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DateTitleCredited AsArtistLength
2000Monochrome PluralFizzarum
2000 –Madonna…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
2003Darts of PleasureFranz Ferdinand
2003Darts of PleasureFranz Ferdinand
2003Darts of PleasureFranz Ferdinand
2004Franz FerdinandFranz Ferdinand
2004Franz FerdinandFranz Ferdinand
2004MatinéeFranz Ferdinand
2004MatinéeFranz Ferdinand
2004MichaelFranz Ferdinand
2004MichaelFranz Ferdinand
2004MichaelFranz Ferdinand
2004Take Me OutFranz Ferdinand
2004Take Me OutFranz Ferdinand
2004This FffireFranz Ferdinand
2005Do You Want ToFranz Ferdinand
2005Do You Want To (Single #1)Franz Ferdinand
2005Do You Want To (Single #2)Franz Ferdinand
2005No WowThe Kills
2005Walk AwayFranz Ferdinand
2005Walk AwayFranz Ferdinand
2005You Could Have It So Much BetterFranz Ferdinand
2005You Could Have It So Much BetterFranz Ferdinand
2006Eleanor Put Your Boots OnFranz Ferdinand
2006Eleanor Put Your Boots OnFranz Ferdinand
2006Eleanor Put Your Boots OnFranz Ferdinand
2006Swallow SmileFranz Ferdinand
2006The FallenFranz Ferdinand
2006The FallenFranz Ferdinand
2006Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m NotArctic Monkeys
2008Midnight BoomThe Kills
2008 –Falling Off the Lavender BridgeLightspeed Champion
2009Can't Stop FeelingFranz Ferdinand
2009Can't Stop FeelingFranz Ferdinand
2009No You GirlsFranz Ferdinand
2009No You Girls Remixes, Part 2Franz Ferdinand
2009UlyssesFranz Ferdinand
2009UlyssesFranz Ferdinand
2009UlyssesFranz Ferdinand
2009Ulysses RemixesFranz Ferdinand
2010Covers E.P.Franz Ferdinand
2010Return to the Ugly SideMalachai
2011Suck It and See (no barcode)Arctic Monkeys
2011 –Blood PressuresThe Kills
2011 –Suck It and SeeArctic Monkeys
2013AMArctic Monkeys
2017Peasant (Deluxe edition, heavyweight yellow)Richard Dawson
2018WandererDomino Recording Co LtdCat Power
20192020 (Limited edition 180g red vinyl)Richard Dawson
2019Angel’s PulseDomino Recording Co LtdBlood Orange
2019Cows on Hourglass PondAvey Tare
2019Cows on Hourglass PondAvey Tare
In ConflictOwen Pallett
The Child of LovThe Child of Lov
The Year of the LeopardJames Yorkston
The Year Of The LeopardJames Yorkston
The Year Of The LeopardJames Yorkston
Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino (24-bit / 48kHz available)Domino Recording Company LtdArctic Monkeys
WandererCat Power
Queens of the Stone Age (remastered)Queens of the Stone Age
Up in FlamesManitoba
2006The FallenFranz Ferdinand
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2000Phut of PlexFizzarum3:57
2000Ursa MajorisFizzarum6:45
2003Darts of PleasureFranz Ferdinand3:00
2003Darts of Pleasure (home demo)Franz Ferdinand3:24
2003Shopping for BloodFranz Ferdinand3:35
2003Tell Her Tonight (home demo)Franz Ferdinand2:21
2003Van TangoFranz Ferdinand3:26
200440’Franz Ferdinand3:23
2004All for You, SophiaFranz Ferdinand3:00
2004Auf AchseFranz Ferdinand4:20
2004Better in HobokenFranz Ferdinand3:26
2004Cheating on YouFranz Ferdinand2:37
2004Come On HomeFranz Ferdinand3:46
2004Don't StartFranz Ferdinand2:53
2004Forty FeetFranz Ferdinand3:12
2004JacquelineFranz Ferdinand3:49
2004Love and DestroyFranz Ferdinand3:29
2004Michael (live, 2004-03-15: Morning Becomes Eclectic, KRCW, Santa Monica, CA, USA)Franz Ferdinand3:22
2004MichaelFranz Ferdinand4:10
2004MichaelFranz Ferdinand3:21
2004Michael (Simon Bookish version)Franz Ferdinand3:22
2004Missing YouFranz Ferdinand3:12
2004Take Me OutFranz Ferdinand4:07
2004Take Me OutFranz Ferdinand3:58
2004Take Me OutFranz Ferdinand?:??
2004Tell Her TonightFranz Ferdinand2:18
2004Tell Her Tonight (Paul sings)Franz Ferdinand2:57
2004The Dark of the MatinéeFranz Ferdinand4:03
2004This Fffire (Playgroup Remix)Franz Ferdinand8:11
2004This Fffire (Rich Costey re‐record)Franz Ferdinand3:33
2004This FireFranz Ferdinand4:15
2004Truck StopFranz Ferdinand4:19
2004Words So LeisuredFranz Ferdinand2:20
2005Do You Want To (album version)Franz Ferdinand3:35
2005Do You Want ToFranz Ferdinand?:??
2005Do You Want ToFranz Ferdinand3:40
2005Do You Want ToFranz Ferdinand3:41
2005Eleanor Put Your Boots OnFranz Ferdinand2:50
2005Evil and a HeathenFranz Ferdinand2:06
2005Fabulously LazyFranz Ferdinand2:57
2005Fade TogetherFranz Ferdinand3:03
2005Get AwayFranz Ferdinand1:26
2005I’m Your VillainFranz Ferdinand4:04
2005OutsidersFranz Ferdinand4:03
2005Sexy BoyFranz Ferdinand3:39
2005The FallenFranz Ferdinand3:42
2005The Fallen (acoustic)Franz Ferdinand2:44
2005This BoyFranz Ferdinand2:22
2005Walk AwayFranz Ferdinand3:36
2005Well That Was EasyFranz Ferdinand3:02
2005What You MeantFranz Ferdinand3:25
2005What You Meant (acoustic)Franz Ferdinand2:54
2005You Could Have It So Much BetterFranz Ferdinand2:42
2005You’re the Reason I’m LeavingFranz Ferdinand2:47
2005Your DiaryFranz Ferdinand3:10
2006A Certain Romance (album version)Arctic Monkeys5:31
2006Brown OnionsFranz Ferdinand3:02
2006Dancing Shoes (album version)Arctic Monkeys2:21
2006Eleanor Put Your Boots OnFranz Ferdinand3:13
2006Fade Together (Avalanches remix)Franz Ferdinand3:50
2006Fake Tales of San Francisco (album version)Arctic Monkeys2:58
2006From the Ritz to the Rubble (album version)Arctic Monkeys3:13
2006Ghost in a DitchFranz Ferdinand3:45
2006I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor (album version)Arctic Monkeys2:54
2006Jeremy FraserFranz Ferdinand3:56
2006L. WellsFranz Ferdinand3:29
2006Mardy Bum (album version)Arctic Monkeys2:55
2006Perhaps Vampires Is a Bit Strong But… (album version)Arctic Monkeys4:29
2006Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured (album version)Arctic Monkeys2:24
2006Riot Van (album version)Arctic Monkeys2:15
2006Still Take You Home (album version)Arctic Monkeys2:54
2006Swallow SmileFranz Ferdinand4:31
2006Take Me Out (acoustic version)Franz Ferdinand2:45
2006The Fallen (radio edit)Franz Ferdinand2:47
2006The Fallen (Ruined by Justice)Franz Ferdinand3:57
2006The View From the Afternoon (album version)Arctic Monkeys3:38
2006When the Sun Goes Down (album version)Arctic Monkeys3:20
2006Wine in the AfternoonFranz Ferdinand4:18
2006You Probably Couldn’t See for the Lights but You Were Staring Straight at Me (album version)Arctic Monkeys2:11
2007Sound and VisionFranz Ferdinand3:08
2009All My FriendsFranz Ferdinand5:34
2009Anyone in LoveFranz Ferdinand2:44
2009Can't Stop Feeling (live, 2009-07-06: iTunes Festival, The Roundhouse, London, UK)Franz Ferdinand2:56
2009Can't Stop Feeling (Emperor Machine instrumental)Franz Ferdinand7:57
2009Can't Stop Feeling (Emperor Machine remix)Franz Ferdinand8:04
2009Can't Stop Feeling (radio mix)Franz Ferdinand2:58
2009Can't Stop Feeling (WhoMadeWho remix)Franz Ferdinand5:46
2009Can’t Stop FeelingFranz Ferdinand3:03
2009Lucid Dreams (live, 2009-07-06: iTunes Festival, The Roundhouse, London, UK)Franz Ferdinand9:43
2009Lucid Dreams (Mike Fraser mix)Franz Ferdinand3:43
2009Michael (live, 2009-07-06: iTunes Festival, The Roundhouse, London, UK)Franz Ferdinand3:41
2009New Kind of ThrillFranz Ferdinand4:28
2009No You GirlsFranz Ferdinand3:42
2009No You Girls (live, 2009-07-06: iTunes Festival, The Roundhouse, London, UK)Franz Ferdinand3:40
2009No You Girls (Gatto Fritto remix)Franz Ferdinand9:19
2009No You Girls (The Juan MacLean remix)Franz Ferdinand8:33
2009No You Girls (Trentemøller remix edit)Franz Ferdinand4:29
2009No You Girls (Trentemøller remix)Franz Ferdinand7:32
2009This Fire (live, 2009-07-06: iTunes Festival, The Roundhouse, London, UK)Franz Ferdinand5:08
2009Ulysses (live, 2009-07-06: iTunes Festival, The Roundhouse, London, UK)Franz Ferdinand3:34
2009UlyssesFranz Ferdinand3:11
2009Ulysses (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve reanimation)Franz Ferdinand6:14
2009Ulysses (Zomby 8 Bit remix)Franz Ferdinand3:00
2009Ulysses (Zomby 92 remix)Franz Ferdinand2:20
2009You Never Go Out AnymoreFranz Ferdinand2:06
2010Dream AgainStephin Merritt4:11
2010Live AloneLCD Soundsystem7:24
2010Live AloneDebbie Harry & Franz Ferdinand3:27
2010Turn It OnPeaches3:33
2010What She Came ForESG3:33
2011All My Own Stunts (album version)Arctic Monkeys3:52
2011Black Treacle (album version)Arctic Monkeys3:35
2011Brick by Brick (album version)Arctic Monkeys2:59
2011Don’t Sit Down ’Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair (album version)Arctic Monkeys3:03
2011Library Pictures (album version)Arctic Monkeys2:22
2011Love Is a Laserquest (album version)Arctic Monkeys3:11
2011Piledriver Waltz (album version)Arctic Monkeys3:23
2011Reckless Serenade (album version)Arctic Monkeys2:42
2011She’s Thunderstorms (album version)Arctic Monkeys3:55
2011Suck It and See (album version)Arctic Monkeys3:46
2011That’s Where You’re Wrong (album version)Arctic Monkeys4:16
2011The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala (album version)Arctic Monkeys3:00
2011Tomorrow Never KnowsAlison Mosshart and Carla Azar7:35
2018A Memory, The Spinning of a Body • Nonkilling 2How to Dress Well5:05
2018Always AscendingFranz Ferdinand5:21
2018American SportsArctic Monkeys2:38
2018BatphoneArctic Monkeys4:31
2018Body FatHow to Dress Well5:03
2018Brutal (feat. Ocean Vuong) • False Skull 5How to Dress Well feat. Ocean Vuong3:20
2018False Skull 7How to Dress Well1:13
2018False Skull 12How to Dress Well2:21
2018Feel the Love GoFranz Ferdinand4:46
2018FinallyFranz Ferdinand3:09
2018Four Out of FiveArctic Monkeys5:12
2018Glimpse of LoveFranz Ferdinand3:12
2018Golden TrunksArctic Monkeys2:53
2018Huck and JimFranz Ferdinand3:35
2018Humans Disguised as Animals • Nonkilling 1How to Dress Well4:50
2018July 13 No Hope No PainHow to Dress Well6:35
2018Lazy BoyFranz Ferdinand2:59
2018Lois LaneFranz Ferdinand3:34
2018Love Means Taking ActionHow to Dress Well4:23
2018Nonkilling 3 • The Anteroom • False Skull 1How to Dress Well6:42
2018Nonkilling 6 • HungerHow to Dress Well5:41
2018Nonkilling 13 • Ceiling for the SkyHow to Dress Well5:22
2018NothingHow to Dress Well3:51
2018One Point PerspectiveArctic Monkeys3:28
2018Paper CagesFranz Ferdinand3:40
2018Science FictionArctic Monkeys3:05
2018She Looks Like FunArctic Monkeys3:02
2018Slow Don’t Kill Me SlowFranz Ferdinand5:18
2018Star TreatmentDomino Recording Company LtdArctic Monkeys5:54
2018The Academy AwardFranz Ferdinand4:14
2018The UltracheeseArctic Monkeys3:37
2018The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front FlipArctic Monkeys3:00
2018Tranquility Base Hotel & CasinoArctic Monkeys3:31
2018Vacant BoatHow to Dress Well3:04
2018Woman (single version)Cat Power feat. Lana Del Rey4:06
2019Chilly BlueAvey Tare2:51
2019Eyes on EyesAvey Tare4:31
2019HORS_Avey Tare4:56
2019K.C. YoursAvey Tare6:12
2019Nostalgia in LemonadeAvey Tare3:41
2019Our Little ChapterAvey Tare3:40
2019Remember MayanAvey Tare4:51
2019Saturdays (Again)Avey Tare4:49
2019Taken BoyAvey Tare3:41
2019What’s the Goodside?Avey Tare6:31
25 to 5 (remastered version)The Triffids1:06
A Place in the SunThe Triffids2:21
AmanitaAnimal Collective5:36
Ankle ShacklesKing Creosote11:41
ApplesauceAnimal Collective5:34
At Last I Am FreeWyatt / Atzmon / Stephen2:58
AviationThe Last Shadow Puppets3:43
Baby SaysThe Kills4:29
Bad HabitsThe Last Shadow Puppets3:00
Be Proud of Your KidsMelody’s Echo Chamber3:11
BetelgeuseKing Creosote4:27
Better Off This Way (remastered version)The Triffids3:00
Big LoveMatthew E. White4:39
Bisou magiqueMelody’s Echo Chamber4:09
BlackCat Power3:57
BlackoutAnna Calvi4:06
Blinder by the Hour (remastered version)The Triffids3:00
Born Sandy Devotional (remastered version)The Triffids3:54
BrandedThe Triffids2:43
BrazosMatthew E. White9:53
Cherry LipsArchie Bronson Outfit3:50
Classical HeartsNight Moves1:57
Colored EmotionsNight Moves4:19
Comedy (outro)Drugdealer1:44
Concrete MoonEugene McGuinness3:14
Country QueenNight Moves4:16
Crash JamDan Deacon4:31
CrystallizedMelody’s Echo Chamber4:01
Damned If She DoThe Kills3:53
DesireAnna Calvi3:51
DNAThe Kills4:32
Do You Want Me Near You? (remastered version)The Triffids3:33
Doubles UnderneathKing Creosote4:04
Dracula TeethThe Last Shadow Puppets2:51
Earthly PleasureVillagers4:10
Easy to ForgetDrugdealer feat. Ariel Pink3:21
Endless ShoreMelody’s Echo Chamber4:56
Everything You’ve Come to ExpectThe Last Shadow Puppets3:13
Family TonguesNight Moves3:20
Far Rockaway ThemeDrugdealer1:28
Father TimeAnimal Collective4:34
Faux CallKing Creosote5:06
February 29thKing Creosote4:29
First We KissAnna Calvi3:06
Future Starts SlowThe Kills4:05
Get What You DeserveSpiritualized6:47
Going GoneKing Creosote6:06
Gone AwayMatthew E. White6:54
Grateful SongVillagers4:25
Guilford Avenue BridgeDan Deacon3:51
Hanging ShedThe Triffids4:02
HarlequinadeEugene McGuinness3:41
Headin’ for the Top NowSpiritualized8:23
HeadlightsNight Moves3:53
Heart Is a Beating DrumThe Kills4:20
Hell of a SummerThe Triffids4:30
Hell of a Summer (live)The Triffids3:40
Hey Jane (album version)Spiritualized8:52
HorizonCat Power4:24
HorsesNight Moves5:10
Hot ToddiesMatthew E. White5:40
Huh? (intro)Spiritualized1:01
I Am a Lonesome HoboThe Triffids2:14
I Am CellistKing Creosote4:08
I Am What I AmSpiritualized4:37
I Follow YouMelody’s Echo Chamber3:36
I’ll Be Your ManAnna Calvi3:10
In a Newfound Land You Are FreeVillagers3:31
In a Sentimental MoodWyatt / Atzmon / Stephen5:48
In the Pines (remastered version)The Triffids2:42
In the RoundsNight Moves1:08
In Your FaceCat Power4:12
InterviewThe Triffids1:19
Invitation to the VoyageEugene McGuinness3:57
Is That What You SaidMelody’s Echo Chamber2:30
It's Only Raining Right Where You're StandingDrugdealer2:43
Japanese CarsEugene McGuinness4:30
Jerdacuttup Man (remastered version)The Triffids4:51
JoshuaEugene McGuinness2:55
Judgement CallVillagers3:23
Just Might Fade Away (remastered version)The Triffids3:10
Kathy Knows (remastered version)The Triffids4:01
Keep Your Eyes on the Hole (remastered version)The Triffids2:21
LauraWyatt / Atzmon / Stephen4:42
Life Is a ProblemSpiritualized4:03
LionEugene McGuinness2:57
Little GirlSpiritualized3:39
Little ManKing Creosote5:29
LotsDan Deacon2:50
Love and Affection (remastered version)The Triffids1:58
Love LifeKing Creosote4:16
Love Won’t Be LeavingAnna Calvi5:37
Lullaby for IrenaWyatt / Atzmon / Stephen5:53
Lush LifeWyatt / Atzmon / Stephen6:47
MadelineThe Triffids2:36
MaryanWyatt / Atzmon / Stephen5:21
Me voyCat Power4:00
Melin WyntKing Creosote5:16
Mercury ManAnimal Collective4:18
Miracle AlignerThe Last Shadow Puppets4:05
Monkey RichesAnimal Collective6:45
MoonjockAnimal Collective5:05
Morning LightAnna Calvi4:14
Mount HopelessMelody’s Echo Chamber4:32
My Baby Thinks She's a TrainThe Triffids3:39
My Baby Thinks She's a Train (live)The Triffids3:21
My LifeDrugdealer feat. Danny James3:03
My LighthouseVillagers3:00
Nail in My CoffinThe Kills3:33
Near Star, Pole StarKing Creosote3:50
New Town BurnoutAnimal Collective6:01
No More WordsAnna Calvi3:51
Nothing ArrivedVillagers3:46
Nothing Can Take Your PlaceThe Triffids3:05
Nothing Really MattersCat Power3:12
Old FriendsNight Moves2:52
Old GhostriderThe Triffids3:08
Old Ghostrider (live)The Triffids2:51
On the Night of the BonfireKing Creosote2:47
On the Street Where You Live (live)The Triffids2:25
One a Day (remastered version)The Triffids4:10
One of These DaysMatthew E. White5:19
One Soul Less on Your Fiery List (remastered version)The Triffids4:42
Only a ChildNight Moves3:47
Only One Life (remastered version)The Triffids1:40
Outsiders (live: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)Franz Ferdinand5:50
Passing a MessageVillagers3:00
PatternThe Last Shadow Puppets4:15
Peter Rabbit TeaKing Creosote2:49
PlaythingThe Triffids3:01
Plaything (live)The Triffids2:48
Pots and PansThe Kills4:35
PrettyboyDan Deacon5:23
PulleysAnimal Collective3:30
Put Out Your ShoulderNight Moves1:50
Quand vas tu rentrer ?Melody’s Echo Chamber4:21
Red PonyThe Triffids4:10
Rhythm ComposerVillagers5:07
Rider to the SeaAnna Calvi2:40
Robbin HoodCat Power2:11
RosevelThe Triffids3:00
Rosevel (live)The Triffids2:58
Rosie OhAnimal Collective2:55
Round MidnightWyatt / Atzmon / Stephen5:47
Rules of EngagementKing Creosote4:32
SatelliteThe Kills4:13
Sea of NothingDrugdealer5:13
She Does the WoodsThe Last Shadow Puppets3:30
She's Sure the Girl I Love (remastered version)The Triffids2:25
ShotgunEugene McGuinness3:29
Single CheepKing Creosote2:44
Snowcapped Andes CrashMelody’s Echo Chamber5:15
So Long You Pretty ThingSpiritualized7:52
Some Time Alone, AloneMelody’s Echo Chamber3:46
StayCat Power3:58
Steady PaceMatthew E. White4:15
SuddenlyDrugdealer feat. Weyes Blood3:17
SugarplumEugene McGuinness3:19
Suntrapper (remastered version)The Triffids2:35
SurfaceKing Creosote6:19
Suzanne & IAnna Calvi4:11
Sweet Dreams, TNThe Last Shadow Puppets3:56
The BellVillagers5:09
The DevilAnna Calvi4:35
The Dream SynopsisThe Last Shadow Puppets3:03
The Element of SurpriseThe Last Shadow Puppets2:52
The End of ComedyDrugdealer feat. Weyes Blood2:31
The Ghosts WithinWyatt / Atzmon / Stephen7:48
The Last GoodbyeThe Kills3:42
The Real WorldDrugdealer feat. Sheer Agony3:08
The Right FormKing Creosote4:14
The WavesVillagers5:01
Theme for AlessandroDrugdealer2:17
ThunderboltEugene McGuinness4:18
Today’s SupernaturalAnimal Collective4:14
Too LateSpiritualized3:45
Trick of the Light (remastered version)The Triffids4:00
True ThrushDan Deacon4:45
USA I: Is a MonsterDan Deacon4:43
USA II: The Great American DesertDan Deacon7:10
USA III: RailDan Deacon6:31
USA IV: ManifestDan Deacon3:25
Used to Be My GirlThe Last Shadow Puppets2:55
VideogameEugene McGuinness4:15
Wake Up to ThisKing Creosote3:33
WandererCat Power1:14
Wanderer/ExitCat Power2:20
Were You Saying Something?Drugdealer2:22
What a Wonderful WorldWyatt / Atzmon / Stephen4:52
What Exactly Have You Done?King Creosote4:57
What's New?Wyatt / Atzmon / Stephen3:06
Where They Are NowWyatt / Atzmon / Stephen3:11
Wide EyedAnimal Collective5:00
Wild CharmsThe Kills1:15
Will You Love MeMatthew E. White4:22
Wish to See No More (remastered version)The Triffids2:42
WomanCat Power feat. Lana Del Rey4:51
You Don’t Own the RoadThe Kills3:23
You GetCat Power3:43
You Just WantKing Creosote7:26
You Won’t Be Missing That Part of MeMelody’s Echo Chamber4:16
2005No WowThe Kills
2005You Could Have It So Much BetterFranz Ferdinand
2008Midnight BoomThe Kills
2008 –Falling Off the Lavender BridgeLightspeed Champion
2010Return to the Ugly SideMalachai
2010 –Madonna…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
2011 –Blood PressuresThe Kills
2011 –Suck It and SeeArctic Monkeys
2013AMArctic Monkeys
2017Peasant (Deluxe edition, heavyweight yellow)Richard Dawson
2018Battle Lines (Mastered for iTunes)Bob Moses
2018SuperorganismDomino Recording Co LtdSuperorganism
2018Tangerine Reef (Mastered for iTunes)Domino Recording Co LtdAnimal Collective
2018WandererDomino Recording Co LtdCat Power
20192020 (Limited edition 180g red vinyl)Richard Dawson
2019Angel’s PulseDomino Recording Co LtdBlood Orange
In ConflictOwen Pallett
R U Mine?Arctic Monkeys
The Year Of The LeopardJames Yorkston
Angel in Your Eye
Beyond a Mortal
Black Triangle
Civil Servant
Dead Dog in an Alleyway
Deep Thought
Fresher's Ball
Fulfilment Centre
Future Politics
Heart Emoji
I Love You More Than You Love Yourself
I'm a Monster
The Queen’s Head
Two Halves
We Were Alive