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Irond Ltd. (Russian: ООО "Айронд") is one of the largest labels in Russia, specializing in heavy / metal and other alternative music. Most of released material are licensed re-releases of official CDs/DVDs from western bands. Several Russian bands / musicians are subscribed to Irond Ltd. directly and get their music published there.

All Irond Ltd. catalog numbers are formed using a simple scheme:


Where FF is release format, YY are last 2 digits of a release year, NNNN is a release number. Releases are numbered sequentially from the very first ones back in 2000, increasing by 1 for every release.

All their releases can be found on their website, and they include information such as catalog number, licensing, etc.

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Animatronic The Kovenant CD 10 IROND CD 00-13
Clayman In Flames CD 12 IROND CD 00-15 [none]
The Dark Ride Helloween CD 14 IROND CD 00-1 [none]
Infinite Stratovarius CD 12 IROND CD 00-10 [none]
Synagoga Diabolica Ancient Ceremony CD 11 IROND CD 00-11
Renegade HammerFall CD 12 IROND CD 00-12
Theli Therion CD 10 IROND CD 00-16
Beyond Sanctorum Therion CD 14 IROND CD 00-20
Of Darkness… Therion CD 12 IROND CD 00-21
Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas Therion CD 10 IROND CD 00-22 [none]
Act Seven Crematory CD 14 IROND CD 00-4
Desert Land Narnia CD 9 IROND CD 01-1
Vovin Therion CD 12 IROND CD 01-10
Colony In Flames CD 14 IROND CD 01-11
Tuonela Amorphis Enhanced CD 12 IROND CD 01-6 [none]
Dea Catharsis CD 7 IROND CD 01-19
Колесо Чернобога Butterfly Temple CD 14 IROND CD 01-35 [none]
Cosmic Genesis Vintersorg CD 9 IROND CD 01-42 [none]
A’arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming Therion CD 18 IROND CD 01-63
Lepaca Kliffoth Therion CD 14 IROND CD 01-64
Way Beyond Godgory CD 8 IROND CD 01-93
Remind Crematory CD 16 IROND CD 01-95
Widow's Weeds Tristania CD 11 IROND CD 01-96
Beyond the Veil Tristania CD 13 IROND CD 01-97
Perpetual Desolation The Sins of Thy Beloved CD 9 IROND CD 01-100
Nexus Polaris Covenant CD 8 IROND CD 01-108
Fassade Lacrimosa CD 8 IROND CD 01-115
The Game Dreams of Sanity CD 10 IROND CD 01-131
Химический сон Сергей Маврин CD 11 IROND CD 01-153
Stabwound Orgasm Avulsed CD 14 01-17 [none]
Neosapiens Blind Passengers CD 17 IROND CD 01-113
Secret of the Runes Therion CD 13 IROND CD 01-114
Astrology CAGE CD 13 IROND CD 01-119
The Dark Blood Rising (The Hatecrowned Retaliation) Diabolicum CD 11 IROND CD 01-124
The Grave Digger Grave Digger CD 13 IROND CD 01-129
Chapter III Agathodaimon CD 9 IROND CD 01-130 [none]
Raining December Stillife CD 10 IROND CD 01-134
Dol Guldur Summoning CD 8 IROND CD 01-135 [none]
Stronghold Summoning CD 9 IROND CD 01-136 [none]
Am Universum Amorphis CD 10 IROND CD 01-14
Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame Summoning CD 8 IROND CD 01-142 [none]
De lumière et d'obscurité Dark Sanctuary CD 13 IROND CD 01-146
…magni blandinn ok megintiri… Falkenbach CD 6 IROND CD 01-147 [none]
Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia Dimmu Borgir CD 12 IROND CD 01-15
Themes Silent Stream of Godless Elegy CD 12 IROND CD 01-150
Times and Unknown Waters Blazing Eternity CD 8 IROND CD 01-157
For all tid Dimmu Borgir CD 11 IROND CD 01-160 [none]
Glory to the Brave (Russian Special Version) HammerFall CD 12 IROND CD 01-165
Spiritual Black Dimensions Dimmu Borgir CD 12 IROND CD 01-22
Skiftninger Nærvær CD 15 IROND CD 01-28
Iron Avantgarde Kreuzweg Ost CD 11 IROND CD 01-32
Headstones Lake of Tears CD 9 IROND CD 01-34
This Killing Emptiness Ice Ages CD 10 IROND CD 01-38 [none]
Destroyer / Incipit Satan Gorgoroth CD 16 IROND CD 01-4 [none]
Legacy of Kings (Russian Special Version) HammerFall CD 15 IROND CD 01-45
Enthrone Darkness Triumphant Dimmu Borgir CD 14 IROND CD 01-46
Epilogue To/Die/For CD 11 IROND CD 01-55
Hypocrisy Hypocrisy CD 13 IROND CD 01-67
Whoracle In Flames CD 13 IROND CD 01-68
Elegy Amorphis CD 15 IROND CD 01-69
Deggial Therion CD 12 IROND CD 01-7
Rebel Extravaganza Satyricon CD 13 IROND CD 01-70 [none]
Metal Church Wayne CD 10 IROND CD 01-74
Illusions Crematory CD 17 IROND CD 01-80
Fetish Artrosis CD 12 IROND CD 01-85 [none]
A Predator's Portrait Soilwork CD 10 IROND CD 01-9 [none]
Jabberworks Rakoth CD 9 IROND CD 01-90
The Antichrist Destruction CD 12 IROND CD 01-92
Der Morgen danach Lacrimosa CD 4 IROND CD 01-94
Suicide by My Side Sinergy CD 13 IROND CD 02-167
Saviour Antimatter CD 9 IROND CD 02-189 [none]
Сны северного моря Butterfly Temple CD 15 IROND CD 02-219 [none]
Black Sun (Russian edition with two bonus tracks) Primal Fear CD 15 CD 02-236 [none]
At Sixes and Sevens Sirenia CD 9 IROND CD 02-257
...and the Physical Shape of Light Bled Ancient Wisdom CD 8 IROND CD 03-421
Krebskolonie / Fleischfestival Eisregen CD 15 IROND CD 02-289 [none]
Maleventum Opera IX CD 7 IROND CD 02-290
Disangelium Ens Cogitans CD 6 IROND CD 02-310
Imago Catharsis CD 12 IROND CD 02-341
The Neonai Lake of Tears CD 11 IROND CD 02-351
Велес Butterfly Temple CD 9 IROND CD 02-367 [none]
Lugburz Summoning CD 11 IROND CD 02-378
Primal Fear (Russian edition with bonus track) Primal Fear CD 13 IROND CD 02-112 [none]
Higher Art of Rebellion Agathodaimon CD 13 IROND CD 02-168 [none]
Satanica Behemoth CD 14 IROND CD 02-174 [none]
Fragile Prologue Fragile Hollow CD 11 IROND CD 02-187
Lead and Aether Skepticism CD 7 IROND CD 02-190
The Art of Grief The Wounded CD 9 IROND CD 02-194
Assembly Theatre of Tragedy CD 11 IROND CD 02-195 [none]
Black Seal Root (unknown) 12 IROND CD 02-198 [none]
Dann habe ich umsonst gelebt L’Âme Immortelle CD 13 IROND CD 02-199
The Fragile Art of Existence Control Denied CD 8 IROND CD 02-200 [none]
I det glimrande mörkrets djup Sorhin CD 13 IROND CD 02-203
Natural Born Chaos Soilwork CD 10 IROND CD 02-207 [none]
Death's Design Diabolical Masquerade CD 61 IROND CD 02-217 [none]
Pain Pain CD 8 IROND CD 02-218
Nightshade Forests Summoning CD 4 IROND CD 02-223 [none]
A Crimson Cosmos Lake of Tears CD 9 IROND CD 02-225 [none]
Minas Morgul Summoning CD 11 IROND CD 02-226
Greater Art Lake of Tears CD 8 IROND CD 02-228