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Note: This is a company, not a label. Please use the branded label, i.e. logo, from your copy.

  • Most, probably all, releases currently listed here must be moved out, to "wea" or "Warner Bros. Records" for example.
  • There's also a (rare) "Warner Music United Kingdom" label for which there's no entry yet.

Another common possibility is Atlantic (Warner imprint) and Asylum Records (Warner is parent company).

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St. ElsewhereGnarls BarkleyCD1451011 8236 25051011823626
These StreetsPaolo Nutini(unknown)13LC015575051442170726
Roses for the DeadFuneral for a FriendDigital Media2
Téo & TéaJean Michel Jarre12" Vinyl35051442-1303-05051442130300
Away From HereThe Enemy7" Vinyl2WEA 4195051442114072
Away From HereThe EnemyCD2WEA 419 CD5051442114126
Orchestra of WolvesGallowsCD122564698941825646989416
Orchestra of WolvesGallows2×CD12 + 92564699005825646990054
Map of the ProblematiqueMuseDigital Media2
Map of the ProblematiqueMuseDigital Media2
Had EnoughThe EnemyCD2WEA423CD
We'll Live and Die in These TownsThe EnemyCD112564698852825646988525
We'll Live and Die in These TownsThe EnemyCD13WPCR-12668[none]
Absolute GarbageGarbageCD1851442248725051442248722
Absolute GarbageGarbage2×CD18 + 1351442248925051442248920
Bleed It OutLinkin ParkVinyl2W772054391997616
Bleed It OutLinkin ParkCD2W772CD054391997623
Pretty Handsome AwkwardThe UsedVinyl2W773054391997456
Pretty Handsome AwkwardThe UsedCD2W773CD
Pretty Handsome AwkwardThe UsedDVD2W773DVD
Live From LondonThe EnemyDigital Media8
ControlVarious ArtistsCD1850514424478285051442447828
Best of FriendsJools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues OrchestraCD2151442466625051442466621
The White One Is EvilElliot MinorDigital Media1
The White One Is EvilElliot Minor7" Vinyl3WEA4325051442466577
The White One Is EvilElliot MinorCD1WEA432CD15051442466225
The White One Is EvilElliot MinorCD3WEA432CD25051442466423
The WorksBread3×CD18 + 18 + 17
GranitePendulumDigital Media1825646966707
Staring at the Rude BoisGallowsCD2WEA435CD
Dressed for the OccasionThe Mitchell BrothersCD11
GranitePendulumDigital Media2825646965717
GranitePendulum12" Vinyl2WEA436T5051442560008
We'll Live and Die in These TownsThe Enemy7" Vinyl2WEA4375051442566871
We'll Live and Die in These TownsThe EnemyCD2WEA437CD5051442567021
We'll Live and Die in These TownsThe Enemy7" Vinyl2WEA437X5051442566970
Orchestra of WolvesGallowsCD1625646968600825646968602
RememberDoll By DollCD851442031925051442031928
Somewhere Before: The Atlantic Years 1968-1975Keith Jarrett2×CD12 + 108122799467081227994679
The Platinum CollectionClarence CarterCD208122-79994-4081227999445
Love Will Tear Us ApartJoy DivisionCD3FAC 23CD
Bleed It OutLinkin ParkCD1PRO16406[none]
Orchestra of WolvesGallowsCD17WPCR-127354943674075096
The Platinum CollectionBooker T. & The MG’sCD20081227999391
Driving AnthemsVarious ArtistsCD2050514428016205051442801620
Still Figuring OutElliot Minor7" Vinyl2WEA4685051442639575
Still Figuring OutElliot MinorCD1WEA468CD5051442639421
Still Figuring OutElliot Minor7" Vinyl1WEA468X5051442639377
Still Figuring OutElliot MinorDigital Media1
The MysteryDoug WalkerDigital Media1
This Song Is About YouThe EnemyCD2WEA442CD5051442724127
Parallel WorldsElliot MinorDigital Media1
Parallel WorldsElliot MinorDigital Media2
Parallel WorldsElliot Minor7" Vinyl2WEA4445051442790276
Parallel WorldsElliot MinorCD1WEA444CD5051442790122
Parallel WorldsElliot Minor7" Vinyl2WEA444X5051442790375
Elliot MinorElliot MinorDigital Media13
Elliot MinorElliot MinorCD112564695623825646956234
Propane NightmaresPendulumDigital Media358611-1[none]
In SilicoPendulumDigital Media10
In Silico ("bonus tracks version")PendulumDigital Media16
In SilicoPendulumDigital Media11
iTunes Festival: London 2008PendulumDigital Media6
In Silico (deluxe version)PendulumDigital Media16
Driving Anthems: The Ultimate Driving AlbumVarious ArtistsCD20
RareThe SmithsDigital Media22
Fear TogetherDoug WalkerCD10
FFRR Black: The Platinum CollectionVarious ArtistsCD95144-29359-25051442935929
FFRR Silver: The Platinum CollectionVarious ArtistsCD951442936125051442936124
FFRR White: The Platinum CollectionVarious ArtistsCD95144-29391-25051442939125
iTunes Live: London Festival ’08FoalsDigital Media8[none]
Left BehindCSS7" Vinyl2WEA4495051442916775
Left BehindCSSCD2WEA449CD5051442916621
Left BehindCSS7" Vinyl2WEA449X5051442916874
The Other SidePendulumDigital Media5[none]
The Other SidePendulumCD4WEA450CD5051442942224
Kate & Anna McGarrigleKate & Anna McGarrigleCD128122-79905-5
iTunes Live from SoHoGnarls BarkleyDigital Media5
Tubular Bells II / Tubular Bells IIIMike Oldfield2×CD14 + 112564-69460-4825646946044
Ideal / Der Ernst des LebensIdeal2×CD13 + 125051442-9596-2-85051442959628
New Dubby Conquerors / Music MonksSeeed2×CD12 + 125051442-9995-2-55051442999525
Men and Women (Special Edition)Simply RedCD160825646935888
The Sound of The Smiths (Deluxe Version)The SmithsDigital Media47[none]
The Sound of The SmithsThe Smiths2×CD23 + 222564-69371-7825646937172
Last Choir StandingVarious ArtistsCD205051865165125
Magic Moments: The Definitive Burt Bacharach CollectionBurt Bacharach3×CD28 + 26 + 21825646933594
RetroNew Order4×CD14 + 15 + 13 + 1551865045325051865045328
Heart and SoulJoy Division4×CD21 + 17 + 24 + 1951865045655051865045656
Cash in My PocketWiley feat. Daniel MerriweatherDigital Media3[none]
BandagedVarious ArtistsCD425646920060825646920068
Bandaged: Little Drummer Boy / Peace on EarthSir Terry Wogan & Aled JonesCD42564692006825646920068
In SilicoPendulumCD102564695661825646956616
The Platinum CollectionThe DoorsCD158122-79930-4081227993047
Propane NightmaresPendulumCD2PR017061[none]
TogetherBob Sinclar & Steve Edwards(unknown)9PRO16539
Kiss Presents: The MixtapeVarious Artists2×CD20 + 22WMTV0685051442611120
2in1: Ramones / Rocket to RussiaRamones2×CD22 + 19081227991180
Wearing My Rolex (Remixes)WileyCD-R8