Sit on My Face Stevie Nicks / AmputeeThe RottersVinyl2tr-002
Sink The Whales Buy Japanese GoodsThe Rotters7" Vinyl2TN 1179
Dirty Rotten LPD.R.I.CD282088-2032357208822
Dirty Rotten LPD.R.I.CD28ROTCD 001032357208822
Penetration PointNasty SavageCD9ROTCD 002032357208921
Dealing With ItD.R.I.CD242091-2032357209126
Dealing With ItD.R.I.CD252091-2032357209126
Masterpiece of MutilationPhlegmVinyl4
Crossover (1992 reissue with longer last track)D.R.I.CD122092-2032357209225
DefinitionD.R.I.CD132093-2, 32357-2093-2, ROT CD 007032357209324
When the Kite String PopsAcid BathCD142095-2032357209522
EditsAcid BathCD6
Full Speed AheadD.R.I.CD162099-2032357209928
Mais Podre Do Que NuncaGarotos PodresCD12
Paegan Terrorism TacticsAcid BathCD123000-2032357300021
Radio EditsAcid BathCD9
Token Remedies ResearchDamagedCD103003-2
Non Ducor Duco (Rotten Records)M.M.D.C.CD16[none]
Agents of OblivionAgents of OblivionCD13CD-3005-2
The Eclipse of Ages Into BlackGoatwhoreCD153006-2
Split ImageExcelCD213010-2[none]
Purified In PainDamagedCD123008-2
O Melhor DaWallrideCD15
The Joke's on YouExcelCD173011-2
Funeral Dirge for the Rotting SunGoatwhoreCD123017-2032357301721
When the Kite String PopsAcid BathCD142095-2032357209522
Demos: 1993 - 1996Acid BathCD123026-2032357302629
AdulteryDog Fashion DiscoCD133027-2032357302728
Serenade the SamuraiVampire MoooseCD11
Purgatory Dance PartyPolkadot CadaverCD123032032357303220
Carnal RepercussionsSalt the WoundCD12
Beating a Dead Horse, to Death... AgainDog Fashion DiscoCD143035-2032357303527
Beating a Dead Horse, to Death... AgainDog Fashion DiscoCD17
The CoreGollumCD11
The ReelVampire MoooseCD12
May You Live In Interesting TimesIdeamenCD123040032357304029
Paegan Terrorism TacticsAcid BathCD113044-2032357304425
Karen PageKaren PageCD133043032357304326
Mortality as Home Entertainment / One Arm JakeKaren Page / Vampire Mooose7" Vinyl27002
Kill the CrownSalt the WoundCD10
Sex OffenderPolkadot CadaverCD10032357304722
Lies the SeedTragedy Kereta JenazahCD4
Sweet NothingsDog Fashion DiscoCD143051-2032357305125
Ad NauseamDog Fashion DiscoCD93053-2032357305323
Trained When We're YoungIdeamenCD11032357305226
Agents of Oblivion (Clear Green)Agents of Oblivion2×12" Vinyl7 + 63005-1032357300519