095060016708289
N + XSystem 7 / Mirror SystemCD6AAWCD0175060016708265
N-PortMirror SystemCD9AAWCD0185060016708296
X-PortSystem 7CD11AAWCD0195060016708319
For To Next / And Not OrSteve HillageCD14SMABX1045-10[none]
System 7System 7CD12SMABX1045-11[none]
BBC Radio 1 in Concert 1976/1979 (This is the full broadcast, from Searching for the Spark box set)Steve HillageCD8SMABX1045-12[none]
BBC Radio 1 in Concert 1976/1979 (The full broadcast from Searching for the Spark box set)Steve HillageCD9SMABX1045-12[none]
Deeply ValeSteve HillageCD13SMABX1045-13[none]
Live at Brighton DomeSteve HillageCD12SMABX1045-14[none]
Live at Schwabinger Bräu, MunichSteve HillageCD14SMABX1045-15[none]
Live at the Odeon, Hammersmith, LondonSteve HillageCD15SMABX1045-16[none]
Live at the Gong Family UnconventionSteve HillageCD10SMABX1045-17[none]
Sparks Vol 1 1970-73Steve HillageCD15SMABX1045-18[none]
Sparks Vol 2 1974-76Steve HillageCD14SMABX1045-19[none]
Space ShantyKhanCD8SMABX1045-2[none]
Sparks Vol 3 1976-79Steve HillageCD20SMABX1045-20[none]
Sparks Vol 4 1980-90Steve HillageCD21SMABX1045-21[none]
Fish RisingSteve HillageCD7SMABX1045-3[none]
LSteve HillageCD9SMABX1045-4[none]
Motivation RadioSteve HillageCD12SMABX1045-5[none]
GreenSteve HillageCD14SMABX1045-6[none]
Live HeraldSteve HillageCD9SMABX1045-7[none]
Rainbow Dome MusickSteve HillageCD2SMABX1045-8[none]
OpenSteve HillageCD14SMABX1045-9[none]
N-PortMirror SystemDigital Media9
Café SevenSystem 7CD10