S2TB files : Disconationkors k2×CD10 + 9S2TB-0001, S2TB-0002
S2TB Files2:Activatekors kCD10S2TB-0003
The 4th EPThe 4thCD10S2TB-0004
J-Rave NationVarious ArtistsCD10S2TB-0005[none]
Sooopiyo EPkors k feat. 吉河順央CD8S2TB-0006
Hardcore United TokyoVarious Artists2×CD16 + 15S2TB-0007, S2TB-0008
Hardcore United TokyoVarious ArtistsDigital Media17859711195297
S2TB Files3:Subsonic Tribekors k2×CD8 + 2S2TB-0009
S2TB Gathering2014 EPkors k feat. yukaccoCD7S2TB-0010[none]
The Synthesis CollectiveAkira ComplexCD11S2TB-0011
S2TB Files4:EagleEagleCD8S2TB-0012[none]
Beats!!Various ArtistsCD10S2TB-00134560476000134
Xenna EPkors k & MAYACD5S2TB-00144560476000141
Beats!!Various ArtistsDigital Media10S2TB-0013[none]
Xenna EPkors k & MAYADigital Media5S2TB-0014[none]
S2TB Files5:HDMkors kCD7S2TB-0015
We Are ConnectedAkira Complex x HommarjuCD7S2TB-00164560476000165
The 4th EP2The 4thCD8S2TB-00184560476000189
Reality Distortionかめりあ vs Akira ComplexDigital Media13S2TB-0019
REALITY DISTORTIONかめりあ vs Akira ComplexCD11S2TB-00194560476000196
REALITY DISTORTIONかめりあ vs Akira ComplexDigital Media11S2TB-0019
S2TB Files6:teranoidkors kCD6S2TB-00204560476000202
S2TB Files7: Battle Royalekors k2×CD9 + 8S2TB-0021, S2TB-00224560476000219
S2TB Files Best & Rare Archiveskors k4×CD16 + 10 + 15 + 13S2TB-0023,24,25,264560476000226