From Brussels With LoveVarious ArtistsCassette21
TWI 007
Le Mystère de la résurrectionEnsemble Venance Fortunat12" Vinyl12
EVF 1980-1
The Still Reflex / Fade OutRepetition7" Vinyl2
TWI 012
Rooms With Brittle ViewsBill Nelson7" Vinyl2
  • BE1981-02-13
TWI 013[none]
Sorry for LaughingJosef K7" Vinyl2
TWI 023
3 Crepuscule TracksCabaret Voltaire12" Vinyl3
TWI 018
A Full RotationRepetition7" Vinyl2
twi-031, Twi031
Water 1 & 2 / Luluabour Delight / TshombéMarine / English SubtitlesVinyl3
PWI 037
HommagesGavin Bryars12" Vinyl4
TWI 027[none]
Chantons Noël - Ghosts Of Christmas PastVarious Artists12" Vinyl13
TWI 058
How Do You Like My New Dog? / Pernod.Malaria!7" Vinyl2
twi 033
The Fruit of the Original SinVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl13 + 13
twi 035
Night After NightIke Yard12" Vinyl5
twi 039
For Amusement OnlyWim MertensVinyl8
TWI 048
At Home / Not at HomeSoft Verdict12" Vinyl2
The Farewell SingleJosef K.7" Vinyl3
twi 053[none]
The Boy From IpanemaAntena12" Vinyl3
TWI 074
Time to Lose / BlindTuxedomoon12" Vinyl3
TWI 084[none]
VergessenSoft Verdict12" Vinyl6
TWI 092[none]
Deutsche AngstPeter Gordon, Lawrence Weiner7" Vinyl2
TWI 059
The Lost JockeyThe Lost Jockey12" Vinyl5
TWI 062
SwimmingThe Names12" Vinyl9
TWI 065[none]
Weisses Wasser: White WaterMalaria!12" Vinyl2
TWI 067
The AstronautThe Names12" Vinyl3
TWI 111[none]
Camino del solAntena12" Vinyl5
The Serpent (In Quicksilver)Harold Budd12" Vinyl6
TWI 083
Like The OthersWinston TongCassette3
TWI 045
Promise NothingVirginia Astley12" Vinyl9
TWI 194[none]
Rhythm of LifePaul Haig12" Vinyl9
ILPS 9742[none]
Yo!Konk12" Vinyl7
TWI 143
Kiss Me KateLavvi Ebbel12" Vinyl9
TWI 172
Be PopAntena12" Vinyl2
TWI 183
East and WestAnna Domino12" Vinyl5
TWI 187
The Lost JockeyThe Lost Jockey12" Vinyl5
An Afternoon in CompanyRichard Jobson12" Vinyl16
TWI 080[none]
Jade TigerMikel Rouse Broken Consort12" Vinyl5
TWI 220
With All Our LovingThe Arcadians7" Vinyl2
TWI 440
Merry ChristmasVarious Artists12" Vinyl5
TWI 450
Sandy EyesZwischenfall12" Vinyl2
TWI 460
Scottish Christmas / Christmas For PaulinePaul Haig / Durutti Column7" Vinyl3
XM 1
AutomneBlaine L. Reininger & Alain Goutier12" Vinyl5
MASO 12003
UsuraWim Mertens / Soft VerdictVinyl10
TWI 296
Theoretically ChineseWinston TongCD10
TWI 549 CD
Seaside Week EndAntena12" Vinyl3
TWI 601
Love May Be BlindKid Montana12" Vinyl3
TWI 617[none]
Live in Brussels 02/1986Blaine L. Reininger12" Vinyl6
TWI 637
A Man of No Fortune, and With a Name to ComeWim Mertens12" Vinyl6
TWI 748
En cavaleIsabelle AntenaCD11
  • JP1986-06-21
TWI CD 6104988002019663
Instrumental Songs: Musique À Une VoixWim Mertens12" Vinyl7
TWI 666
Last BulletAlan Rankine7" Vinyl2
7TWI 762
The Las Vegas Gold RushKid Montana12" Vinyl6
TWI 676[none]
TemperamentalKid Montana12" Vinyl11
TWI 752[none]
Ghosts Of Christmas PastVarious Artists12" Vinyl14
TWI 658
The World Begins To Look Her AgeAlan Rankine12" Vinyl8
TWI 672
Tough Guys Don't DanceThe Hood12" Vinyl3
TWI 687
The Belly of an ArchitectWim MertensCD14
TWI 813
En cavaleIsabelle AntenaCD11
TWI CD 610
The Warp Of Pure FunPaul HaigCD10
TWI CD 669[none]
Hoping for LoveIsabelle AntenaCD10
  • JP1987-01-21
Hoping for LoveIsabelle Antena12" Vinyl12
TWI 759
Educes MeWim Mertens12" Vinyl6
TWI 808
Crépuscule Collection 4: Death Leaves an EchoVarious Artists12" Vinyl11
TWI 653
ByzantiumBlaine L. Reininger12" Vinyl8
TWI 767
This TimeAnna DominoCD10
TWI 7775413303207772
Laying on the Sofa / La Tête contre les mursIsabelle Antena12" Vinyl2
TWI 809[none]
Still Color WaitingKid Montana12" Vinyl2
TWI 812[none]
Broken Night Red LightRoy Nathanson, Curtis Fowlkes and The Jazz Passengers12" Vinyl10
TWI 816
ByzantinumBlaine L. ReiningerCD8
TWICD 767[none]
On a Warm Summer NightIsabelle AntenaCD11
  • JP1988-02-21
Eight Crepuscule TracksCabaret VoltaireCD8
TWI 749-25413303027493
After VirtueWim Mertens12" Vinyl8
TWI 825
Ghosts of Christmas PastVarious ArtistsCD18
TWI 058-25413303200582
For Amusement OnlyWim MertensCD8
TWI 048 CD
Music for Solo PianoSteven BrownCD11
TWI 110-2413303201107
Struggle for PleasureWim MertensCD6
TWI 189-2
Maximizing the AudienceWim MertensCD5
TWi 480-25413303204801
A Man of No Fortune, and With a Name to ComeWim MertensCD6
TWI 748 CD
Educes MeWim MertensCD6
TWI 808 CD5413303208083
After VirtueWim MertensCD8
TWI 8255413303208250
Tous mes capricesIsabelle AntenaCD11
TWI 842 CD
Deranged & DecomposedRoy Nathanson / Curtis Fowlkes & The Jazz Passengers12" Vinyl10
TWI 846
Colouring In the Edge And The OutlineAnna DominoCD6
TWI 865-25413303208656
De l’amour et des hommesIsabelle Antena12" Vinyl5
TWI 874[none]
De l'amour et des hommesIsabelle AntenaCD5
TWI 874-2
VergessenWim MertensCD6
TWI CD 092
Instrumental SongsWim MertensCD7
TWI CD 6665413303206669
Composés pour le théâtre et le cinémaSteven BrownDigital Media14
  • DE1989-01-01
The Big Picture SucksAlan RankineCD6
  • JP1989-01-21
'Non Peut Etre!?' A Sampler from Les Disques du CrepusculeVarious ArtistsCD15
CMCD 1000
Les Disques du Crepuscule Presents New Music for AmericaVarious ArtistsCD15
CMCD 1000
L'Amour FouAnna Domino12" Vinyl10
From Brussels with LoveVarious ArtistsCD16
TWI 007-25413303200070
The Fruit of the Original SinVarious ArtistsCD15
TWI 035-25413303200353
Camino Del SolAntenaCD11
TWI 114-25413303201145
Hoping for LoveIsabelle AntenaCD12
TWI 759-25413303207598
Motives for WritingWim MertensCD6
TWI 826-2
Pieces For BandoneonEvan LurieCD10
Jouez le cinqIsabelle Antena12" Vinyl10
TWI 8825413303108826
Jouez le cinqIsabelle AntenaCD10
TWI 882-2
La Vie ContinueFragile on the Rocks7" Vinyl2
TWI 886-75413303408865