UK based indie label.

Cherry Red has a complicated relationship with lots of small labels.
Some are sub-labels, some are imprints revived by Cherry Red after the original label folded, and some are managed, manufactured and distributed by Cherry Red while remaining independant.

So not all labels linked here are sub-labels of Cherry Red, but can be considered part of the Cherry Red family.

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MuriettaMurietta12" Vinyl10
Chesnut Street IncidentJohn Mellencamp(unknown)17
  • -1976
The Sleeper WakesMorgan12" Vinyl4
A RED 1[none]
Business Unusual: The Other Record CollectionVarious Artists12" Vinyl14
A RED 2[none]
Bad HeartsThe Tights7" Vinyl3
Cherry 1[none]
Howard HughesThe Tights7" Vinyl2
Cherry 2[none]
...Then He Kissed MeHollywood Brats7" Vinyl2
  • GB1979-05-18
Cherry 6[none]
Meet the Creeper / November 22nd 1963Destroy All Monsters7" Vinyl2
  • GB1979-06-29
Cherry 7[none]
Right NowThe Runaways7" Vinyl2
  • GB1979-09-14
Cherry 8[none]
What Do I Get? / Nobody KnowsDestroy All Monsters7" Vinyl2
  • GB1979-10-05
Cherry 9[none]
...Then He Kissed MeHollywood Brats12" Vinyl3
12 Cherry 6[none]
And Now... The RunawaysThe Runaways12" Vinyl9
A RED 3[none]
Labels Unlimited: The Second Record CollectionVarious Artists12" Vinyl16
A RED 4[none]
Hybrid Kids: A Collection of Classic MutantsMorgan Fisher12" Vinyl13
A RED 5[none]
Bored / You’re Gonna DieDestroy All Monsters7" Vinyl2
Cherry 3[none]
Crazy WeekendStaa Marx7" Vinyl2
Cherry 4[none]
GenèveMorgan - Fisher7" Vinyl3
Cherry 5[none]
International LanguageRichard Strange7" Vinyl2
  • GB1980-01-04
Cherry 10[none]
McArthur Park / Wuthering HeightsThe Burtons / Jah Wurzel7" Vinyl2
  • GB1980-02-09
Cherry 11[none]
D'Ya Think I'm Sexy?Hybrid Kids7" Vinyl2
  • GB1980-06-06
Cherry 12[none]
They Say Space Is ColdEmotion Pictures7" Vinyl2
  • GB1980-07-04
Cherry 14[none]
Fresh Fruit for Rotting VegetablesDead Kennedys12" Vinyl14
B RED 10[none]
Kill the Poor (made in France)Dead Kennedys7" Vinyl2
  • GB1980-10-18
Cherry 16[none]
Holly and IvyHybrid Kids7" Vinyl2
Cherry 17[none]
Holiday in CambodiaDead Kennedys12" Vinyl2
12 Cherry 13[none]
The Hollywood BratsThe Hollywood Brats12" Vinyl11
A RED6[none]
Trouble With WomenBritish Lions12" Vinyl8
A RED 7[none]
The Shape of Finns to ComeVarious Artists12" Vinyl13
ARED 8[none]
ClawsHybrid Kids12" Vinyl10
BRED 11[none]
Holiday in Cambodia (Airplane cover, grey disc labels)Dead Kennedys7" Vinyl2
Cherry 13[none]
Holiday in Cambodia (Burning Monk cover)Dead Kennedys7" Vinyl2
Cherry 13[none]
Holiday in Cambodia (Airplane cover, blue disc labels)Dead Kennedys7" Vinyl2
CHERRY 13[none]
Music to Save the World ByAlan Burnham7" Vinyl2
  • GB1981-01-16
Cherry 15[none]
Photographs as MemoriesEyeless in Gaza12" Vinyl13
  • GB1981-01-30
BRED 13[none]
Hungry, So AngryMedium Medium7" Vinyl2
  • GB1981-02-13
Cherry 18[none]
Another ReasonFive or Six7" Vinyl2
  • GB1981-02-13
Cherry 19[none]
InvisibilityEyeless in Gaza7" Vinyl3
  • GB1981-04-03
Cherry 20[none]
The Eyes Of Beautiful LosersEyeless in Gaza12" Vinyl5
  • FR1981-06-24
12 bred 18
CantBen Watt7" Vinyl3
  • GB1981-06-26
Cherry 25[none]
Something Sends Me to SleepFelt7" Vinyl4
  • GB1981-06-26
CHERRY 26[none]
TribesSoul7" Vinyl2
  • GB1981-06-26
Cherry 27[none]
You Scare Me to DeathMarc Bolan7" Vinyl2
  • GB1981-09-11
Cherry 29[none]
You Scare Me to DeathMarc Bolan7" Vinyl2
  • GB1981-09-11
P CHERRY 29[none]
OthersEyeless in Gaza7" Vinyl4
  • GB1981-11-20
Cherry 31[none]
Wild Paarty Sounds, Volume 1Various Artists12" Vinyl12
B RED 24[none]
Too Drunk to FuckDead Kennedys7" Vinyl2
Caught in FluxEyeless in Gaza2×12" Vinyl5 + 12
12 BRED 18, BRED 18[none]
Polar ExposureFive or Six12" Vinyl10
12 Cherry 23[none]
Too Drunk to FuckDead Kennedys12" Vinyl2
12 Cherry 24[none]
4 MovementsThomas Leer12" Vinyl4
12 Cherry 28[none]
TaboosThe Passage12" Vinyl2
12 Cherry 30[none]
The Bodast TapesBodast featuring Steve Howe12" Vinyl8
BRED 12[none]
World of RubberSecond Layer12" Vinyl9
B RED 14[none]
Perspectives and DistortionVarious Artists12" Vinyl17
BRED 15[none]
Inscrutably ObviousKevin Harrison12" Vinyl17
BRED 16[none]
Six Empty PlacesA Tent12" Vinyl8
BRED 17[none]
The GlitterhouseMedium Medium12" Vinyl7
BRED 19[none]
Threat to CreationCreation Rebel / New Age Steppers12" Vinyl8
BRED 21[none]
Slugs and ToadsThe Reflections12" Vinyl12
BRED 22[none]
Pointing the FingerKevin Coyne12" Vinyl10
BRED 23[none]
Courts of WarSecond Layer7" Vinyl2
CHERRY 21[none]
Children of the SunThe Misunderstood7" Vinyl3
Cherry 22[none]
Too Drunk to FuckDead Kennedys7" Vinyl2
Cherry 24[none]
Cat BlackMarc Bolan7" Vinyl2
CHERRY 32[none]
An Evening With Quentin CrispQuentin Crisp2×12" Vinyl2 + 2
DRED 2[none]
You Scare Me to DeathMarc Bolan12" Vinyl12
ERED 20[none]
4 CountriesThe Reflections7" Vinyl2
Cherry 33[none]
Use Your LoafThe Nightingales7" Vinyl3
  • GB1982-02-19
Cherry 34[none]
Crumbling the Antiseptic BeautyFelt12" Vinyl6
  • GB1982-02-27
MRED 25[none]
XOYOThe Passage7" Vinyl2
  • GB1982-04-23
Cherry 35[none]
The WizardMarc Bolan7" Vinyl3
Cherry 39[none]
Drumming the Beating HeartEyeless in Gaza12" Vinyl12
  • GB1982-07-30
BRED 36[none]
Night and DayEverything but the Girl7" Vinyl3
Cherry 37[none]
Trails of Colour Dissolve / My Face Is on FireFelt7" Vinyl2
Cherry 45[none]
Veil Like Calm / Taking StepsEyeless in Gaza7" Vinyl2
  • GB1982-10-22
Cherry 47[none]
Cocktails EPAttila the Stockbroker7" Vinyl5
CHERRY 46[none]
WaveThe Passage7" Vinyl2
Cherry 50[none]
Cast a Long ShadowThe Monochrome Set7" Vinyl2
Cherry 51, CHERRY 51[none]
Letters WrittenMartyn Bates12" Vinyl10
TRED 38[none]
Night and DayEverything but the GirlDigital Media3
  • XW1982-11-01
All About YouThomas Leer7" Vinyl2
Cherry 52[none]
Plain SailingTracey Thorn7" Vinyl2
Cherry 53[none]
Pillows & Prayers: Cherry Red 1982–1983Various Artists12" Vinyl17
P ZRED 41[none]
Pillows & Prayers: Cherry Red 1982–1983Various Artists12" Vinyl17
ZRED 41[none]
XOYOThe Passage12" Vinyl3
12 Cherry 35[none]
Summer Into WinterBen Watt with Robert Wyatt12" Vinyl5
12 Cherry 36[none]
Night and DayEverything but the Girl12" Vinyl3
12 Cherry 37[none]
Four From Five or SixFive or Six12" Vinyl4
12 Cherry 43[none]
The Nightingales EPThe Nightingales12" Vinyl4
12 Cherry 44[none]
WaveThe Passage12" Vinyl3
12 Cherry 50[none]
All About YouThomas Leer12" Vinyl2
12 Cherry 52[none]
Letter From AmericaThomas Leer2×12" Vinyl5 + 6
MZUIbcGilbert / gLewis / Russell Mills12" Vinyl2
BRED 27[none]
Epic Sound Battles Chapter OnePlaygroup12" Vinyl11
BRED 28[none]
DegeneratesThe Passage12" Vinyl10
BRED 29[none]
PøliticzKevin Coyne12" Vinyl9
BRED 30[none]
The Legendary Orgasm AlbumJohn’s Children12" Vinyl14
BRED 31[none]
Before the Dream FadedThe Misunderstood12" Vinyl13
BRED 32[none]
Lows and HighsCreation Rebel12" Vinyl8
BRED 33[none]
Eligible BachelorsThe Monochrome Set12" Vinyl11
BRED 34[none]