Bones Brigade (French grindcore label)

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The Sound of Rancid Juices Sloshing Around Your CoffinLast Days of HumanityCD26BB001[none]
ROT / Sublime Cadaveric DecompositionROT / Sublime Cadaveric DecompositionCD29BB002[none]
Running Guts / MindflairRunning Guts / MindflairCD9BB003[none]
Hymns of Indigestible SuppurationLast Days of HumanityCD23BB 004[none]
Razor Sharp DaggersAgathoclesCD44BB 005[none]
Decomposing From InsideInhumeCD19BB0063700132612580
From Womb to GenocideBlockheadsCD28BB 0073341348720234
Zoophilia / Rosebud RhapsodyCock and Ball Torture / Libido AirbagCD7BB008[none]
Sublime Cadaveric DecompositionSublime Cadaveric DecompositionCD21BB 0093341348720333
[untitled] / Songs for Deaf People...Sylvester Staline / Inside Conflict7" Vinyl17BB 010[none]
Smashes the State! - R.I.P. 1991-1998Enemy Soil2×CD26 + 46BB 011[none]
GronibardGronibardCD33BB 0123700132674007
Human ParadeBlockheadsCD20BB 0133700132674014
Created to KillDrowning / Brodequin / Aborted / Misery IndexCD9BB 0143700132674021
Age Old NemesisDrowningCD10BB0153700132674045
Green BakeryMindflair12" Vinyl15BB 016[none]
Seven Times SevenNefasCD11BB 0173700132610616
The Xtc of Swallowing L.D.O.H. FeacesLast Days of HumanityCD25BB 0183700132601973
Killing Rate: CompleteWarscarsCD8BB 019
Filth / General SurgeryFilth / General Surgery7" Vinyl9BB 020[none]
Satanic Tuning ClubGronibardCD14BB 0213700132611620
In Advanced Haemorrhaging ConditionsLast Days of HumanityCD10BB 0233700132611781
Apocalypse UnsealedDrowningCD9BB 0263700132630249
Gonna Spread Hard Drugs to Your Stupid Kids With the Royalties Generated by This CDSylvester StalineCD33BB0273700132630256
RoadkillerCollisionCD14BB 0303700132612269
A Musical Propaganda for Sociologic WarfareLeng Tch'e / WarscarsCD26BB 0313700132612382
Putrefaction in ProgressLast Days of HumanityCD41BB0293700132612252
Frontside Nosegrind EPAgoraphobic Nosebleed / Total Fucking Destruction7" Vinyl5BB 036[none]
Peace, Love and Total Fucking DestructionTotal Fucking DestructionCD23BB 0403770000190816
BlindBlockheads / MumakilCD6BB 0423770000190755
We are French Fukk youGronibardCD17BB0393770000190748
Gronibard / Anal PenetrationGronibard / Anal Penetration7" Vinyl16BB047
Bursts of Rage at the Speed of HateSpoonful of VicodinCD27BB0413770000190861
Leaving ParisHangman’s ChairCD8BB0493770000190922
Sewage Sludgecore TreatmentCoffinsCD6BB 058
Hope / Dope / RopeHangman’s ChairCD7BB 061
Razor Sharp Daggers (bandcamp release)AgathoclesDigital Media44[none][none]
Vultures are our FutureChiensDigital Media13BB065
Vultures Are Our Future (black vinyl)Chiens10" Vinyl14BB065[none]
Coffins / Butcher ABCCoffins / Butcher ABC7" Vinyl2BB077
Trendy JunkyChiensDigital Media10[none]