Lo Recordings, Volume 1: Extreme PossibilitiesVarious ArtistsCD17LCD 01
Lo Recordings, Volume 2: CollaborationsVarious ArtistsCD12LCD 025019148607120
The Freebase ConnectionThe Mike Flowers Pops meets The Aphex TwinCD7LO EP02CD5021904046128
Lo Recordings, Volume 3: United MutationsVarious ArtistsCD19LCD 03
Lo Recordings, Volume 3: United MutationsVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl10 + 8LLP 03
BlownTwisted ScienceCD15LCD045021904075326
1999 / Chime MixesMike Flowers meets Cylob / Orbital12" Vinyl4LOEP 13
Lo Recordings, Volume 4: Further MutationsVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl13 + 11LLP 05
Lo Recordings, Volume 4: Further MutationsVarious ArtistsCD24LCD 05017533082625
RootThurston MooreCD25LCD 11
The Revolution of Everyday LifeEcho ParkCD13LCD 08
RootThurston MooreCD25LCD115030094028425
Rivers Become OceansFour Tet / Rothko12" Vinyl2LOEP 09
Of Your MindThe Wormholes12" Vinyl6LOEP 11
Fabulous ShitTwisted ScienceCD29LCD140666017007120
Soggy MartyrsRichard ThomasCD14LCD16
A Negative for FrancisRothkoCD16LCD 120666017002620
Deep and WarmTwisted ScienceCD15LCD 15
I Am Carnal, and I Know That You ApproveSquarepusher / Richard Thomas12" Vinyl4LOEP126660170079608
Acid Quakers 1000Ceephax12" Vinyl6LOMA 01
Constant Friction: Collaborations 2Various ArtistsCD14LCD 18
Forty Years to Find a VoiceRothkoCD12LCD 17
Fresh Fruit - Lo SamplerVarious ArtistsCD21LCD20666017015224
Not Gone, Not ForgottenRothkoCD14LCD24666017025926
Original Soundtrack RecordingAlternative 3CD18LCD19666017019727
Nuggets: Luke Vibert's SelectionLuke VibertCD28LCD 23666017022321
Ru.electronicVarious ArtistsCD16LCD 22
Barry 7's ConnectorsVarious ArtistsCD21LCD250666017026121
Hairy ButterHairy ButterCD18LCD 21
Lo and BeholdVarious ArtistsCD14LCD 27666017031828
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Explosive Piece of MindCursor MinerCD13LCD290666017034621
Barry 7's Connectors 2Various ArtistsCD17LCD31666017040820
Christmas Baubles and Their Strange SoundsChristmas BaublesCD13LCD 34
Because You're FunkyVarious ArtistsCD24LCD 26
Cherrystone's Rocks: 15 Rare Psych and Progressive GemsVarious ArtistsCD15LCD 33
Red SnapperRed SnapperCD10LCD35666017052427
What Are We Doing Here?They Came From the Stars, I Saw ThemCD8LCD32666017041025
The HorseThe ChapCD12LCD 36
RU.Electronic TwoVarious ArtistsCD13LCD 37666017059525
AbstractionsEuropa 51CD9LCD 38666017059624
RedoneRed SnapperCD12LCD39666017069722
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(Hats Off To) Dror FrangiThe ChapCD4LOCDEP 03
And I Went to SleepMotohiro NakashimaCD11LCD41
Cursor Miner Plays GodCursor MinerCD12LCD42666017080222
RediffusionKing of WoolworthsCD14LCD46666017092027
False StartsAlexandroidCD18LCD 43
How To Spell ToobToobCD10LCD48666017084626
SymbolSusumu YokotaCD13LCD45666017084527
HamThe ChapCD13LCD44666017084428
Distant Sounds of SummerSusumu Yokota & RothkoCD10LCD 56666017123721
A Place BetweenRothko & Caroline RossCD11LCD 50
Back to BlackVarious ArtistsCD13LCD55[none]
The 4Piece EPManillaVinyl4LOSVN05666017130378
Wonder WaltzSusumu YokotaCD14LCD57666017138626
DanceflawCursor MinerCD11LCD51666017136226
28 AfterBlack Devil Disco ClubCD6LCD58666017147529
28 AfterBlack Devil Disco Club12" Vinyl6LLP58
Lo Compilation _ Mix by Susumu YokotaVarious Artists2×CD23 + 22LCD 590666017147628
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Mo' DubsBlack Devil Disco ClubDigital Media2
Mega BreakfastThe ChapCD11LCD68730003416828
Fun and InterestingThe Chap7" Vinyl2LO706
Fun and InterestingThe ChapDigital Media3LO706D
Eight Oh EightBlack Devil Disco ClubCD6LCD69
Eight Oh EightBlack Devil Disco Club12" Vinyl6LLP69730003416910
Eight Oh EightBlack Devil Disco ClubDigital Media6LO69
Ethnic Caution RemixesThe Chap12" Vinyl2LO1206
Builder's BrewThe ChapCD9LCD71730003417122
Colors of the SunHatchbackCD10LCD70730003417023
A Pale Blue DotRed SnapperCD8LCD72730003417221
Milky Disco 1.5Various ArtistsDigital Media13LODWN002
Love or DieSusumu YokotaCD12LCD66881824144022
MotherSusumu YokotaCD13LCD73
A Psychedelic Guide to Monsterism IslandVarious ArtistsCD27LCD74
A Psychedelic Guide to Monsterism IslandVarious ArtistsDigital Media27LO74
Danse en FranceFischerspoonerDigital Media3LODWN 005
Milky Disco 2: Let's Go Freak OutVarious Artists2×CD11 + 11LCD75
A Psychedelic Guide to Monsterism IslandVarious ArtistsCD27LCD74[none]
The Strange New World of Bernard FevreBlack Devil Disco ClubCD14LCD78730003417825
A Flower White EPSusumu YokotaDigital Media5LODWN004
Well Done EuropeThe ChapCD12LCD81730003418129
Soft ReturnGrovesnorCD11
Even Your FriendThe ChapVinyl2LO708
Even Your FriendThe ChapDigital Media4LO708D
KaleidoscopeSusumu YokotaCD16LCD84730003418426
Halfaxa (German edition)GrimesDigital Media16
Zeus & ApolloHatchback(unknown)6LCD85
CircusBlack Devil Disco ClubCD10LCD860730003418624
To ArdentBlack Devil Disco Club feat. Nancy SinatraDigital Media5LODWN 18
We Are the BestThe ChapDigital Media15LCD88