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Young BloodVarious ArtistsCD12836 109-2
Mothers' IntentionCrash PoliticsCD10836 123-1[none]
Strange Things in the CornerBlue RuinVinyl10836 657-1
Strange Things in the CornerBlue RuinCD10836 657-2
I Can't Wait for Summer to EndThe Trilobites12" Vinyl5872 259-1[none]
Motorcycle BabyEcco Homo12" Vinyl3872 261-1
Martha's VineyardMartha's VineyardVinyl11838 210-1
Old Beach RoadMartha's VineyardVinyl4876 891-1
Word Gets AroundThe HummingbirdsVinyl3
ShiverTall Tales and TrueCD10838 209-2
loveBUZZThe Hummingbirds12" Vinyl14838679-1
loveBUZZThe HummingbirdsCD14838 679-2042283867925
loveBUZZThe HummingbirdsCD14838679-2042283867925
Savage Mood SwingThe TrilobitesCD10838 935-2
Savage Mood SwingThe Trilobites12" Vinyl10838 985-1
BlushThe Hummingbirds7" Vinyl2874706-7
HallelujahAbsent FriendsVinyl38763171
HallelujahAbsent FriendsCD4
HullabalooAbsent FriendsVinyl3876962-2
Savage Mood SwingThe TrilobitesCD12842 646-2042284264624
Here's Looking Up Your AddressAbsent FriendsCD15842828-29399084282824
HarmonyAbsent FriendsVinyl2875944-7
Martha's VineyardMartha's VineyardCD11838 210-2
EmigréWendy MatthewsCD11846 649-29399084664927
Too Darn HotMonica and the MoochersCD13846308-2
AlimonyThe Hummingbirds12" Vinyl3875 033-1
I Don't Want to Be with Nobody But YouAbsent FriendsVinyl2875 200-7
New York, New YorkEcco HomoCD2875260-29399087526024
TinglesRatcatCD6878 165-29399087816521
The Scorching Adventures Of..The Screaming Jets(unknown)3878435-29399087843527
BetterThe Screaming JetsCD2878814-29399087881420
Start the CarJude ColeCD3936240643-2093624064329
BlushThe HummingbirdsVinyl2RART3
I Don't Want to Be With Nobody but YouAbsent FriendsVinyl4RART512
TuesdayThe HummingbirdsVinyl4
TuesdayThe HummingbirdsCD4
Young Blood IIVarious ArtistsCD12
If a VowThe HummingbirdsVinyl3
All for OneThe Screaming JetsCD12848441-29399084844121
Superstition HighwayTall Tales and TrueCD5878823-2
2 Weeks With a Good Man in Niagara FallsThe HummingbirdsCD5
Young Blood 3Various ArtistsCD14510 436.29399051043625
Happy Birthday (rooArt 3rd Birthday Compilation)Various ArtistsCD10510527-29399051052726
All for OneThe Screaming JetsCD1274321444102743214441022
Blind LoveRatcatCD11848523-29399084852324
Va Va VoomThe HummingbirdsCD14848531-2
Baby BabyRatcatVinyl2868 144-79399086814474
C'MonThe Screaming Jets7" Vinyl2868 570-7042286857077
LifeboatTall Tales and TrueCD38688112
If a VowThe Hummingbirds7" Vinyl2878 924-79399087892471
The Way It Has to BeWendy MatthewsCD9903177656-2090317765624
C'MonThe Screaming JetsCD3RAR CD6042286857121
C'MonThe Screaming Jets7" Vinyl2rArt 6042286857077
C'MonThe Screaming Jets12" Vinyl3rArt 612042286857114
Difficult LovesWeddings Parties AnythingCD124509-90092-2045099009220
Revenge!Tall Tales and TrueCD129031772992090317729923
Watching The Wind BlowTall Tales and TrueCD3
LilyWendy MatthewsCD114509905472045099054725
LilyWendy MatthewsCD11CA 851745099054724
Looking for a PlaceTall Tales and TrueCD4450990301-2
Tear of ThoughtThe Screaming JetsCD164509-90678-2745099067823
Father's DayWeddings Parties AnythingCD5903 1772972090317729725
The Day You Went AwayWendy MatthewsCD3
The Price I PayJenny MorrisCD4
King TideWeddings Parties AnythingCD134509937732745099377328
The Rain in My HeartWeddings Parties AnythingCD54509940782745099407827
Helping HandThe Screaming JetsCD34509941542745099415426
Monday's ExpertsWeddings Parties AnythingCD5YZ821CD
Friday's ChildWendy MatthewsCD4
Cathy's ClownYou Am ICD445099905520745099905521
Only We Can HearJenny MorrisCD4
You Sleep I'll DriveTall Tales and TrueCD4
The Witness TreeWendy MatthewsCD134509983912745099839123
Day in the SunJames ReyneCD44509989522745099895228
TiltTall Tales and TrueCD144509992902
Rhythm and FlowJenny MorrisCD4
Salvation JaneJenny MorrisCD1306301109127063011091200
Say a PrayerWendy MatthewsCD4
What Do I Do NowJenny MorrisCD42068300023
Rock and RollThe Mark of CainCD9743214470420743214470428
We Have the TechnologyCustardCD17743215101920743215101925
InterloperThe Mark of CainCD5743214799820743214799826
Laughing Bag & Other Funny StoriesRatcatCD574321492932
I Will Find YouThe LabCD574321499392
LabyrinthThe Lab2×CD12 + 1174321 52202 2
A Broken MachineCrowCD3743215230820743215230823
Kiss Your LifeThe LabCD474321564392
The Unclaimed PrizeThe Mark of CainCD1374321616982
Ill at EaseThe Mark of CainCD11743216173020743216173020
Rock and Roll: Industrial Strength RemixesThe Mark of CainCD1274321-61732-2
The Complete Recordings 88-98The Mark of Cain4×CD13 + 13 + 11 + 12TMOCBOX19399424000125
LoveramaCustard2×CD13 + 5743216710720743216710720
Saturday Night, ’Round TenYou Am ICD16743217013620743217013622
Goodbye Cruel WorldCustard2×CD21 + 15743217657220743217657222