Originally an offshoot of City Beat Records in association with Beggars Banquet, in order to market releases for the UK's burgeoning hardcore house/rave scene. The Prodigy was a key signing. Later broadened the scope of the label by licensing releases by The White Stripes.

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We Want Funk (Remix)2 In Rhythm12" Vinyl3
Just As Long As I Got YouFrankie "Bones" & Lenny "Dee"12" Vinyl4
Just as Long as I Got YouFrankie "Bones" & Lenny "Dee"CD4
XLT 5 CD5012093400525
We Want Funk2 In Rhtyhm12" Vinyl4
Funky Zulu (You're So Fresh)The Moody Boys12" Vinyl5
XLT 115012093401164
Let It Take ControlFlowmasters12" Vinyl4
XLT 75012093400761
XL Recordings: The First ChapterVarious ArtistsCD14
XLCD 1055012093550527
Journey Into DublandThe Moody Boys12" Vinyl5
Magic Machine2 In Rhythm12" Vinyl6
What Evil LurksThe Prodigy12" Vinyl4
  • GB1991-02-25
XLT 175012093501765
Hey R.U. ReadyHardcore12" Vinyl4
XLT 165012093501666
CharlyThe ProdigyCD4
  • GB1991-08-12
XLS 21 CD5012093502120
CharlyThe Prodigy12" Vinyl4
  • GB1991-08-12
XLT 215012093502168
CharlyThe ProdigyCD4
INT 825.9214006758259215
DJ's Take ControlSL2CD4
  • GB1991-10-21
DJ's Take ControlSL212" Vinyl4
  • GB1991-10-21
XLT 245012093502465
  • GB1991-12-02
Everybody in the PlaceThe ProdigyCD5
  • GB1991-12-30
XLS 26 CD5012093502625
Everybody in the PlaceThe ProdigyCD4
  • GB1991-12-30
XLS 26 CD25012093502694
Everybody in the PlaceThe Prodigy12" Vinyl4
  • GB1991-12-30
XLT 265012093502663
XL Recordings: The Second ChapterVarious ArtistsCD12
XLCD 1085012093550824
XL Recordings: The Third Chapter - Breakbeat HouseVarious ArtistsCD12
XLCD 1095012093550923
XL Recordings: The Second Chapter: Hardcore European Dance MusicVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl6 + 6
XLLP 108
Double HappinessJohn & JulieCD4
XLS 23CD5012093502328
Circles (Round and Round)John & Julie feat. Auriole12" Vinyl4
AnasthasiaT9912" Vinyl4
XLT 195012093501963
Fairy DustSet Up System12" Vinyl5
U.H.F.U.H.F.12" Vinyl4
XLT 255012093502564
Hard TimesNu-Matic12" Vinyl4
  • GB1992-02-24
XLT 275012093502762
Sweet HarmonyLiquidCD4
  • GB1992-03-09
Sweet HarmonyLiquid12" Vinyl4
  • GB1992-03-09
XLT 285012093502861
On a Ragga TipSL2CD4
  • GB1992-04-06
On a Ragga TipSL212" Vinyl4
  • GB1992-04-06
XLT 295012093502960
Spring in My StepNu-MaticCD4
  • GB1992-07-27
The Future Music CDLiquidCD4
  • GB1992-08-24
Fire / JerichoThe ProdigyCD4
  • GB1992-09-07
XLS 30CD5012093503028
Fire / JerichoThe Prodigy12" Vinyl4
  • GB1992-09-07
XLT 305012093503066
ExperienceThe ProdigyCD12
  • GB1992-09-21
XLCD 1105012093551029
ExperienceThe Prodigy2×12" Vinyl6 + 6
  • GB1992-09-21
XLLP 1105012093551012
Dub WarDance ConspiracyCD5
  • GB1992-09-21
Dub WarDance Conspiracy12" Vinyl5
  • GB1992-09-21
XLT 345012093503462
ExperienceThe ProdigyCD12
  • US1992-09-21
Out of SpaceThe Prodigy7" Vinyl2
XLS 355012093503578
House of PainHouse of PainCD16
  • GB1992-11-01
XLCD 1115012093551128
Out of SpaceThe ProdigyCD4
  • GB1992-11-09
XLS 35 CD5012093503523
Out of SpaceThe Prodigy12" Vinyl4
  • GB1992-11-09
XLT 355012093503561
Out Of SpaceThe ProdigyCD4
INT 825.9764006758259765
Body FusionNu-MaticCD4
XLS - 37CD5012093503721
Way in My Brain (remix) / DrumbeatsSL2CD4
  • GB1992-12-07
Way in My Brain (remix)SL212" Vinyl4
  • GB1992-12-07
XLT 365012093503660
ExperienceThe ProdigyCD12
472862 29399747286220
ExperienceThe ProdigyCD12
7243 8 42958 2 0724384295820
Everybody in the PlaceThe ProdigyCD5
INT 825.932724388419529
On a Ragga TipSL2CD4
INT 825.9484006758259482
Liquid Is LiquidLiquidCD5
INT 825.9614006758259611
ExperienceThe ProdigyCD12
INT 845.566724382220527
ExperienceThe ProdigyCD12
XLCD 110634904011024
Fourplay, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD4
Jump Around / House of Pain AnthemHouse of Pain7" Vinyl2
XLS 325012093503271
Jump AroundHouse of PainCD4
XLS 32CD5012093503226
Jump Around / Top o’ the Morning to YaHouse of PainCD4
XLS 43 CD5012093504322
Jump AroundHouse of Pain12" Vinyl4
XLT 325012093503264
The Future Music EPLiquid12" Vinyl4
XLT 335012093503363
Body FusionNu-Matic12" Vinyl4
XLT 375012093503769
Time to Get UpLiquidCD4
  • GB1993-03-08
Wind It Up (Rewound)The ProdigyCD4
  • GB1993-03-29
Wind It Up (Rewound)The Prodigy12" Vinyl3
  • GB1993-03-29
XLT 395012093503967
Ooh I Like It / The AnsaphoneJonny L12" Vinyl4
  • GB1993-08-16
XLT 445012093504469
One LoveThe ProdigyCD4
One LoveThe ProdigyCD4
  • GB1993-10-04
XLS 47CD5012093504728
One LoveThe Prodigy12" Vinyl4
Wind It Up (US Remixes)The ProdigyCD4
INT 827.9064006758279060
XL Recordings: The Fourth ChapterVarious ArtistsCD12
XLCD 112
XL Recordings: The Fourth Chapter: Mix TapeVarious ArtistsCassette12
XLMC 112
Shamrocks and ShenanigansHouse of PainCD4
XLS 46CD5012093504629
Time to Get UpLiquid12" Vinyl4
XLT 405012093504063
No Good (Start the Dance)The ProdigyCD4
  • GB1994-05-16
INT 827.912, XLS 51CD5012093505121
No Good (Start the Dance)The Prodigy12" Vinyl3
  • GB1994-05-16
XLT 515012093505169
Music for the Jilted GenerationThe ProdigyCD13
7243 4 84101 2 2, INT 847.903724348410122
Music for the Jilted GenerationThe ProdigyCD13
  • GB1994-07-04
XLCD 1145012093551425
Music for the Jilted GenerationThe ProdigyCD13
XLCD 1147391946061525
Music for the Jilted GenerationThe Prodigy2×12" Vinyl7 + 6
  • GB1994-07-04
XLLP 1145012093551418
Music for the Jilted GenerationThe ProdigyCassette13
  • GB1994-07-04
XLMC 1145012093551449
On PointHouse of PainCD4
XLS 52 CD5012093505220
Voodoo PeopleThe ProdigyCD4
  • GB1994-08-04
XLS 54 CD5012093505428
Voodoo PeopleThe Prodigy12" Vinyl4
XLT 545012093505466
Le Voie Le SoleilSubliminal Cuts12" Vinyl4
  • GB1994-10-03
XLT 535012093505367
Music for the Jilted GenerationThe ProdigyCD13
477397 29399747739726
No Good (Start the Dance)The ProdigyCD4
Voodoo PeopleThe ProdigyCD4
660829 29399766082926
Music for the Jilted GenerationThe ProdigyCD13
XLCD 114634904011420
Music for the Jilted GenerationThe ProdigyCD13
XLCD 1145012093551425
Liquid Love EPLiquidCD4
XLS 48 CD5012093504827
Make Me Work (Turn Me Around)Jonny LCD4
XLS 49 CD5012093504926
It Ain’t a Crime / Word Is BondHouse of PainCD3
XLS 55 CD15012093505527
Make Me Work (Turn Me Around)Jonny L12" Vinyl3
Music for the Jilted GenerationThe ProdigyCD13
No Good (Start the Dance)The ProdigyCD2
PoisonThe ProdigyCD4
  • XE1995-02-27
7243 4 72353 2 0, INT 827.914724347235320
PoisonThe ProdigyCD4
  • GB1995-02-27
XLS 58CD5012093505824