Madacy Entertainment is one of eight music subdivisions of Quebec-based Madacy Entertainment LP.

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The Best of Mozart 1756-1791 200th Anniversary Edition, Volume 1Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCD6
The Best of Mozart 1756-1791 200th Anniversary Edition, Volume 2Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCD8
Yuletide Cheer (The Lionel Series, Volume 6)Various ArtistsCD1889753-2049656897534
The Best of the James Bond Themes, Volume 1The Starlite Orchestra & SingersCD12S-4607056775460723
Best of the Classics - Johann StraussJohann Strauss IICD10056775360429
Classical Treasures: The World's Greatest OperaVarious ArtistsCD118409056775840921
Best of the ClassicsAntonín DvořákCD7BC-2-3607056775360726
The Sea (disc 1: The Timeless Sea)Various ArtistsCD1056775024222
A New Age Sound Environment[unknown]4×CD1 + 1 + 1 + 1056775563844
The Relaxation Collection: Mountain Retreat[nature sounds](unknown)128010056775280123
Best of the Classics: Great Classical ComposersVarious ArtistsCD16BC-2-3616056775361624
Reggae Fever, Volume 1Bob Marley & The WailersCD12HPL-2-3903-1056775390327
Thunderstorm[nature sounds]3×CD1 + 1 + 1MSB-2-8701056775870126
Plays QueenThe Starlite OrchestraCD12
Christmas Around the World: 20 All Time Favorites From Around the WorldVarious ArtistsCD20CLX2-5699-2
20 Christmas ClassicsWiener SymphonikerCD20CLX2-5699-3
Moonlight Classics: Classical TreasuresVarious ArtistsCD11HCD-2-3719056775371920
Hot Hot ReggaeBob Marley and The WailersCD11MAD-2-2321
The National AnthemsOrlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Andrew LaneCD33OP-2-7115056775711528
Born to Be WildThe Countdown SingersCD14
Rock On 1975Various ArtistsCD12ROK-2-1975056775197520
Power of Love: 16 Great Soft Rock HitsVarious ArtistsCD16PLTV-2-6803056775680329
With All My Love Just For You101 Strings OrchestraCD18AL-2-2043056775240325
Golden Age of Dance BandsThe All Star OrchestraCD12AL-2-2401056775240127
The Best of the Great American Composers101 StringsCD18AL-2-2402056775240226
Amazing Grace: Songs of Faith and Inspiration101 Strings OrchestraCD12AL-2-2419056775241926
Beautiful Christmas CarolsThe Starlite ChoirCD15CLX2-5699-4
Scotland the Brave: A Real Highland FlingVarious ArtistsCD14EXM-2-1527056775152727
Rock On: 1976Various ArtistsCD12ROK-2-1976056776197628
Babbling BrookJohn BickertonCD4RWN-2-6647056775646721
The Very Best of Andrew Lloyd WebberAndrew Lloyd Webber; Orlando Pops Orchestra2×CD11 + 11TRB-2-5251-2056775525125
Bonus Disc101 StringsCD8TRB-2-5252-3056775525125
More of the Best of 101 Strings101 Strings OrchestraCD19UAL-2-5018056775501822
The Genius of Andrew Lloyd WebberOrlando Pops OrchestraCD11OP-2-7120056775712020
The Magic of Andrew Lloyd WebberOrlando Pops OrchestraCD11OP-2-7121056775712129
70's RockVarious Artists3×CD12 + 12 + 12OSB-2-1323, OSB-2-1323-1, OSB-2-1323-2, OSB-2-1323-3056775132323
Sun JammingVarious Artists3×CD12 + 12 + 12OSB-2-1331-1, OSB-2-1331-2, OSB-2-1331-3056775133122
The Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber ("Madacy 21 Winners" badge on cover)The Starlite Orchestra & SingersCD21WIN-2-2131056775213121
Rock n' Roll Reunion: Class of 64Various ArtistsCD162940
Rock n’ Roll Reunion: Class of 57Various ArtistsCD16RRT-2-2933056775293321
Rock n' Roll Reunion: Class of 65The Countdown SingersCD16RRT-2-2941056775294120
Rock 'n' Roll Reunion: Class of 66Original ArtistsCD16RRT-2-2942056775294229
Country RoundupVarious ArtistsCD12MKT-2-4161056775416126
Giants of the Big Band EraVarious Artists8×CD14 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 14 + 12 + 12 + 128P-2-1912056775191221
America's Country: Today's CountryVarious ArtistsCD12AC-2-8452056775845223
America's Country: Fifth of CountryVarious ArtistsCD12AC-2-8454056775845421
The Best of Romantic ClassicsVarious ArtistsCD10BC-2-4437056775443726
The Best of Gershwin, Volume 10George GershwinCD12BC-2-4440056775444020
The Four SeasonsVivaldiCD21CT-2-2953056775295325
1812 Overture / Symphony No. 6 / March SlaveПётр Ильич ЧайковскийCD5CT-2-2954056775295424
Water Music SuiteGeorg Friedrich HändelCD28CT-2-2964056775296421
Classical Treasures: Best of TchaikovskyTchaikovskyCD26CT-2-2966
Classical Treasures: Inspirational ClassicsVarious ArtistsCD13CT-2-29900567752999025
Best of LoveVarious ArtistsCD16MDTV-2-6806056775680626
Music From the StarsThe Starlite Orchestra & SingersCD18MED 92.2394010271922396
Magic MomentsVarious ArtistsCD12MKT-2-4153056775415327
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing101 StringsCD12MX-2-8261056775826123
Non-Stop Disco Dance MixCountdown Mix Masters3×CD12 + 12 + 12OSB-2-1324056775132422
Sun JammingVarious Artists3×CD12 + 12 + 12OSB-2-1331056775133122
Butterfly Kisses and Other Love SongsThe Countdown SingersCD12RC-2-0357056775035723
Seagram ClassicsVarious Artists2×CD17 + 12SEA-2-010
Flight of the EagleJohn St. JohnCD1SRM-2-0908056775090821
Space TraxThe Starlite OrchestraCD12STH-2-9970056775997021
1960’s Happy Days: Disc 1Various ArtistsCD12TAR-2-8083056775808327
1960’s Happy Days: Disc 2Various ArtistsCD13TAR-2-8084056775808426
Romantic Classics, Volume 3Various ArtistsCD7TAR-2-8093056775809324
50's Greatest Rock 'n' Roll HitsVarious Artists2×CD12 + 12TWW-2-9026, TWW-2-9027
The Best of the 101 Strings (disc 2)101 StringsCD19UALT-2-6358-2056775635824
Rock 'n' Roll Hits Of The 50's: 21 WinnersVarious ArtistsCD21WIN-2-2132056775213220
Jazz GreatsVarious Artists(unknown)21WIN-2-2139056775213923
1960's Rock 'n' Roll CollectionVarious Artists8×CD12 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 13 + 13 + 13 + 13056775191429
The Best of Bob MarleyBob Marley3×CD12 + 12 + 12
The Best of Comedian HarmonistsComedian HarmonistsCD20MED-32.2244010271322240
The Best of Bob MarleyBob Marley3×CD12 + 12 + 12
The Best of John DenverJohn DenverCD14JD-2-4750056775475024
Women of Christmas in the Garden of LilithVarious Artists(unknown)12MLP-2-0446056775044626
Best of the ClassicsJohann Sebastian BachCD14BC-2-3606056775360627
ScheherazadeRimsky Korsakoff; Radio Symphony Orchestra Ljubljana, Anton NanutCD4BC-2-3640056775364021
Merry Mix•MasCCC SingersCD12DJX‐2‐0426056775042622
Move This!Various ArtistsCD16DRC11849, MDTV-2-6807056775680725
Joyeux Noël chez nousVarious ArtistsCD12FRX-2-2619056775261924
The Glory of Christmas101 Strings2×CD13 + 22GC-2-1271056775127121
Hollywood Movie HitsThe Countdown SingersCD10HMH-2-8009056775800925
Highway Rock: Breaking Up Is Hard to DoVarious ArtistsCD10HR-2-8473056775847326
Paradise FeelingsConny ConradCD5MED 22.7164010271227163
Mommy and Me: Twinkle Twinkle Little StarThe Countdown KidsCD25MM-2-0121
Mommy and Me: Mary Had a Little LambThe Countdown KidsCD25MM-2-0123056775012328
Mommy and Me: Rock-A-Bye BabyThe Countdown KidsCD25MM-2-0124056775012427
The Best of BachJohann Sebastian BachCD12MS02 4760056775476021
The Best of Chopin: Classical MasterpiecesFryderyk ChopinCD11MSO-2-4763056775476328
The Best of HändelGeorg Friedrich HändelCD25MSO-2-4764056775476427
The Best of MozartWolfgang Amadeus MozartCD10MSO2-4765056775476526
The Best of TchaikovskyПётр Ильич ЧайковскийCD12MSO-2-4768056775476823
The Best of VivaldiAntonio VivaldiCD21MSO-2-4769056775476922
The Roots of SwingVarious ArtistsCD12RC-2-0366056775036621
Rock On 1978: Hot BloodedVarious ArtistsCD12RO-2-5178056775517823
The Best of Little RichardLittle RichardCD10SCW-2-2394056775239428
The Best of Chubby CheckerChubby CheckerCD10SCW-2-2395056775239527
The Best of Frank SinatraRRSO Symphony OrchestraCD12SYS-2-0805
Best of Rock This WayVarious ArtistsCD12TL-2-5352056775535223