K‐tel (International budget record label)

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K-tel was founded by salesman Philip Kives in Winnepeg, Manitoba in the 1960s. Kives is credited with inventing the infomercial, and is known for selling many products other than music. By the late sixties, he was distributing records via commercials on American TV. The company grew rapidly and settled in Plymouth, Minnesota. It became truly international when it set up a branch in the UK. There is also a subsidiary company in Germany.
K-tel continues to release music, almost exclusively as compilations of previously released material, but is also involved in licensing its large catalogue to other labels.

For the purposes of Musicbrainz, all releases with the K-tel logo, no matter which country they were released in, should be filed here.

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Pin‐Ball RockVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
NA 484[none]
25 Polka GreatsVarious Artists12" Vinyl25
NC 420[none]
20 Explosive HitsVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TU 220[none]
25 Rock Revival GreatsVarious Artists12" Vinyl25
25 Rock Revival Greats Vol. 2Various Artists12" Vinyl25
20 All Time Greats of the 50’sVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
NE 490[none]
25 Rockin' & Rollin' GreatsVarious Artists12" Vinyl25
NE 493[none]
22 Dynamic Hits, Volume IIVarious Artists12" Vinyl22
TE 291[none]
20 Dynamic HitsVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TE 292[none]
20 Top Star Festival Dynamic Hits Volume TwoVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TU 223[none]
Top Star Festival, Vol. 2: 20 Dynamic HitsVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TU 223[none]
Believe in MusicVarious Artists12" Vinyl22
TU 227[none]
20 Everlasting Memories of the 50’sVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
NE 491[none]
Super BadVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
NU 427
Today's Super Greats - 3 Record SetVarious Artists3×12" Vinyl14 + 14 + 12
Story of PopVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl20 + 20
TE 295/6[none]
20 Power HitsVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TG 102[none]
20 Power Hits, Vol. 2Various Artists12" Vinyl20
TU 222[none]
Today's Super GreatsVarious Artists3×12" Vinyl14 + 14 + 12
Fantastic (22 Original Hits, 22 Original Stars)Various Artists12" Vinyl22
TU 233[none]
Super BadVarious Artists12" Vinyl24
NE 499
Super Party Pac - Continuous DancingJames Last12" Vinyl35
NI 419
Music Power: 22 Original HitsVarious Artists12" Vinyl22
TC 214[none]
Music PowerVarious Artists12" Vinyl22
TU 234[none]
Dynamic SoundVarious Artists12" Vinyl22
TU 235[none]
Dynamite – Caution: Explosive HitsVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TU 236[none]
Good Times in Country Music, Volume 8Various Artists12" Vinyl24
WC 309[none]
K-Tel's Goofy GreatsVarious Artists8-Track Cartridge24
Goofy GreatsVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
NA 464[none]
40 Greatest HitsPerry Como2×12" Vinyl20 + 20
NE 700[none]
Pat Boone's Greatest HitsPat BooneVinyl20
NE 703
Souled OutVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
NU 9010
Juke Box JiveVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
NU 9020
Out Of Sight (Canadian Release)Various Artists12" Vinyl20
Get Dancin'Various Artists12" Vinyl20
TE 307[none]
Music ExpressVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TE 702[none]
Out of SightVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TU 2390[none]
Music ExpressVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TU 2420[none]
Superhits of the Superstars, Volume OneVarious Artists12" Vinyl13
TU 2451[none]
Kooky KountryVarious Artists12" Vinyl24
WC 315[none]
Ktel's Wacky Westerns: 24 Original Hits From Original StarsVarious Artists12" Vinyl24
WU 3280[none]
Les 40 Plus Grands Succes OriginauxElvis Presley12" Vinyl40
Rebel RouserVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
NC 451[none]
K-Tel Presents Girls Girls Girls: 20 Great HitsVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
NC 452[none]
K-tel Presents Little Richard Live! 20 Super HitsLittle Richard12" Vinyl20
NC 462[none]
Disco RocketVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
NE 948[none]
The Best of Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival12" Vinyl20
NU 9360[none]
Udo 40: Seine 40 größten ErfolgeUdo Jürgens2×12" Vinyl20 + 20
TG 139
Block BusterVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TU 2430[none]
K-Tel’s Mind BenderVarious Artists12" Vinyl22
TU 2440[none]
Power HouseVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TU 2460[none]
Disco DynamiteVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TU 2490[none]
Right On: 20 Original Hits Original StarsVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TU 2500[none]
Les 20 plus grands souvenirs de noëlVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
The Greatest Hits of Marty RobbinsMarty Robbins12" Vinyl20
K-Tel - CSPS 1251, K-Tel - WC334
20 Electrifying HitsVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl20 + 20
MO 333[none]
FantasticGordon Lightfoot2×12" Vinyl12 + 12
NC 423[none]
Hootenanny!Various Artists12" Vinyl20
NC 467[none]
20 Great HitsEngelbert Humperdinck12" Vinyl20
NC 478
30 GreatestGladys Knight & the Pips2×12" Vinyl15 + 15
NE 1004
40 GreatestHerb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass2×12" Vinyl20 + 20
NE 1005[none]
Disco FeverVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
NE 1014[none]
24 Greatest Dumb DittiesVarious Artists12" Vinyl24
NU 9330[none]
Classic RockLondon Symphony Orchestra12" Vinyl10
ONE 1009
Pure PowerVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TC 238[none]
Music Magic (Canadian Version of Music Magic)Various Artists2×12" Vinyl9 + 8
TC 246[none]
Hit After HitVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TN 1251[none]
Hit After HitVarious ArtistsCassette20
TN 1252[none]
Pure Gold CollectionVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl18 + 18
TU 2550[none]
Music MachineVarious Artists12" Vinyl18
TU 2560[none]
Disco RocketVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl12 + 12
TU 2570[none]
Disco DoubleVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 16
NE 1024[none]
ImagesDon Williams12" Vinyl20
NE 1033[none]
The Amazing DartsDarts12" Vinyl20
DLP 7981[none]
Midnight HustleVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
NE 1037[none]
Twenty GreatestBrotherhood of Man12" Vinyl20
BML 7980[none]
Hurra, wir fahr'n ins GrüneHeino12" Vinyl20
  • -1978
G 1189
Hit Laden: Deutsche Top-Hits '78Various ArtistsCassette20
MC 1186[none]
Star PartyVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
Precious MemoriesJim Reeves12" Vinyl20
NE 1038
Classic Rock - The Second MovementThe London Symphony Orchestra feat. The Royal Choral Society12" Vinyl8
Deutsche Schlager-DiamantenVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TA 105
Jeder hat sein HobbySlavko Avsenik und seine Original OberkrainerVinyl18
TA 113
Disco Rocket Vol TwoVarious Artists12" Vinyl12
TU 2572[none]
Music Magic: The Hit Sounds of TodayVarious Artists12" Vinyl18
TU 2600[none]
The Hot OnesVarious Artists8-Track Cartridge18
TU 2758[none]
20 of My BestDon Williams12" Vinyl20
WC 339
Hi-EnergyVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
NE 1044
New HorizonsDon Williams12" Vinyl20
  • -1979
NE 1048
Out of This WorldThe Moody Blues12" Vinyl15
NE 1051
Rhapsody in BlackThe London Symphony Orchestra and The Royal Choral Society12" Vinyl11
ONE 1063[none]
Full BoarVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
  • -1979
Das goldene SchlageralbumPeter AlexanderCassette20
TA 306
Hot Nights & City Lights (original Non-Stop disco Hits)Various Artists2×12" Vinyl12 + 12
TC 257[none]
Disco ManiaVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
TG 1211[none]
Heute haun wir auf die PaukeTony Marshall12" Vinyl18
TG 1245
Gold Rush 79Various Artists2×12" Vinyl12 + 12
TU 2660[none]
The Rock AlbumVarious Artists12" Vinyl14
TU 2680[none]
Dark Moon & Other Country FavoritesBonnie GuitarDigital Media15
StarflightVarious Artists12" Vinyl16