SQUARE ENIX (use SQUARE ENIX MUSIC for releases after mid-2014)

~ Label


This release label was replaced by SEM SQUARE ENIX MUSIC in May 2014.

(2014.04.23 CDs used the "SQUARE ENIX" brand everywhere. The next batch of CDs on 2014.05.28 switched to the new "SEM SQUARE ENIX MUSIC" brand. These new releases still use "SQUARE ENIX" as the corporate logo on the obi spine.)

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20020220: Music From Final Fantasy植松伸夫Digital Media16
  • XW2002-05-09
The Black Mages LiveThe Black MagesDVD11
Final Fantasy VII: Original Soundtrack植松伸夫4×CD23 + 21 + 23 + 18
  • JP2004-05-10
SQEX-10001, SQEX-10002, SQEX-10003, SQEX-100044988601460019
Final Fantasy VIII: Original Soundtrack植松伸夫4×CD23 + 19 + 20 + 12