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The Maybe Mars album pressings released through tenzenmen for the Australian market may have alternate printed packaging that includes the tenzenmen logo, or as found on later releases (to save costs) as an applied sticker or loose card. Some releases have no distinguishing features and are essentially identical to the product released directly through Maybe Mars.

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Eccentrics, Issue #1Hinterlandt + Zu + Can Can HeadsCD23001TZM[none]
Eccentrics, Issue #3Experimental Dental School + Sabot + Astro Can CaravanCD42003TZM[none]
RED BLUE GREENニーハオ!CD15006TZM[none]
PAY ColourPAY ColourCD-R6010TZM[none]
Last Few Bucks / Needle’s Eye / Plastic ProtectiveSCUL HAZZARDs7" Vinyl3014TZM
Bastards of the NationDemeritCD10016TZM9787880834314
The Night CrashThe Night Crash12" Vinyl7011TZM
Ourself Beside MeOurself Beside MeCD12020 TZM
Mind ShopMuscle SnogCD11024TZM9787884250493
When Chimps AttackWhen Chimps AttackCD19031TZM
Trilogi PeradabanZooDigital Media22
LandlordSCUL HAZZARDsCD11034TZM9326425804469
Party Is Over, PornostarSnaplineCD11038TZM9787880833447
No Party People24HoursCD8041TZM9787884250578
The Warm SideNikkoCD9036TZM9326425804667
Let Them SinkSCUL HAZZARDsDigital Media12037TZM
Go HomeDead FarmersCD12053TZM
Transitmr sterile AssemblyCD11054TZM
The Performance of IdentityXiaoHe2×CD13 + 6050TZM9787884250431
Face PrisonBoneDigital Media7[none]
Truth Masseus / Itch BinCrouching 80s Hidden Acronym / Rara AvisCD-R8061TZM[none]
Demerit / SS20Demerit / SS20Digital Media6062TZM[none]
A Hessian's ConfessionMichael Crafter7" Vinyl18058TZM
BOYZ & GIRLBOYZ & GIRLCD11096TZM9787881011240
NothingYes I’m LeavingCD-R12087TZM[none]
甜蜜与杀害 (Honeyed and Killed)刺猬CD11082TZM9787881013527
Torturing Nurse / UmpioTorturing Nurse / UmpioCassette5084TZM
Farewell All JoyIDYLLSDigital Media10101TZM
Beauty in StrangersDear Eloise(unknown)10
傻瓜的情歌小河Digital Media12100TZM
SportsDuck Fight GooseCD11097TZM9787798615418
Future EyesSnaplineCD11107TZM637642113821
White NightChui WanCD8128TZM
Sacrifice Mountain HillsSkip Skip Ben BenCD9129TZM9787798501230
White+White+Digital Media9
噪音 NoiseVarious Artists, Shu Qi, Yu Yiyi, Ronez, Dawang (Black Wolf), Mafeisan, Orgasm Denial, Li Jianhong, Fujui Wang, Mei Zhiyong, 徐程, Zhou Risheng, Wa Hai Gui, Li Yangyang, Zhang Yousheng & Torturing Nurse2×CD8 + 7089TZM
噪音 NoiseVarious Artists2×CD-R8 + 7089TZM
White Night (白夜)吹万CD8128TZM9787798500349
Here it comes, Tramontane!CRTVTR(unknown)7
1/3Fun7" Vinyl2131TZM
Blood Pours OutDeath to GiantsCD-R10143TZM[none]
MechatronicsThe All Seeing HandCD10146TZM[none]
MechatronicsThe All Seeing Hand12" Vinyl10146TZM
MechatronicsThe All Seeing HandDigital Media10146TZM[none]
Split TeethSplit Teeth7" Vinyl9153TZM
An Old Bride / The Shell of Your MotherThe Seaport & the AirportDigital Media2157TZM[none]
3Carsick CarsCD16158TZM9787883254621
An Old Bride / The Shell of Your MotherThe Seaport & the Airport7" Vinyl2157TZM[none]
An Old Bride / The Shell of Your Mother (limited edition)The Seaport & the Airport7" Vinyl + CD-R2 + 2157TZM[none]
Booze at Neptune’s DawnJoysideCD10044TZM9787880833461
Selectively MuteDead Ants Rainbow2×CD9 + 12086TZM[none]