Music for RelaxationJim OliverCD2RELD 5820208314711210
Global Meditation: Authentic Music from Meditative Traditions of the WorldVarious Artists4×CD13 + 9 + 9 + 109781559611718
Global Meditation: Harmony and Interplay—EnsemblesVarious ArtistsCD9052296018825
Let the Ocean WorryFred Weinberg & Joe BeckCD9CD599052296059927
Brainwave SuiteDr. Jeffrey Thompson4×CD2 + 2 + 2 + 2CD3050
Musical Massage Volume ThreeVarious ArtistsCD4CD568
Brainwave JourneyDr. Jeffrey Thompson4×CD2 + 2 + 2 + 2
Seven Wheels of LightJoel AndrewsCD81559613505052296318727
Inner DanceDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD2CD3182052296318222
Mbira DreamsErica Kundidzora AzimCD7CD3261
Amar SangitG. S. SachdevCD6CD3262
Corazón EspañolCésar BerlangaCD10CD3263
Noccan KaniJorge AlfanoCD13CD3264
Brainwave SuiteDr. Jeffrey Thompson4×CD2 + 2 + 2 + 2CD3005
Colors of the HeartAmit ChatterjeeCD3CD3191052296319120
CalendulaJohn BeaulieuCD16CD 3192015229631928
Dombáa Folee: Minianka Medicine Music of MaliYaya DialloCD6CD 3207052296320720
The Healing Music Series SamplerVarious ArtistsCD12052296319526
Alpha Relaxation System (This CD is a single CD and was released a year before the two-CD set that contains a different catalog number. Please do not merge this CD into the two-CD set.)Dr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD2CD3081052296308124
Brainwave SymphonyDr. Jeffrey Thompson4×CD11 + 9 + 7 + 12
Delta Sleep SystemDr. Jeffrey Thompson2×CD2 + 2CD3085052296308520
Nada YogaRussill PaulCD3CD 3213052296321321
Music for RejuvenationDr. Joesph NaglerCD2CD 3216152296221628
Musical Massage: BalanceDavid DarlingCD4575052296057527
Delta Sleep SystemDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD2CD3086[none]
Komuso: The Healing Art of Zen ShakuhachiRonnie Nyogetsu SeldinCD9CD 3217052296321727
OrendaValerie Dee NaranjoCD13CD 3219052296321925
Herbal Harmonies: GinsengHarmonix EnsembleCD5CD 3241052296324124
Theta Meditation SystemDr. Jeffrey Thompson2×CD2 + 2CD3090052296309022
Ison Sleep System 2.0David IsonCD18214d, c8214d, CD8214, rc08214d052296821425
Classical Music for SleepDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD12052296317126
Music Meditation (disc 1: Awaken)Brian Scott Bennett(unknown)4
Musical Massage: In TouchJim OliverCD463283-2
Musical Massage: In TuneDavid DarlingCD4CD3281, CD 3281052296328122
Open WindowDavid DarlingCD10CD80010052296800123
Peaceful Music for SleepDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD1
Theta Meditation System 2.0Dr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD2963092
Dreamy Music for SleepDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD1CD 3179052296317928
Healing Mind SystemDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD2
Healing Mind System 2.0Dr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD2CD 3107052296310721
Music for Brainwave Massage 2.0Dr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD2
The Ultimate NAP CDDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD3CD7602052296760229
The Delta Sleep SolutionDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD2CD7601052296760120
Ocean WavesDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD1
Songbird SunriseDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD1
Breathe & UnwindDr. Jeffrey Thompson & Silvia NakkachCD4CD64079781559617956
Gamma Meditation System 2.0Dr. Jeffrey Thompson(unknown)2052296311223
Songbird Sunrise & Thunderstorm - With Alpha Brainwave PulsesDr. Jeffrey Thompson2×CD1 + 1CD6404 & CD64059781559617970
Dancing CloudsDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD4
Sleepy RainDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD1CD7604052296760427
UnwindDr. Jeffrey Thompson & Silvia NakkachDigital Media4
Brainwave Nature Suite: Meditative StreamDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD1
Meditative RainforestDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD1
Tibetan Bowl MeditationRiver Guerguerian(unknown)12
BlissVarious ArtistsCD9CD 3274052296327422
Meditative OceanDr. Jeffrey ThompsonCD1cd7111052296711122
SleepDavid Ison(unknown)1052296822927
Music to Change Your BrainDr. Jeffrey Thompson(unknown)6rc02539d300865253925
Music to Change Your Brain: Deep SleepDr. Jeffrey Thompson4×CD1 + 2 + 1 + 19781604079821
Voices of the Earth[nature sounds]4×CD1 + 1 + 6 + 1REL 7006 24011687700622
Voices of the Earth: Rainforest[nature sounds]CD1REL 7007 24011687700721
Voices of the Earth: The Ocean[nature sounds]CD1REL 7008 24011687700820
Voices of the Earth: Whales & Dolphins[nature sounds]CD6REL 7009 24011687700929
Voices of the Earth: Thunderstorm[nature sounds]CD1REL 7010 24011687701025