Burning BushMono Men7" Vinyl2ES7001
I Don't CareThe Mono Men7" Vinyl2ES74
Stop Draggin' Me DownThe Mono Men12" Vinyl12ES121
Tales From Estrus No.1Various Artists7" Vinyl4ES710
Goin' My WayGame for Vultures7" Vinyl3ES-73[none]
Something Happens / Ever Think About Me?Marble Orchard7" Vinyl2ES75[none]
The Estrus Lunch BucketVarious ArtistsCD12ESBX1
Stop Draggin' Me DownThe Mono MenCD16ESCD1
BoozeThe Mono Men7" Vinyl3ES718
SuperchargerSuperchargerCD16ES 1240745058124024
On The RocksVarious Artists7" Vinyl3ES712
Having a Rave Up With the RoofdogsThe Roofdogs7" Vinyl6ES714[none]
Don't Want The SunThe Fall-Outs7" Vinyl3ES723[none]
Estrus Halfrack-The 12 Drunkest Bands In ShowbizVarious Artists3×7" Vinyl4 + 4 + 4ESBX3
Savage SleepMarble OrchardCD11
Ritual Dimension of SoundThe Mortals12" Vinyl12ES124
Play the Music From the Big-Screen Spectaculars!The Phantom Surfers12" Vinyl14ES125
Break-A-BoneGravel12" Vinyl9ES126
Baby Say Unh! / Idol With the Golden HeadThe GoriesVinyl2ES-724
My Dear WatsonThee Headcoats7" Vinyl2ES726[none]
Tales From Estrus Vol. IIVarious Artists7" Vinyl4ES727
As For TomorrowGravel7" Vinyl2ES733
Play Their Own Records!The MummiesVinyl15ES94015
Vendetta!The BroodCD16ESD-007
Wrecker!The Mono MenCD14ESD 123745058012321
Is It … Man or Astro‐Man?Man or Astro‐Man?CD14ESD 129745058012925
Amazing Thrills! in 3-DimensionMan or Astro‐Man?7" Vinyl4ESP7
No Stone UnturnedGravelCD9ES 1211745058121122
No Stone UnturnedGravelVinyl9ES 1211
TeenDancePartyThe Woggles12" Vinyl14ES1210
Shut the Fuck Up!The Mono Men10" Vinyl8ES101
Goes Way Out!Supercharger12" Vinyl14ES127
Is It... Man Or Astro-Man?Man or Astro‐Man?Vinyl16ES129
Black GlovesThe Beguiled7" Vinyl4ES 742
Shut Up!The Mono MenCD8ESD 101
HowlThe MakersCD16ESD1212745058121221
Spend the Night With...The TrashwomenCD12ESD 1214745058121429
Goes Way Out!SuperchargerCD14ESD127745048012720
The Zontar SessionsThe Woggles12" Vinyl14ES1217
The Zontar SessionsThe WogglesCD14ES1217
Destroy All Astro-Men!!Man or Astro‐Man?Vinyl22ES 1215
Astro LaunchMan or Astro‐Man?7" Vinyl4ES751
Blow Their CoolOblivians7" Vinyl4ES756
Devil's Nine QuestionsThe MakersCD9ESD 104745058010426
The Destruction of SquaresvilleJack O' FireCD15ESD1213
Destroy All Astromen!Man or Astro‐Man?CD21ESD 1215745058121528
Wake Up!The InsomniacsCD12ESD 1219745058121924
The Estrus Cocktail CompanionVarious ArtistsCD12ESDX5745058555521
T.S.BThe Mono MenCD10745058010822
Inside the Head of Mr. AtomMan or Astro‐Man?7" Vinyl4ES 765
All Night Riot!!The MakersCD16ESD1220
Project InfinityMan or Astro‐Man?Vinyl16ES 1221[none]
Project InfinityMan or Astro‐Man?CD15ESD1221745058122129
Smash Hits!TeengenerateCD15ES1222
Smash Hits!Teengenerate12" Vinyl15ES1222
The Good LifeThe Tiki Men7" Vinyl4ES766
Get Late!The Mummies7" Vinyl2ES94017R
Kings of the StripImpalaCD8ESD 106745058010624
In The HaremThe Galaxy TrioCD8ESD107745058010723
Dragsploitation...Now!The DragsCD8ESD110745058011027
At The Fabulous El Morocco LoungeThe Untamed YouthCD2ESD 1223745058122327
Square JungleImpalaCD12ESD1224745058122426
The MakersThe MakersCD16ESD1227745058122723
Surf QuakeThe Volcanos12" Vinyl12ES1230
Santo SwingsSouthern Culture on the SkidsCD6ESD 796-7745058796726
I Gotta Go NowSupersnazz7" Vinyl2ES774
The Sounds of TomorrowMan or Astro‐Man?7" Vinyl4ES783
Runnin’ on Empty, Volume OneThe Mummies12" Vinyl15ES94016
Runnin’ on Empty, Volume 2The Mummies12" Vinyl13ES94018
r&r (raw and rare)The NomadsCD10esd112745048001120
Once Apon a Time Called... Right Now!The Lord High FixersCD6ESD113745058011324
Rock InvasionThe 1-4-5sCD17ESD1229745058122921
Surf Quake!The VolcanosCD12ESD1230745058123027
HungerThe MakersCD16ES1232
Kicks in StyleThe Splash FourCD12ES1235745058123522
Stop Rock and RollThe Drags12" Vinyl12ES1239
An Invitation to Planet MaceThe Untamed YouthCD15ESD1231745058123126
The FellsThe FellsCD12ESD1237
Have a Nice Day, MotherfuckerThe Mono MenCD12745058123423
Tear Your World ApartThe MakersCD6
I Was a Teenage Shutdown!Electric FrankensteinCD10ESD1251745058125120
Finish Line FeverThe Volcanos12" Vinyl14ES1254
Psychopathia SexualisThe MakersCD13EDS1248
Own Shit HomeThundercrack12" Vinyl12ES1249
You LiedNightcaps7" Vinyl2ES 7115
Looking at MeThe HellacoptersVinyl2ES7122
Call of the Coyote Man!The Coyote Men2×7" Vinyl3 + 3ES7125/6
Filth CityThe Splash FourCD8ESD 117
Creature FeatureSatan’s PilgrimsCD13ESD1244745058124420
Excellent 26 Estrus Spicey Sizzlers SamplerVarious ArtistsCD26ESPD1745058109823
Psycho Action!The Switch TroutCD15ESD1250745058125021
Big Sound 2000The NomadsCD12ESD1252745058125229
Ask Marie AntoinetteFatal Flying GuilloteensVinyl47140
...Want Some MoreThe No-TalentsCD13ES1259
Is Your Club a Secret Weapon?The Lord High FixersCD16ES1260D
Around the World in 80 BikinisFamous MonstersCD13ES1261D
Songs From the SewerThe SewergroovesCD11ES1264D745058126424