Victor ("His Master’s Voice" imprint)

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signed (as Victor Records):Billy Murray (from 1909 until 1918, from 1920-07-01 until 1927-07-01)
American Quartet (1909-1925 quartet) (from 1909 until 1919, from 1920-07-01 until 1925-08)
Albert C. Campbell (from 1919-11-01 to present)
Frank Croxton (from 1919-11-01 to present)
John H. Meyer (from 1919-11-01 to present)
Henry Burr (from 1919-11-01 until 1928)
Sterling Trio (from 1920 until 1925)
Peerless Quartet (from 1920-07-01 to present)
parent label:ビクターエンタテインメント株式会社 (holding company - do not use as release label)
imprint of (as Victor Records):Victor Talking Machine Company
publishes series (as Victor Records):Dust Bowl Ballads releases July 1940 (Victor Records only)
catalog of records (as Victor Records): [info] [info] [info]
Discogs (as Victor Records): [info]
Wikidata (as Victor Records):Q1470329 [info]


Dust Bowl Refugee / Dust Pneumonia BluesWoody Guthrie
Guitar BattleVarious Artists
I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore / Vigilante ManWoody Guthrie
Guitar BattleVarious Artists
phonographic copyright
Blowin' Down This Road (Victor matrix BS-050150)Woody Guthrie3:00
Blowin' Down This Road (Blowin' Down This Road (I Ain't Going to Be Treated This Way); Victor matrix BS-050150)Woody Guthrie3:02
Ce n'est que votre main, madameJean Sablon3:03
Do Re Mi (Victor matrix BS-050153)Woody Guthrie2:36
Dust Bowl Blues (Victor matrix BS-050149)Woody Guthrie3:28
Dust Bowl Refugee (Victor matrix BS-050154)Woody Guthrie3:08
Dust Cain’t Kill Me (Victor matrix BS-050600)Woody Guthrie2:56
Dust Pneumonia BluesWoody Guthrie2:42
Dust Pneumonia Blues (Victor matrix BS-050601-1)Woody Guthrie2:43
Dusty Old Dust (Victor matrix BS-050148)Woody Guthrie?:??
Dusty Old DustWoody Guthrie3:09
Dusty Old Dust (So Long, It's Been Good to Know You) (Victor matrix BS-050148-1)Woody Guthrie3:07
I Ain’t Got No Home in This World Anymore (Victor matrix BS-050155)Woody Guthrie2:46
Keep on the Sunny Side (Victor matrix BVE-45022)The Carter Family2:51
Pretty Boy Floyd (Victor matrix BS-050601)Woody Guthrie3:09
River of Jordan (Victor matrix BVE-45027)The Carter Family2:38
Talkin' Dust Bowl Blues take 1 (Talkin' Dust Bowl Blues)Woody Guthrie2:27
Talkin’ Dust Bowl Blues (Victor matrix BS-050146)Woody Guthrie2:42
Talking Dust Bowl Blues (alternate version) (Talkin' Dust Bowl Blues take 1)Woody Guthrie2:28
The Great Dust StormWoody Guthrie3:22
The Great Dust Storm (Dust Storm Disaster) (Victor matrix BS-050145)Woody Guthrie3:22
Tom Joad (Victor matrix BS-050151 + Victor matrix BS-050152)Woody Guthrie?:??
Tom Joad (Part2) (Victor matrix BS-050152)Woody Guthrie3:28
Tom Joad, Part 1 (Victor matrix BS-050151)Woody Guthrie3:26
Tom Joad, Part 2 (Victor matrix BS-050152)Woody Guthrie3:30
Vigilante Man (Victor matrix BS-050156-1)Woody Guthrie3:24