This Is My CountryThe Impressions12" Vinyl10CRS 8001[none]
Love's HappeningThe Five Stairsteps & Cubie12" Vinyl10CRS 8002[none]
We Must Be in Love / Little Young LoverThe Five Stairsteps & Cubie7" Vinyl2CR 1945
CurtisCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl8CRS 8005
Check Out Your Mind!The Impressions12" Vinyl10CRS 8006
Curtis/Live!Curtis Mayfield2×12" Vinyl9 + 7CRS 8008
Get Down / We’re a WinnerCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2CR-1966
RootsCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl7CRS 8009[none]
We Got to Have PeaceCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2CR 1968[none]
Beautiful Brother of MineCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2CR 1972[none]
The Baby Huey Story: The Living LegendBaby Huey12" Vinyl8CRS 8007[none]
Freddie’s Dead (Theme From “Superfly”)Curtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2CR 1975
SuperflyCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl9CRS 8014 ST[none]
SuperflyCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2CR 1978[none]
Times Have ChangedThe ImpressionsVinyl8CRS 8012
Back to the WorldCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl7CRS 8015[none]
Can’t Say Nothin’ / Future SongCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2CR-1993[none]
Future ShockCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2610.130
Back to the WorldCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl7655 063[none]
Back to the World (33 ⅓ RPM)Curtis Mayfield7" Vinyl4CRS 8015 EP
Preacher ManThe Impressions12" Vinyl7CRS 8016
Love Oh LoveLeroy Hutson12" Vinyl8CRS 8017
Curtis in ChicagoCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl9CRS 8018
Kung Fu / Right On for the DarknessCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2CR 1999[none]
Mother’s Son / Love Me (Right in the Pocket)Curtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2CR-2006
Finally Got Myself TogetherThe Impressions12" Vinyl8CRS 8019
The Man!Leroy Hutson12" Vinyl8CRS 8020
Natural FourThe Natural Four12" Vinyl9CRS 8600, CRS-8600, CRS 8600 STEREO[none]
Sweet ExorcistCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl7CRS 8601
Got to Find a WayCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl6CRS 8604
So in Love / Hard TimesCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2CMS 0105
I Turn to You / MisteriJones Girls7" Vinyl2CMS 0102
Let’s Do It AgainThe Staple Singers7" Vinyl2CMS 0109
Only You BabeCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2CMS 0118
There's No Place Like America TodayCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl7CU 5001
There's No Place Like America TodayCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl7CU 5001
HutsonLeroy Hutson12" Vinyl7CU 5002
Let's Do It AgainThe Staple Singers12" Vinyl8CU 5005
First Impressions / Old Before My TimeThe ImpressionsVinyl2K 16638
Feel the SpiritLeroy Hutson12" Vinyl7CU 5010
Hutson IILeroy Hutson12" Vinyl9CU 5011
Give, Get, Take and HaveCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl8CU 5007
Loving PowerThe Impressions12" Vinyl7CU 5009
Sugar Candy LadyBilly Butler12" Vinyl8CU 5015
Do Do Wap Is Strong in HereCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2CMS 0131
Do Do Wap Is Strong In HereCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2CMS 0131
LindaLinda Clifford12" Vinyl9CU 5016
Short EyesCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl8CU 5017
A Piece of the ActionMavis Staples12" Vinyl8CU 5019
Do It All Night / Party, PartyCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2CMS 0141[none]
Closer to the SourceLeroy Hutson12" Vinyl8CUK 5018
Love Oh LoveLeroy Hutson12" Vinyl8CUK 5020
If My Friends Could See Me NowLinda Clifford12" Vinyl7CUK 5021
Do It All NightCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl6CUK 5022
If My Friends Could See Me NowLinda Clifford12" Vinyl2DISCO PRO-A-709
Runaway Love (same track both sides)Linda Clifford12" Vinyl2PRO-A-731
Let Me Be Your WomanLinda Clifford2×12" Vinyl6 + 22658 130, RS-2-3902
Here's My LoveLinda Clifford12" Vinyl72394 246[none]
UnforgettableLeroy Hutson12" Vinyl6RS-1-3062
Tripping OutCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2
House PartyFred Wesley12" Vinyl8RS 1-3089[none]
We Come in Peace With a Message of LoveCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl7CRC 2001[none]
SuperflyCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl9CUR 2002
SuperflyCurtis MayfieldCD9CUR 2002 CD019011200224
Live in EuropeCurtis MayfieldCD13CUR2-2901-CD019011290126
Something to Believe InCurtis MayfieldCD7CUR 2005019011200521
There's No Place Like America TodayCurtis Mayfield12" Vinyl7CUR-2003019011200316
Of All Time: Classic CollectionCurtis MayfieldCD16CUR2-2902019011290225
Take It to the StreetsCurtis MayfieldCD8CUR 2008 CD019011200828
Of All Time: Classic CollectionCurtis Mayfield2×12" Vinyl7 + 9CUR2-2902
Never Say You Can't SurviveCurtis MayfieldCD8CUR 2010 CD
Give, Get, Take and HaveCurtis MayfieldCD8CR 2911CD0019011201122
CurtisCurtis MayfieldCD8CUR 2012
Living LegendCurtis Mayfield2×CD10 + 10CUR9502707601950221
RootsCurtis MayfieldCD7CUR.9501-CD707601950122
There’s No Place Like America TodayCurtis MayfieldCD7CUR 9507707601950726
Superfly (deluxe 25th Anniversary edition - reissue, remastered)Curtis Mayfield2×CD11 + 12R2 72836081227283629
HeartbeatCurtis MayfieldCD10VICP-603844988002369881
The Man!Leroy HutsonCD8082333268326
Superfly: The Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCurtis MayfieldDigital Media9603497885978
Give, Get, Take And Have (remastered, bonus track)Curtis MayfieldSHM-CD9VICP-700954988002568253
Never Say You Can't SurviveCurtis MayfieldSHM-CD9VICP-700964988002568260
Short Eyes - The Original Picture SoundtrackCurtis MayfieldCD9VICP-700974988002568277
Love Is the PlaceCurtis MayfieldCD9VICP- 701014988002568314
There's No Place Like America TodayCurtis MayfieldCD8VICP-70094
Do It All NightCurtis MayfieldCD7VICP-700984988002568284
Superfly (Limited Edition)Curtis MayfieldHQCD20VICP-750114988002609857
CurtisCurtis MayfieldCD8WPCR-277024943674164844
The Baby Huey Story - The Living LegendBaby HueyCD8WPCR-277204943674165049
Curtis / Live!Curtis MayfieldCD168122-79562-5081227956257
RootsCurtis MayfieldCD7WPCR-277284943674165131
Superfly (red vinyl)Curtis Mayfield12" Vinyl9CRS 8014 ST