Do You Dream in Colour?Bill Nelson7" Vinyl4COQ 1
... A Certain BridgeLast Man in Europe7" Vinyl3COQ 2
TalkingA Flock of Seagulls7" Vinyl2COQ 3
Das Kabinet (The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari)Bill Nelson12" Vinyl18JC 2
Touch and GlowBill Nelson7" Vinyl3COQ 10
King of the CowboysBill Nelson7" Vinyl4COQ 11[none]
SleepcycleBill Nelson7" Vinyl4COQ 5[none]
Feels Like Winter AgainFiat Lux7" Vinyl2COQ9
Dancing on a Knife’s EdgeBill Nelson7" Vinyl3COQ 12[none]
The World and His WifeBill Nelson7" Vinyl3COQ 13[none]
Bill Nelson’s Red NoiseBill Nelson’s Red Noise12" Vinyl4COQ T 08[none]
Panic in the WorldBe Bop Deluxe12" Vinyl4COQ T 7
Savage Gestures for Charms SakeBill Nelson12" Vinyl6JCM 3
Permanent Flame (The Beginners Guide to Bill Nelson)Bill Nelson5×7" Vinyl4 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 2JEAN 1[none]
Hard Facts From the Fiction DepartmentBill Nelson7" Vinyl4COQ 14[none]
Giants of the Perpetual WurlitzerBill Nelson7" Vinyl6COQ 17[none]
AccelerationBill Nelson12" Vinyl4COQP15
Chamber of Dreams (Music From the Invisibility Exhibition)Bill Nelson12" Vinyl18JC 07[none]
The Two-Fold Aspect of EverythingBill Nelson2×12" Vinyl14 + 12JC 10
The Summer of God’s PianoBill Nelson12" Vinyl23JC 6[none]
Trial by Intimacy (The Book of Splendours)Bill Nelson4×12" Vinyl23 + 18 + 22 + 20JC 6, JC 7, JC 8, JC 9
Chimera / Savage Gestures for Charm’s SakeBill NelsonCD12JC CD 175014661701737
Sex, Psyche, EtceteraBill Nelson’s Orchestra Arcana12" Vinyl3COQ T 19
The Cote D’Azure EPBill Nelson7" Vinyl5COQ 20[none]
Map of DreamsBill NelsonCD167 73389-2018777338929
Ecclesia Gnostica (Music for the Interior Church)Bill Nelson7" Vinyl8COQ 22[none]
Secret Ceremony (Theme From Brond)Scala Feat. Bill Nelson & Daryl Runswick12" Vinyl2COQ T 21
Chance Encounters in the Garden of LightsBill Nelson2×12" Vinyl24 + 17JEAN 205014661702017
OptimismBill Nelson’s Orchestra ArcanaCD19JCCD 21014661702130
Chance Encounters in the Garden of LightsBill Nelson2×CD25 + 38JEANCD 205014661702031
The Strangest Things: A Collection of Recordings 1979–1989Bill NelsonCD147 73372-2018777337229
The Summer of God’s PianoBill NelsonCD237 73376-2018777337625
Sounding the Ritual Echo (Atmospheres for Dreaming)Bill NelsonCD157 73382-2018777338226
Do You Dream in Colour?Bill Nelson7" Vinyl2COQ 22[none]
Life in Your HandsBill Nelson12" Vinyl4COQ T 22[none]
The Two‐Fold Aspect of EverythingBill NelsonCD22JCCD 105014661701034
Duplex: The Best of Bill NelsonBill Nelson2×CD12 + 18JCCD 225014661702239
Chimes and RingsBill NelsonCD17JCCD 245014661702437
NudityBill NelsonCD18JCCD 255014661702536
HeartbreaklandBill NelsonCD15JCCD 26
DetailsBill NelsonCD16JCCD 27
The Summer of God’s PianoBill NelsonCD23JCCD 65014661700631
Pavillions of the Heart and SoulBill NelsonCD22JCCD 8
A Catalogue of ObsessionsBill NelsonCD20JCCD 95014661700938
Duplex: The Best of Bill NelsonBill Nelson2×Cassette11 + 18TCJDC 225014661702222
SimplexBill NelsonCD31JCCD 23
Demonstrations of AffectionBill Nelson4×CD17 + 18 + 15 + 16JEAN895014661778937