Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. (parent company, not normally a label - see subsidiaries)

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SonyMusic as of 2014-04-01:

* Sony Music Labels Inc.

* Aniplex Inc.

  • Aniplex
  • manufacturing roles for other labels

* MusicRay'n Inc.

* Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc.

Good Reference for Labels/Imprints: Sony Music Distribution (Japan) Inc.

In the beginning of 1998, this is considered the release label for a handful of AI** releases using the SONY walking eye and not mentioning a division - these artists' releases later appeared under SMEJ Associated Records. For several years before and after 1998, this is also considered the release label for a handful of SR** releases using the SONY walking eye but not released through the Sony Records division.


Sony Music Entertainment Japan, stylized in logos as "SonyMusic Group", is independent of the US‐based Sony Music Entertainment and not involved in the 2004-2008 joint venture between US-based Sony and BMG.

Sony Music Entertainment Japan dates back to March 1968, when CBS/Sony Records Inc., a 50‐50 joint venture between Sony Corporation of America and CBS Inc. of the US, was established. It was renamed CBS Sony Inc. in August 1973 and then CBS/Sony Group Inc. in August 1983. In January 1988, after Sony acquired CBS Records and the half of CBS/Sony Group that it did not already own, the label became a wholly‐owned Sony subsidiary, and was renamed Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. in April 1991.

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The Development of Western Music, an Anthology, Volume 1Various Artists8×CD37 + 25 + 22 + 23 + 14 + 26 + 18 + 14DIDP 080780
攻殻機動隊 MEGATECH BODY.Cd.,LTD.Various Artists2×CD11 + 10SRCS-8382, SRCS-83834988009838298
渡辺満里奈 ベスト・コレクション渡辺満里奈CD18SRCL-39784988009397825
Mix-Up, Volume 5Derrick MayCD32SRCS 8250
NAI・NAI 16シブがき隊CD4SRDL-4506
Plastic SurgeryVarious Artists12" Vinyl8SYUM 55-57
ごきげんいかが太田裕美CD10SRCL 42914988009429199
わらの犬藤井フミヤ8cm CD3AIDT-50114988010501150
KakuseiDJ KrushCD16AICT 254988010002558
GOLDEN J-POP / THE BESTHi-Fi SetCD16SRCL 44054988009440590
Panthalassa: The RemixesMiles Davis / Various Artists12" Vinyl3SRJS 60104988009601090
Soul Bangin' Special Remix久保田利伸CD2TDCD 90454
Japan for Sale, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD14803936667340881920
君の詩Various Artists4×CD18 + 18 + 18 + 18DCT-721
2002 FIFA World Cup Official Album~Songs of KOREA/JAPAN~Various Artists2×CD11 + 8XSCP-1, XSCP-24580128890005
大人になる前に仮谷せいらDigital Media2XSXX00259B00Z4580128890371
How You Remind MeAvril LavigneCD2
私立真空管学院 1学期「はじめの一日」Various ArtistsDigital Media3XSCL00007B00Z4580128890845
私立真空管学院 2学期「カフェ・ボルタの惨劇」Various ArtistsDigital Media3XSCL00011B00Z4580128890838
私立真空管学院 1学期「はじめの一日」 (24bit/48kHz)Various ArtistsDigital Media3XSXX00306B00Z4580128890852
私立真空管学院 2学期「カフェ・ボルタの惨劇」 (24bit/48kHz)Various ArtistsDigital Media3XSXX00307B00Z4580128890869
私立真空管学院 3学期「保健室の怪人」Various ArtistsDigital Media3XSCL00012B00Z4580128890906
私立真空管学院 3学期「保健室の怪人」 (24bit/48kHz)Various ArtistsDigital Media3XSXX00309B00Z4580128890913
ノージーのひらめきミュージック 〜音であそぼう!〜ノージーとゆかいな仲間たちCD32XSCL-134580128890920
PLANKTONarko lemmingDigital Media9XSCL00017B00Z4580128891422
PLANKTON (24bit/96kHz)arko lemmingDigital Media9XSXX00316B00Z4580128891446
PLANKTON (Mastered for iTunes)arko lemmingDigital Media94580128891439
KIERTOTIEtoldDigital Media10XSCL00018B00Z4580128891484
KIERTOTIE (Mastered for iTunes)toldDigital Media10XSXX00317B00Z4580128891460
KIERTOTIE (24bit/48kHz)toldDigital Media10XSXX00318B00Z4580128891477
灯台 (Aqualung remix)arko lemmingDigital Media1XSXX00319B00Z4580128891491
Work and Holiday (Taigen Kawabe remix)toldDigital Media1XSXX00321B00Z4580128892009
告白はサマーフィロソフィーのダンスDigital Media1XSXX00325B00Z4580128892153
アイム・アフター・タイムフィロソフィーのダンスDigital Media1XSXX00329B00Z4580128892214
好感度あげたい!フィロソフィーのダンスDigital Media1XSXX00331B00Z4580128892443
FIXEDSurvive Said The ProphetDigital Media10XSXX00332B00Z4580128892450
NORDNORDDigital Media5XSXX00341B00Z4580128892566
S P A C Earko lemmingDigital Media17XSXX00337B00Z4580128892511
Funky but Chic (with Bonus Track)フィロソフィーのダンスDigital Media13XSXX00342B00Z4580128892603
ハジマリストNORDDigital Media3XSXX00343B00Z4580128892610
ライク・ア・ゾンビフィロソフィーのダンスDigital Media1XSXX00344B00Z4580128892641
ソバージュ・イマージュフィロソフィーのダンスDigital Media1XSXX00345B00Z4580128892665
Ai no UraJJ Barrado feat. AyakoDigital Media1XSXX00348B00Z4580128892740
大福くんAMEMIYA with 大福くんと仲間たちDigital Media1XSXX00352B00Z4580128892788
Live at Harajuku Astro Hall, Do the Strand Vol.1フィロソフィーのダンスDigital Media18XSXX00346B00Z4580128892672
WABI SABISurvive Said The ProphetDigital Media9XSXX00364B00Z4580128892955
ジャスト・メモリーズフィロソフィーのダンスDigital Media2XSXX00355B00Z4580128892887
DTF!フィロソフィーのダンス フィーチャリング Li-sa-XDigital Media1XSXX00366B00Z4580128892979
ベスト・フォーフィロソフィーのダンスDigital Media1XSXX00385B00Z4580128893198
WABI SABISurvive Said The ProphetDigital Media9886446690148
hey hey, my my? (Extra Edition, Mastered for iTunes)ドミコDigital Media12XSXX00372B00Z4580128893044
hey hey, my my? (Extra Edition, 24bit/96kHz)ドミコDigital Media12XSXX00374B00Z4580128893068
hey hey, my my? (Extra Edition)ドミコDigital Media12XSXX00375B00Z4580128893075
なでしこ色の恋の歌/あなたにあげないフィロソフィーのダンスDigital Media2XSXX00386B00Z4580128893204
PINKCHAIDigital Media11XSXX00377B00Z4580128893112
PINK (24bit/96kHz)CHAIDigital Media11XSXX00382B00Z4580128893167
ザ・ファウンダーフィロソフィーのダンスDigital Media14XSXX00392B00Z4580128893242
純異性交遊ハンブレッダーズDigital Media8XSXX00395B00Z4580128893273
ロジック・ジャンプフィロソフィーのダンスDigital Media10XSXX00419B00Z4580128893587
DepartureTWiN PARADOXDigital Media3XSXX00453B00Z4580128893945
New Levels New DevilsポリフィアDigital Media10XSCP00012B00Z4580128894010
FIXEDSurvive Said The ProphetCD10886446361680