Record label begun by Joel Savoy, son of Cajun musicians Marc and Ann Savoy. Established by 2009 with at least nine releases of great roots music by younger Cajun and Louisiana Creole artists. Artists include Bonsoir Catin (translates as 'Goodnight doll' a Cajun term of endearment, though a near-obscenity in continental French), FeuFollet (Cajun French for the will o' the wisp, burning swamp gas), Linzay Young & Joel Savoy, and Cedric Watson (solo, with Corey Ledet, and as leader of Cedric Watson et L’Ésprit Créole (Creole spirit)). They have branched out to non-Cajun & Creole artists with the folk group the Figs and the Givers. There is some controversy over their release of Christine Balfa's solo triangle album Christine Balfa Plays the Triangle. It may be a practical joke.

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Goin' Down to LouisianaCedric Watson and Corey LedetCD12837101167482
Goin' Down to LouisianaCedric Watson & Corey LedetDigital Media12[none]
Cedric WatsonCedric WatsonCD15VAL-CD-0004796873030649
Cow Island HopFeufolletCD11796873055468
Vive L'AmourBonsoir CatinCD13VAL-CD-0007800828284121
Vive L'AmourBonsoir CatinCD12VAL-CD-0007800828284121
L’Ésprit CréoleCedric Watson et Bijou CréoleCD12VAL-CD-0009884501194525
HimselfDennis McGeeCD33VAL-CD-0011[none]
Back HomeThe Pine Leaf BoysCD16VAL-CD-0012884501401678
Grand IsleSteve Riley and The Mamou PlayboysCD12
The Right CombinationJesse Lége, Joel Savoy and the Cajun Country RevivalEnhanced CD11VAL-CD-0015884501488792
Greetings From LouisianaCajun Country RevivalCD12VAL-CD-0024888295146098
I Wanna Sing Right: Rediscovering Lomax In The Evangeline CountryVarious Artists4×CD6 + 6 + 6 + 7VAL-CD-0027-30888295255295
Beneath Still WatersCourtney GrangerDigital Media13
Beneath Still WatersCourtney GrangerCD13VAL-CD-0033888295458191