EastWest Records America (this label only briefly used between 1990–91, please read annotations before use)

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note: releases from ca. 1993 onwards should probably be added to EastWest. EastWest Records America would apply only to releases from 1990–1991 and those before this period since its launch as East West in 1955. as always, check your cd/sources.

this label (styled as "eastwest" since 1990) had undergone several name changes, and been dormant and revived several times as well in its history:
1955–1959 – launched as East West by Atlantic, shut down in 1959.
1959–1990 – no activity.
1990–1991 – revived—briefly—as EastWest Records America (styled as "eastwest records america") by Atlantic.
1991–1993 – following merger with Atco Records, renamed as Atco/Eastwest Records
1993–???? – Atco's name was dropped, label name reverted to EastWest (which might have lasted till 2000).
2001–2004 – no activity.
2005 – revived as EastWest, an indie rock label, and shortly after placed under WMG's Independent Label Group.

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Men and WomenSimply RedCD10
Men and WomenSimply RedCD10
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