Step OutsideThe Oyster Band12" Vinyl9
COOK 001[none]
The Texas Campfire TapesMichelle Shocked12" Vinyl12
COOK 002
Rave On Andy WhiteAndy WhiteCD12
Cook CD 161711297156126
Hal-an-TowThe Oyster Band7" Vinyl2
FRY 001
If Love Was A TrainMichelle Shocked12" Vinyl5
FRY 002T, FRY 002 T
Wide Blue YonderThe Oyster Band12" Vinyl11
COOK 006
Rose of England / Dawn RunThe Oyster Band / Edward II & The Red Hot Polkas7" Vinyl2
  • GB1987-10-26
CHEF 001
PolkasteadyEdward the Second and the Red Hot Polkas12" Vinyl10
COOK 007
Human FlyThe Horse Flies12" Vinyl9
COOK 0135016578101310
The Texas Campfire TapesMichelle ShockedCD15
COOKCD 0025016578100221
Short Sharp ShockedMichelle Shocked12" Vinyl11
  • GB1988-08-29
836 343-1, CVLP 1042283634312
Wide Blue YonderOysterbandCD14
Live at Carnegie HallSweet Honey in the RockCD16
COOKCD 0125016578101228
Roaring DaysWeddings Parties AnythingCD14
AnchorageMichelle Shocked7" Vinyl2
LON 193042287068373
When I Grow UpMichelle ShockedCD4
Lon cd 219042287274125
AnchorageMichelle Shocked10" Vinyl4
LONT 193
When I Grow UpMichelle Shocked12" Vinyl3
LONX 219
The Lost and FoundThe Oyster Band7" Vinyl2
FRY 0065016578500670
COOK CD 0205016578102027
New York GirlsOysterband7" Vinyl2
  • GB1989-05-02
FRY 009
Love VigilantesThe Oyster Band7" Vinyl2
  • GB1989-10-09
FRY 0125016578501271
Love VigilantesThe Oyster Band10" Vinyl4
  • GB1989-10-09
FRYX 012[none]
Ancient BeatboxAncient Beatbox12" Vinyl8
COOK 0215016578102119
New Maps of HellGod’s Little Monkeys12" Vinyl12
COOK 0225016578102218
Machanic Manyeruke and the PuritansMechanic Manyeruke and the Puritans12" Vinyl10
COOK 0255016578102515
Two Step to HeavenEdward II & The Red Hot PolkasCD14
Ancient BeatboxAncient BeatboxCD8
COOKCD 0215016578102126
BrosThe Four BrothersCD9
Why Should I Stand Up?The Colorblind James ExperienceCD12
Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)Cowboy Junkies7" Vinyl2
FRY 0115016578501172
New Maps of HellGod’s Little MonkeysCD12
Little Rock to LeipzigOyster BandCD10
COOKCD 0325016578103222
Freedom and RainJune Tabor & The Oyster BandCD10
  • GB1990-08-30
LiveBruce Cockburn12" Vinyl11
846 284-1042284628419
The Big BeatThe Barely Works(unknown)10
Naming of NamesEwan MacColl and Peggy Seeger12" Vinyl13
Cook 0365016578103611
HimselfAndy White12" Vinyl13
HimselfAndy WhiteCD15
COOKCD 0295016578102928
Turn Things Upside DownThe Happy EndCD9
COOKCD 0335016578103321
Naming of NamesEwan MacColl and Peggy SeegerCD13
COOKCD 0365016578103628
Black and White: The Definitive CollectionEwan MacCollCD20
COOKCD 038711297103823
Back to BasicsBilly BraggCD21
COOK CD 060711297106022
Strange Sounds From The BasementColorblind James and the Death Valley BoysCD13
The UkrainiansThe UkrainiansCD10
COOK CD 0445016578104427
Don’t Mind WalkingThe Barely WorksCD10
cook CD045, COOKCD 0455016578104526
Industrial Sound and MagicRev HammerCD10
COOK CD 0465016578104625
Oi DivchinoThe Ukrainians12" Vinyl4
FRY 019T5016578501981
DesertersOyster BandCD11
  • GB1992-03-30
COOK CD 0415016578104120
Granite YearsOysterbandCD4
IRS 977.5084006759775080
Fiddle or a GunOysterband7" Vinyl2
Deserters - 4 Track SamplerOysterbandCassette4
COOK C 0415016578104144
March of the GiantsT.V. SmithCD13
COOK CD 0475016578104724
Angel TigerJune TaborCD12
GlowThe Barely WorksCD9
COOK CD 0505016578105028
Living in a Boom TimeTom RobinsonCD11
COOK CD0525016578105226
The Rusty RazorGoats Don't ShaveCD12
COOK CD 074711297107425
Holy BanditsOysterbandCD11
COOK CD 0585016578105820
Holy BanditsOysterbandCD11
  • GB1993-08-02
COOK CD 0585016578105820
Holy BanditsOysterbandCD11
COOK CD 0585016578105820
Difficult LovesWeddings Parties AnythingCD12
  • GB1993-09-30
Victim of GeographyBilly BraggCD22
COOK CD 0615016578106124
Celtic JunkiesOysterbandCassette13
Friends on the RoadBhundu BoysCD12
Ворони (Vorony)The UkrainiansCD15
COOK CD 0545016578105424
Wild West: The Original SoundtrackThe Honky Tonk CowboysCD12
COOK CD 0565016578105622
Pisni iz The SmithsThe UkrainiansCD4
FRY CD 0235016578502322
Pisni iz The SmithsThe UkrainiansCD4
FRY CD 0235016578502322
Gone WestOysterbandCD4
FRY CD 024016578502421
Cooking Vinyl 1993 SamplerVarious ArtistsCD16
GRILL CD 0045016578400420
Cooking Vinyl 1993 Sampler Volume 2Various ArtistsCD18
GRILL CD 0055016578400529
  • GB1994-10-17
COOK CD 078711297107821
The Bishop of BuffaloRev HammerCD10
COOKCD 0635016578106322
The Mystery of Love Is Greater Than the Mystery of DeathJackie LevenCD12
COOK CD 0645016578106421
Songs From the Argyll CycleJackie LevenCD5
Love Over RageTom RobinsonCD10
COOK CD0660165781066291
KulturaThe UkrainiansCD13
COOK CD 0705016578107022
KulturaThe UkrainiansCD17
COOK CD 070011297107020
Against the StreamsJune TaborCD11
Out in the OpenGoats Don't Shave(unknown)11
  • -1994
COOKCD 0755016578107527
TRB TwoTom Robinson BandCD11
COOK CD 0775016578107725
Trawler (19 track version)OysterbandCD19
COOK CD 078711297107821
The Right to Remain SilentJackie LevenCD7
COOK CDS 0645016578106407
Cry CryOysterbandCD4
I Say a Little PrayerJackie LevenCD4
FRY CD 0365016578503626
Oxford GirlOysterbandCD3
  • -1994
FRY CD 037
Cooking Vinyl Sampler, Mid and Budget Price TitlesVarious ArtistsCD17
GRILL CD0065016578400628
Cooking Vinyl Sampler, Volume 3: 1994Various ArtistsCD14
GRILL CD 0075016578400727
When the Circus Comes to TownBert JanschCD14
  • GB1995-08-28
COOK CD 092711297109221
The Shouting End of LifeOysterbandCD12
COOK CD 091711297109122
The Shouting End of LifeOysterbandCD13
  • US1995-10-17
Best of The Barely WorksThe Barely WorksCD13
COOK CD 0795016578107923
Whatever Happened to The RockingbirdsThe RockingbirdsCD11
COOK CD 0845016578108425
Real WomanPoison GirlsCD12
COOK CD 0865016578108623
Statement: The Complete RecordingsPoison Girls4×CD18 + 15 + 19 + 20
COOK CD 0875016578108722
The Disagreement of the PeopleVarious ArtistsCD17
Ray Gun SuitcasePere UbuCD15
COOK CD 0890711297108927
Forbidden Songs of the Dying WestJackie LevenCD16
COOK CD 090711297109023
Leven's LamentJackie LevenCD4
FRY CD 042711297504224
Folly of Youth See Dee PlusPere UbuCD4
FRY CD 043