Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Every Day the Same China Crisis CD 4 C7STA001 5025702210101
Teenage Drama Every Kid Will Understand The Apers CD 8 SDR.6
The European PopPunk Virus Various Artists CD 28 SDR.12 [none]
Freaks on Parade Groovie Ghoulies CD 6 SR-20
Retarded Retarded CD 15 SDR.10 [none]
Everything I Want The Popsters CD 11 SDR.11
Stardumb Records Terrific Team-Ups, Volume 2: Running From Love Toys That Kill / The Ragin' Hormones 7" Vinyl 5 SDR.13
Dead End City Peawees CD 12 SDR.16
The Manges 'R' Good Enough The Manges CD 12 SDR.17 [none]
The Apers The Apers CD 12 SDR.19
Cougar El Pino and the Volunteers CD 4 SDR.43 3481573553068
Louder Than Morrissey Darlington Vinyl 15
Go! Stories Groovie Ghoulies CD 14 SDR-25
Riot at the Sheep Dog Trials Sonic Dolls CD 14 SDR.23 [none]
Beat Heart Sweet Stereo A Radio With Guts CD 12 SDR.24
Go! Stories Groovie Ghoulies 12" Vinyl 14 SDR.25
The Ellis Island Rendezvous Dirt Bike Annie & The Popsters CD 16 SDR.26
Living Legends Backwood Creatures CD 12 SDR.28 3481573412921
Monster Club Groovie Ghoulies CD 12 SPMN-44 639852504420
Moron-A-Thon Darlington CD 10 SDR.33 3481573438174
The European Poppunk Virus Vol. 2 Various Artists CD 28 SDR.29 3481573412945
Burning the tracks Wiseguy CD 11 SDR.30
The Buzz Electric The Apers CD 12 SDR.31 3481573419623
The Wild and Savage Apers The Apers CD 25 SDR.36 3481573479153
Trash Deluxe! 69 Charger CD 12 SDR.37
Skies Are Turning Blue The Apers CD 14 SDR.42 3481573545582
Ain't Nobody Left But Us Zatopeks CD 14 SDR.41 3481573545575
Accelerators The Accelerators CD 12 SDR.49 3481573946228
Anne Frank Zappa Anne Frank Zappa 7" Vinyl 6 SDR.51 [none]
Rockin' For A Living Kurt Baker CD 6