Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Noise From Nowhere Various Artists 7" Vinyl 4 TOX-001 [none]
Peace Corpse Peace Corpse 7" Vinyl 6 TOX-003 [none]
Barricaded Suspects Various Artists 12" Vinyl 18 TOXLP 01 [none]
Kelp And Salal Red Tide 7" Vinyl 4 TOX 004
Falling Decry 12" Vinyl 12 TXLP02
Wop Hour Raw Power 7" Vinyl 4 TOX-006 [none]
Screams From the Gutter Raw Power 12" Vinyl 17 TXLP-03 [none]
Eye for an Eye Corrosion of Conformity Vinyl 19 TXLP04
Eye for an Eye Corrosion of Conformity Vinyl 20 TXLP4
Feed US. A. Fetus Dayglo Abortions 12" Vinyl 21 TXLP-06
A Family Affair Th'Inbred 12" Vinyl 10 TXLP-07, TXMLP-07 [none]
After Your Brain Raw Power 12" Vinyl 13 TXLP 8 [none]
Vicious Circle Zero Boys CD 23 TXCD-11 [none]
Stranger / This Lonely Place Skin Yard 7" Vinyl 2 TOX-009, TX-009
Hallowed Ground Skin Yard Cassette 10 TXC-15 [none]
Hallowed Ground (Incl. Bonus Tracks) Skin Yard CD 11 TXCD15
Hallowed Ground Skin Yard Vinyl 9 TXLP-15
Destroyed Sloppy Seconds CD 17 TXCD-17
One Big Cake House of Large Sizes (unknown) 14
Dead Serious Hullabaloo CD 18 TXCD 22 719695892226
Heat Miser House of Large Sizes (unknown) 10
Noise From Nowhere Volume 6 House of Large Sizes / Treepeople 7" Vinyl 2 TOX-18
Heat Miser / One Big Cake House of Large Sizes CD 22 TXCD-21 719695892127
Guilt Regret Embarrassment Treepeople CD 21 TXCD-23
Guilt Regret Embarrassment Treepeople 12" Vinyl 12 TXLP-23
Hallowed Ground (Remastered, Incl. Bonus Tracks) Skin Yard CD 11 TXCD-15
Pap3r Human Factors Lab CD 15 810270012197
Mimeograph: 1. Songs I Sing to Myself When I Am Sad Dee Madden Digital Media 20 889211252817