DateTitleCredited As
2002 –Creating Something Out of Nothing, Only to Destroy It
2002 –Face:Face
2002 –I Used to Hate Cell Phones but Now I Hate Car Accidents
2002 –It Was as If the Dead Man Stood Upon the Air
2002 –Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste
2002 –Organized Beyond Recognition
2002 –Pretty Soon, I Don't Know What, but Something Is Going to Happen
2002 –Sometimes It's Our Mistakes That Make for the Greatest Ideas
2002 –The Entire World Is Counting on Me, and They Don't Even Know It
2002 –The Human Face, Divine
2002 –The Shotgun Message
2005Donnie Cash (The Company, the Comfort, the Grave)
2005Kenny Gibler (Play the Piano Like a Disease)
2005Phil Cosby (Before There Was Atlanta, There Was Douglasville)
2005Sargeant Savage (Die Interviewer [Germanickly Speaking])
2005Vin Affleck (Goodnight My Lady and a Forever Farewell)
2005Yanni Depp
AbsolveThirsty Moon River
AmendThirsty Moon River
Clean Getaway
DreamerThirsty Moon River
DredgeThirsty Moon River
EstrangeThirsty Moon River
Little Drummer Boy (Poema version of the carol)
LostThirsty Moon River
Love of My Life
MendaciousThirsty Moon River
My Turn to Go
Play With Fire
SecretsThirsty Moon River
So Much More
TraitorThirsty Moon River
VultureThirsty Moon River
Wool Coats
Would You
Your Song