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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Creation Is Crucifixion / Fate of Icarus Creation Is Crucifixion / Fate of Icarus 7" Vinyl 3 WT001 [none]
Automata Creation Is Crucifixion Vinyl 10 WT002
Starving the Vultures Circle of Dead Children CD 14 WT003
A Split Seven Inch Battle to the Death Creation Is Crucifixion / Unruh 7" Vinyl 2 WT004 [none]
Suffocate the Angels Fate of Icarus CD 11 WT005
Rerecorded Tracks From the Vinyl Splits Creation Is Crucifixion CD 3 WT006
Testimony of the Atrocities Upheaval CD 8 WT008
Cut Your Throat Before They Do Fate of Icarus CD 8 WT010
Frigid Silence Spilling Sadis Euphoria CD 6 WT011
The Genocide Machine Circle of Dead Children Vinyl 17 WT009
Twilight of the Idols Harakiri CD 10 WT014 [none]
Misery Index / Commit Suicide Misery Index / Commit Suicide CD 6 WT015
Product of Hard Living Kalibas CD 12 WT016
Halls of Amenti Cephalic Carnage CD 1 WT017 790168411724
Starving the Vultures Circle of Dead Children CD 14 WT003 790168410321
Human Larvae - [Earthly Cleansing] Commit Suicide CD 13 WT012
Instinct | Obsession Sadis Euphoria CD 14 WT018
Man Made Predator Leng Tch'e CD 19 WT020
...Breathing Is Irrelevant Ion Dissonance CD 9 WT022
Enthusiastic Corruption of the Common Good Kalibas CD 5 WT021
Drull Goatsblood CD 8 WT023
Kill. Fucking. Everyone. Watchmaker CD 19 WT024 790168412424
The Year of Our Lord The Year of Our Lord CD 13 WT013
The End of Nothing Rune CD 8 WT019 790168411922
The End of Nothing Rune CD 12 WT019
Fractured Capharnaum CD 8 WT027
A Celebration of Guilt Arsis CD 11 WT028 790168412868
Imperialism Vulgar Pigeons CD 14 WT029
Red on Chrome Crowpath CD 13 WT030-1
Synthetics Commit Suicide CD 10 WT026
Imagery / A Passage Into Forlorn Neuraxis CD 22 WT031
Truth Beyond... Neuraxis CD 12 WT031
Truth | Imagery | Passage Neuraxis 2×CD 12 + 22 WT-031
Onset of Putrefaction Necrophagist CD 10 WT025
Big Fat Box of Shit Crotchduster CD 9 WT032
Exotic Sense Decay Circle of Dead Children CD 7 WT007 790168512629
Eventuality... Alarum CD 16 WT033 790168515927
Exit Rotten Sound CD 18 WT034 790168519628
Truth | Imagery | Passage Neuraxis Digital Media 35
Zero Comfort Margin Circle of Dead Children CD 15 WT035 790168526121
Neurotripsicks Gorod CD 12 WT036
The Killing Plan The Dying Light CD 8 WT037
Trilateral Progression Neuraxis CD 10 WT038
Erased From the Memory of Man Watchmaker CD 16 WT039 790168523625
A Diamond for Disease Arsis CD 3 WT040 790168523724
Son of Sulphur Crowpath CD 12 WT041
Escalation of Hostility Kill the Client CD 15 WT042
Exit Rotten Sound 12" Vinyl 20 WT034-2
Cruel Phobia CD 21 WT043
A Celebration of Guilt Arsis 2×Vinyl 11 + 2 WT028-2 790168538216
Knives of Ice Dim Mak CD 10 WT044
Noctambulant Spawn of Possession CD 10 WT-056
Leading Vision Gorod CD 10 WT045
Tearing Through the Roots Sulaco CD 13 WT046
Gretzky Electro Quarterstaff CD 8 WT047
United in Regret Arsis CD 9 WT048 790168546525
United in Regret Arsis CD 9 WT118 640213209489
Cryptic Implosion Odious Mortem CD 10 WT050
The Insight Eye Illogicist CD 8 WT051 803341229457
Inhuman Grotesqueries Malignancy CD 13 WT052 790168597725
When Landscapes Bled Backwards Sickening Horror CD 12 WT-053
Symbols of Failure Psycroptic CD 10 WT-057 0790168603129
A New Species of Deviant Corpus Mortale CD 10 WT-059
The Last Gasp Impaled CD 11 WT-060
Descendants of Depravity Prostitute Disfigurement CD 9 WT061
Cleptocracy Kill the Client CD 18 WT-066 0803341250451
Measuring the Abstract Terminal Function CD 8
Servile Insurrection Severed Savior CD 11 WT-065
One With Filth Crowpath CD 11 WT-067 0798546237928
In Narcosis Maruta CD 15 WT-063 798546237324
Everything Is Fire Ulcerate CD 8 WT-069 0798546239724
Oracles Fleshgod Apocalypse CD 10 WT-070 0798546239823
Vid Helvetets Grindar Afgrund CD 15 WT-071
Process of a New Decline Gorod CD 11 WT-074
Magrudergrind Magrudergrind CD 16 WT-073 803341250635
Magrudergrind Magrudergrind CD 17 WT-073
Grindvirus Squash Bowels CD 14 WT-079
Dead To You The Year of Our Lord 2×CD 13 + 10 WT-78 798546247958
From Our Cold, Dead Hands Infanticide CD 21 WT-081
Sixth Extinction Defeatist CD 19 WT-080
Chapters of Repugnance Defeated Sanity CD 9 WT-084 798546269226
Psalm of the Grand Destroyer Circle of Dead Children CD 15 WT-82
Mafia Fleshgod Apocalypse CD 5 WT-086 798546269424
Come to Grief Grief CD 9 WT-83
The Destroyers of All Ulcerate CD 7 WT-87 798546270925
Forward into Regression Maruta CD 16 WT-88 798546270826
Mindscraper Blood Freak CD 12 62711
Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria Putridity CD 9
Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes Gigan CD 8 WT-090
Atrophy Baring Teeth Digital Media 8 [none]
The Prodigal Empire Vale of Pnath CD 9 WT-95 798546270451
The Unconsciousness of Living Illogicist CD 8
Metamorphosis Vile CD 11 WT-101 025392010123
A Celebration of Guilt Arsis CD 13 WT-94 798546271526
Natural Causes Alarum CD 12 WT-98
Aykroyd Electro Quarterstaff CD 8 WT-99 025392009912
Implicit Obedience Desecravity CD 9 [WT-103]
Nadir Beyond Terror Beyond Grace Digital Media 7 WT-104 [none]
Nadir Beyond Terror Beyond Grace CD 7 WT-104 [none]
Like An Everflowing Stream Dismember CD 12 WT-106 8715392120824