They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants12" Vinyl19A-HAON 002[none]
Don’t Let’s StartThey Might Be Giants12" Vinyl4A-HAON 004[none]
They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants12" Vinyl19A-HAON 002032862000218
They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be GiantsCD19A-HAON 002032862000225
They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be GiantsCassette19A-HAON 002032862000249
Big SoulThe Original Sins12" Vinyl12AHAON-003
Don’t Let’s StartThey Might Be GiantsCassette8A-HAON 004032862000447
Don’t Let’s StartThey Might Be Giants8cm CD4AHAON-004 CDINGLE[none]
Bent by NatureGlass EyeCD16032862000621
Don’t Let’s StartThey Might Be Giants8cm CD4018777260534
Don’t Let’s StartThey Might Be GiantsCassette8018777260541
They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be GiantsCD19018777260329
They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be GiantsCassette19018777260343
(She Was a) Hotel DetectiveThey Might Be Giants12" Vinyl6A-HAON 005032862000515
(She Was a) Hotel DetectiveThey Might Be Giants8cm CD6AHAON-005CD[none]
LincolnThey Might Be Giants12" Vinyl187 72600-1018777260015
LincolnThey Might Be GiantsCD18018777260022
LincolnThey Might Be GiantsCassette18018777260046
ChristineGlass Eye12" Vinyl57 72602-1[none]
'Lincoln' SamplerThey Might Be GiantsCD5EPRO-138
Don’t Let’s StartThey Might Be Giants12" Vinyl4018777260503
They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants12" Vinyl19018777260312
They’ll Need a CraneThey Might Be Giants12" Vinyl47 72611-0018777261104
They'll Need a CraneThey Might Be Giants8cm CD4772611-2
They'll Need a CraneThey Might Be GiantsCassette4772611-4018777261142
OneThe Ordinaires12" Vinyl107 72615-1018777261517
OneThe OrdinairesCD107 72615-2018777261524
Bar None Sampler, Volume 2: Time for a ChangeVarious ArtistsCD227 72621-2018777262125
Hello Young LoversGlass Eye12" Vinyl137 72625-1018777262514
I'm Gonna Love You 'til I Don'tOtis BallCD16BRNCD 0150032862001529
Purple ToupeeThey Might Be GiantsCD1[none]
The OrdinairesThe OrdinairesCD117 72632-2018777263221
Miracle RoomMiracle Room12" Vinyl47-72638-1
FakebookYo La Tengo12" Vinyl167 72641-1018777264112
FakebookYo La TengoCD167 72641-2032862002021
The Trouble TreeFreedy JohnstonCD13AHAON-018-2032862001826
FakebookYo La TengoCD16BN2 020020831180924
God Help UsThe EmbarrassmentCD11
Here Comes My BabyYo La TengoCD7[none]
Miscellaneous TThey Might Be GiantsCD1872646-2018777264624
Walking Away From You / Cast a ShadowYo La Tengo7" Vinyl2AHAON-4502[none]
Satellite of LoveGlass Eye7" Vinyl2AHAON-4504
DuendeShrimp BoatCD165022781202782
Can You FlyFreedy JohnstonCD13A-HOAN 024-2032862002427
Drink MeDrink MeCD15AHAON-023-2
All Jets Are Gonna Fall TodayChocolate USACD19AHAON 026032862002625
Rise AboveEpic SoundtracksCD12032862002946
Mono USABen VaughnCD18[none]
UnluckyFreedy JohnstonCD6AHAON-028-2032862002823
SmashedGreenhouse 27CD16A-HAON-032-2032862003226
Tells the StoryBrian DewanCD13A-HAON 033-2032862003325
Touch of OliverTouch of OliverCD13A-HAON-035-2032862003523
Fairy TaleProfessor and MaryannCD12A-HAON-037-2032862003721
NYCLonesome ValCD13AHAON-045032862004520
TindersticksTindersticksCD21A-HAON 046032862004629
CavaleShrimp BoatCD15032862002724
Space-Age Bachelor Pad MusicEsquivel!CD14AHAON-043032862004322
DI Go PopDisco InfernoCD8AHAON-040032862004025
Words to SayShirk CircusCD13AHAON047032862004728
Smoke MachineChocolate USACD13AHAON-048-2032862004827
In By OfBob WisemanCD15A-HAON 038-2032862003820
Big SoulThe Original SinsCD18Ahaon-041
Outrageous CherryOutrageous CherryCD12AHAON-050-2
Amidst These HillsPeadar Ó RiadaCD11AHAON-053032862005329
Dead Dog's EyeballK. McCartyCD19AHAONO42-2032862004223
Sleeping StarEpic SoundtracksCD12032862004926
Music From a Sparkling PlanetEsquivelCD14AHAON 056032862005626
Gorgeous GeorgeEdwyn CollinsCD120058
MarchShirk CircusCD13AHAON062-2032862006227
The Oily YearsThe Scene Is NowCD27AHAON-066
PomegranatePoi Dog PonderingCD11AHAON-067032862006722
Sorry EntertainerKathy McCartyCD7AHAON-064032862006425
Gorgeous GeorgeEdwyn CollinsCD12AHAON-058032862005824
Heyday 1979-83The Embarrassment2×CD23 + 19ahaon-059-2
A Feeling MissionThe Harvest MinistersCD13AHAON-060
The Young Person's Guide To Tiny LightsTiny LightsCD15AHAON-063-2032862006326
SleepDrink MeCD17
Lead Us Not Into Penn StationProfessor and MaryannCD12AHAON-070032862007026
Change My LifeEpic SoundtracksCD12AHAON-074-2032862007422
Electrique PlummagramPoi Dog PonderingCD7AHAON-077032862007729
Pomegranate SeedsPoi Dog PonderingCD7AHAON-067-PRO[none]
O Corpo Sutil: The Subtle BodyArto LindsayCD11AHAON-078-2032862007828
The Devil Lied to MeCountry Dick MontanaCD20AHAON-080-2032862008023
BethlehemThe Original SinsCD13Ahaon-084
Anonymous BotchChris MarsCD13AHAON-085032862008528
Blanket WarmLullaby for the Working ClassCD13AHAON-086032862008627
Merry X-mas From the Space-Age Bachelor PadJuan García EsquivelCD120032862008320
Double ThrillerThe GlandsCD15AHAON-103
Cherry Peelof MontrealCD14AHAON-089032862008924
Other Worlds Other Sounds / Four Corners of the WorldEsquivelCD24DRC1-1824032862009020
Please Do Not DisturbJuliana HatfieldCD6AHAON-100032862010026
Nénette et BoniTindersticksCD14AHAON-099032862009921
Shining in the WoodTigerCD6AHAON-072
Guitar BeatThe RaybeatsCD13ahaon-073032862007323
Mundo CivilizadoArto LindsayCD11AHAON-082032862008221
Exploring New Sounds in Stereo / Strings AflameEsquivel!CD22AHAON-091032862009129
Infinity in Sound Volumes 1 and 2Juan García EsquivelCD24AHAON-092032862009228
It’s Fun to StealMono PuffCD15AHAON-101032862010125
It's Fun to StealMono PuffDigital Media14