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Acceleration (dub)Bill Nelson6:53
Acceleration (long version)Bill Nelson6:32
Acceleration (short version)Bill Nelson3:49
Another Day, Another Ray of HopeBill Nelson5:22
Atom Shop (Is Closing)Bill Nelson3:28
Beauty and the BeastBill Nelson2:04
Beauty Enters the CastleBill Nelson0:34
Billy InfinityBill Nelson3:38
Candelabra and GargoylesBill Nelson0:30
Dreams (The Merchant Sleeps)Bill Nelson0:11
DreamsvilleBill Nelson3:43
Fear (The Merchant Wakes)Bill Nelson1:31
Girlfriend With MiraclesBill Nelson4:04
Glow WorldBill Nelson4:06
Hard Facts From the Fiction DepartmentBill Nelson3:35
In the Forest of StormsBill Nelson1:44
Magic RadioBill Nelson1:21
Magnificent (The White Horse)Bill Nelson1:13
My World SpinsBill Nelson3:24
OvertureBill Nelson1:52
Pointing at the MoonBill Nelson4:21
Popscicle Head‐tripBill Nelson2:47
Propellor of LegendBill Nelson3:12
Rocket ShipBill Nelson4:31
She Gave Me MemoryBill Nelson3:43
Sisters and Sedan ChairsBill Nelson1:51
Spinning Dizzy on the DialBill Nelson3:34
Tears As Diamonds (The Gift Reverses)Bill Nelson0:22
Tender Is the NightBill Nelson5:11
The Beast in SolitudeBill Nelson1:00
The CastleBill Nelson1:46
The CorridorBill Nelson1:02
The DoorBill Nelson0:20
The Enchanted GloveBill Nelson1:20
The FamilyBill Nelson0:53
The Final CurtainBill Nelson2:01
The GardenBill Nelson2:17
The GatesBill Nelson1:42
The GiftBill Nelson0:12
The Great HallBill Nelson0:27
The HuntBill Nelson1:25
The MirrorBill Nelson0:20
The Pavilion of DianaBill Nelson0:35
The Real AdventureBill Nelson4:13
The Return of MagnificentBill Nelson0:25
The Rose and the BeastBill Nelson2:31
The TragedyBill Nelson0:59
Train With FinsBill Nelson4:20
Transformation No. 1Bill Nelson1:21
Transformation No. 2Bill Nelson1:21
Transition No. 1Bill Nelson0:50
Transition No. 2Bill Nelson0:21
Transition No. 3Bill Nelson1:01
Transition No. 4Bill Nelson0:45
Transition No. 5Bill Nelson0:27
Transition No. 6 (The Journey)Bill Nelson1:26
Viva Le Voom‐voomBill Nelson3:00
Wild and DizzyBill Nelson1:23
1991 –New Precision
Dark Angel
Everyday Feels Like Another New Drug
Flaming Desire
Haunting in My Head
Jets at Dawn
One Day at a Time
Teenage Archangel