430 West

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InequalityEddie 'Flashin' Fowlkes12" Vinyl44W-125
Survival InstinctVice12" Vinyl44W-140
Octivation EPOctave One12" Vinyl54W-100B
Falling in DubRandom Noise Generation12" Vinyl34W-120
Day by DayNever on Sunday12" Vinyl64W-165
Random Beats & Tracks, Volume IRandom Noise Generation12" Vinyl44W-130
Bass MagneticAUX 882×12" Vinyl4 + 44W-190
Tokyo SoulTokyo Gospel Renegades12" Vinyl44W-195
Keep Your Head UpUnit 22×12" Vinyl4 + 34W-200
The "X" FilesOctave One2×12" Vinyl3 + 44W-220
Detroit Techno CityVarious Artists12" Vinyl44W-235
Foundation EPOctave One12" Vinyl34W-240
Conquered NationOctave One12" Vinyl34W-245
Alien FMAlien FM2×12" Vinyl4 + 44W-430[none]
I BelieveOctave One feat. Lisa Newberry12" Vinyl34W-MS10
Detroit Techno City IIVarious Artists12" Vinyl44W-270
Point BlankOctave One12" Vinyl44W-265
Generations of SoulRandom Noise Generation12" Vinyl44W-275
The Living Key (To Images From Above)Octave OneCD124WCD-2787947170729
The LegacyRandom Noise Generation12" Vinyl34W-285
The Living KeyOctave One2×12" Vinyl4 + 44W-290
Aztlan / DayStar RisingMad Mike and DJ Rolando the Aztec Mystic / Octave One12" Vinyl24W-291
The CollectiveOctave One12" Vinyl84W-300
Aux 88 Meets Alien FM: 88 FMAUX 88CD124WCD-1
The CollectiveOctave OneCD164WCD-300787947030023
Art and SoulOctave One12" Vinyl34W-310
Groove Within the GrooveGerald Mitchell12" Vinyl34W-315
The Existence of EchelonRandom Noise Generation12" Vinyl44W-330
TwoKaotic Spacial Rhythms12" Vinyl34W-335
TransmitterWild PlanetCD144WCD-400787947400123
JaguarDJ RolandoCD3430WUKTCD15037454653013
JaguarDJ Rolando12" Vinyl3430WUKT1
JaguarDJ Rolando aka The Aztec Mystic12" Vinyl2430WUKT2
JaguarDJ RolandoCD2430WUKTCD2
Black WaterOctave One12" Vinyl34W-340
Three: BarrageKaotic Spacial Rhythms12" Vinyl34W-345
Jaguar: Mayday RemixesDJ Rolando12" Vinyl34W-350
Links in the ChainRandom Noise Generation2×12" Vinyl4 + 34W-450 11
JaguarDJ RolandoCD74WCD-4049787947404923
Revisited: Here, There, And BeyondOctave OneCD114WCLCD1-500859706626720
New LifeOctave One12" Vinyl24W615
New Life RemixesOctave OneDigital Media44W620
Burn It DownOctave OneCD114WCLCD2-6005060376937930
Jazzo ReworksOctave OneDigital Media54WDG 627